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The MBA in Luxury Brand Management

MBA in Luxury Brand Management

Look good, do well – top brands are attracting top MBAs to help them take their value proposition to market

The MBA in Luxury Brand Management has become popular as the landscape of the luxury industry itself has changed over recent years.  New brands are employing innovative marketing and promotional campaigns that challenge the position of established names.

Big brands are also innovating and exploring new markets beyond their traditional domains. At the same time, more and more people around the world are becoming interested in branded luxury goods.

This has also created greater demand for luxury products, and B-schools around the world are offering interested professionals the chance to be a part of this exciting industry through the MBA in international Luxury Brand Management.

The Luxury Brand Management industry

The hub of the industry, and the core for most new ideas and value-creation around new products, is Europe.

Activity in the industry, though, is obviously not limited to just Europe, as high-street luxury shopping avenues are found in major cities around the world – China (Shanghai / Beijing), UK (London), Italy (Rome / Milan), Russia (Moscow), Japan (Tokyo), U.S. (New York / Chicago / Beverly Hills), France (multiple cities including Paris), Czech Republic (Prague), Australia (Melbourne), Germany (Frankfurt), Canada (Toronto), and Singapore, to name just a few high-activity regions.

In fact, activity in Japan, China, U.S., and Russia surpasses that in Europe. The Luxury Brand Management industry itself has proven itself to be quite resilient, growing to a size of close to EUR 250 billion with double digit growth-rates over the last three years.

Emerging markets are the new frontiers for growth for the industry, and young aspiring managers should find plenty of exciting opportunities in Asia (China, Singapore, India) and Latin America (Brazil and Mexico).

Business Development, Communications, and Marketing are the top functional areas within which big brands are looking at MBA graduates.


List of top schools for the MBA in Luxury Brand Management

The MBA in Luxury Brand Management is a highly specialized program, and the list of schools considered top names for this program offering is significantly different from that of top B-schools in general.

Most of the schools offering the program are therefore European schools. The list of the top schools is as follows: [table id=7 /]

Top schools that focus on luxury management but do not offer an MBA in it

In addition, some top B-schools are also offering wide exposure to luxury and brand management through activities on campus and certification programs: [table id=18 /] The luxury and premium brand management industry is growing and becoming larger each passing day.

As existing names continue to develop strategies to grow their client base further, newer names are aspiring for leadership position with new strategies and products.

The industry offers business managers plenty of opportunities for growth and learning, combined with unparalleled access to glamour that only this industry can provide.

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3 Responses to “The MBA in Luxury Brand Management”

  • Armaan / / Reply

    This is informative, but do many Indians actually go for MBA in Luxury Brand Management? What is the scope for a job if one comes back to India?

    • Armaan, many Indians do go for the MBA in Luxury Brand Management. The scope for employment in the area has increased exponentially in India over the last decade, though of course it remains confined to the largest cities only. The biggest names in luxury and fashion today have offices in India and offer fantastic positions to MBA graduates.

  • Robert Smith / / Reply

    Thanks! This was a really good article on the MBA in Luxury Management. Luxury Management is pretty niche, so it’s hard to find information on business programs for it. I’m actually interested in studying luxury management but not in Europe. I want to study in an emerging market like India. Are there any options I can look at there? Thank you very much.

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