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Science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) vocations, sometimes known as STEM careers, are rapidly developing fields in the employment market. IT, architectural, engineering, and sales engineers are among the essential management professions in STEM. MBA programs that emphasise data analytics, statistics, and technology are designated STEM by the US government.

A STEM MBA program graduates can impress employers by demonstrating their capabilities to apply STEM ideas to business issues. One of the most appealing aspects of a STEM MBA is that it combines the best technology and commercial worlds. As a result, if you don’t have a regular MBA but have a technical degree and want to work in that industry, a STEM MBA can help you get a job in these specialized fields.


Let’s learn from an expert’s point of view about some of the top-notch STEM MBA Programs in the USA and what their courses entail while getting to know what average GMAT score they expect as an application requirement. 


S. No.   Name Of The School   STEM MBA Program Average GMAT
1. Harvard Business School Management Science Track in Full-Time MBA 730
2. Stanford GSB Entire Full-Time MBA, MSx Degrees 700
3. UPenn (Wharton) Majors in Full-Time MBA: Actuarial Science; Business Analytics; Business Economics & Public Policy; Business, Energy, Environment & Sustainability; Operations, Information & Decisions; Statistics 733
4. Chicago (Booth) Entire Full-Time MBA 732
5. NYU (Stern) Entire Full-Time MBA, 1-Year Andre Koo Technology and Entrepreneurship MBA 729
6. Northwestern (Kellogg) Management Science Major in Full-Time MBA 730
7. Columbia Business School Entire Full-Time MBA; Executive MBA 729
8. UC-Berkeley (Haas) Entire Full-Time MBA, Evening & Weekend MBA, Executive MBA 725
9. Dartmouth (Tuck) Management Science & Quantitative Analysis Track in Full-Time MBA 724
10. Virginia (Darden) Specialization in Management Science in Full-Time MBA 715
11. Michigan (Ross) Business Analytics Track in Full-Time MBA 722


MBA STEM skills help fresh graduates attain better jobs and earn a handsome annual income. A better comprehension of how to employ technology to achieve an organization’s objectives, for example, is in high demand. Modern enterprises would demand not just people with administrative and business skills but also qualified applicants with technological and analytical skills, with the 21st century being acknowledged as the prime period of technology. Furthermore, with data analytics at the heart of corporate development, the demand for qualified employees expands exponentially.

STEM MBA provided several other advantages, too:

  • Increased Market Reach
  • Better Networking,
  • Visa Extension.

Various factors influence the cost of a STEM MBA program. Tuition rates are characterised by the school’s location, delivery method, and reputation. Additional costs, such as living expenses, resources, transport, etc., should be considered by students. Annual tuition fees typically vary from $27,000 to $64,000. Online schools may charge reduced fees or provide students with in-state tuition discounts depending on their location.

Residents and nonresidents are charged different rates in public schools, with those who live and pay taxes in the state paying comparatively fewer fees. Although private schools may charge a single flat fee, fees are frequently higher, especially if the school has a prestigious reputation. When STEM MBA students fill out a FAFSA, they can apply for financial aid and get low-interest federal loans. Grants and scholarships can also be of huge help.


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