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In 2016, the Indian economy may be struggling in terms of creating new jobs (in spite of its fastest growth every), but it seems that ISB graduates are not having a difficult time finding them! ISB placements 2016 were the school’s best ever, with more than a thousand offers received by the 812-strong ISB Class of 2016. The average salary amount offered increased by a whopping 18%, and settled at more than INR 22 lakhs (INR 2.2 million) after placements were done. These are glad tidings for ISB, which has also welcomed its new Dean, Prof Rajendra Srivastava, who began in January 2016.

ISB placements 2016 – key highlights and trends

In all, ISB students of the Class of 2016 received 1151 offers made by 297 companies, including top names like McKinsey, Apple, and Amazon. ISB has clearly mentioned this as a success, and in fact the maturity of, its ‘one school, two campuses’ recruitment model, which is a lateral hiring process spread out over several months, and involves students from both campuses.

The number of offers made has increased by more than 16% over ISB placements 2015, the number of recruiters by more than 11%, and the average salary by more than 18% (looking at mid 80 percentile figures for the salary).

What is new in ISB placements 2016?

This year, ISB has continued to grow in terms of emerging sectors such as e-commerce, while also adding new ones such as government services. While in earlier, years, students with more senior profiles (10+ years of work experience) struggled to get placed, this year, ISB received more than 74 offers for senior-level (CXO or equivalent) roles, which is great news for older and more experienced applicants.

ISB is also further developing its flexible placements process, which means that rather than offering a purely structured model to recruiters (Day Zero placements, followed by industry-specific days, or fixed slots for specific recruiters), it is now offering a more flexible hybrid model, which provided recruiters with more latitude in choosing the format and schedule of their recruitment process. It certainly seems to have worked wonders for ISB this year.

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How to interpret ISB placements 2016

While a number of firsts for ISB this year are certainly great news for the school’s alumni, current students, and future prospects, these placement results should also be taken in context. A few things to note in this regard are:

– The average figure that is announced is just that – an average. Students who are at the lower end of the work experience spectrum, or those who come in with very few transferable skills to their new job, can expect a significant dip below from these figures.

For example, many students reported offers closer to 16-18 lakhs owing to these factors.

– Consulting and technology continue to be ISB’s mainstays. While government services has shown a spike this year, most of it has come from the Andhra government recruiting ISB graduates for its ambitious governance plans.

It remains to be seen if this trend will hold in the future as well. On the other hand, the trend of more senior positions being offered is a welcome one, and is probably less transient.

– As e-commerce and analytics become more important, they will account for an increasing number of offers in years to come. This trend is seen in this year over the last, and it seems likely to continue in the future as well.

Startups, in particular, are less concerned about immediately transferable skills, and often offer roles that go beyond finely-defined or structured ones, so career switchers will continue to find a haven here.


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