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ISB placements

ISB Placements 2014

ISB placements 2014

Earlier this month, Indian School of Business (ISB) announced that 831 offers had been made for its class of 770 students by the end of February 2014. This is up 20% from the figure of 697 for the same time in 2014. ISB placements 2014 are definitely a factor of pride for ISB, with more than a month to go before its Class of 2014 graduates. 

While the increase in the number of offers itself is very positive, there are some other trends as well which should gladden the hearts of ISB students, alumni, and prospective applicants alike. These include:

– More participation by startups: The number of offers made by startups have seen a sharp increase in ISB placements 2014. More than 46 startups participated, making 48 offers.

This is very positive development, because it means more opportunities for ISB students to take up positions involving much more responsibility, explore new business models in various industries, and be part of the teams that build companies.

– Information Technology recruitments continue to be strong: 35% of ISB’s placements for 2014 were accounted for by companies in the IT sector. That provides the proof of the pudding for people who doubted ISB’s capacity to help people build good careers in the technology sphere.

It also underlines why technology or IT applicants should not shy away from applying – technology is a big part of business today, and not just at ISB. With the technology sphere, a large number of offers were made by e-commerce firms, including Amazon, Myntra, and Flipkart.

Considering that these are the firms that are leading new activity in this sector, this is again a welcome trend for ISB.

– Young leader programs well and growing: Young leader programs (YLPs) are opportunities for students with limited work experience (generally in the bracket of 2-4 years) to take up leadership rotations before settling into fast-track growth careers at large companies.

This is one of the key ways that large companies recruit their future leaders, so choosing the right school is really important for these companies.

YLP placements have grown 40% in 2014 for ISB, going up to a figure of 110. Major recruiters for YLP positions included Aditya Birla Group, Airtel, HCL, and IBM China.

– International job offers are up, and positions around the world are being offered: International placements are an important barometer for success for schools such as ISB. As ISB tries to be more global, it will need to keep adding to the number of international placements that its students get each year.

In 2014, as many as 63 offers abroad have been made, by firms such as Apple, Novartis, Luxottica, and Siemens. The positions offered are also spread across the globe, spanning Asia (Singapore), Europe (Italy, Germany, UK), USA, and the Middle East (Dubai, Qatar, Abu Dhabi). For those coming to ISB with global dreams, this is a welcome trend.

In the recent past, some applicants have been unsure about ISB, owing to a slip in the ranking, increased batch size, and uncertainty over how the two-campus model (Hyderabad and Mohali) would play out.

The excellent figures put out by this placement report should put a lot of those doubts to rest. In our assessment, ISB remains one of the top programs in India and Asia Pacific, and an option no candidate who is serious about working in this region can


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