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M7 Business Schools, also known as the Magnificent 7 or Magic 7, represent a set of seven elite business schools in the United States. This informal super-elite group is renowned for its exceptional MBA programs and influential alumni network. The M7 schools are synonymous with academic excellence, cutting-edge research, and producing leaders who shape the global business landscape.

University QS Ranking 2023 Acceptance Rate Average GMAT Median Salary
Stanford #1 6.10% 733 $180,831
Harvard #2 12% 730 $176,928
Wharton #3 9% 722 $181,927
Columbia #8 18.20% 726 $174,313
MIT Sloan #6 11.50% 720 $150,000
Kellogg #14 20% 727 $161,000
Chicago Booth #13 25% 724 $150,000


M7 Schools List

Here is the list of the top business schools in the world:

  • Stanford School of Business
  • Wharton School of Business
  • Harvard Business School
  • Columbia University of Business
  • Booth School of Business
  • MIT Sloan School of Business
  • Northwestern Kellogg School of Business

AI Courses at M7 MBA Programs

1- Artificial Intelligence Professional Program- Stanford School of Business

The Artificial Intelligence Professional Program by Stanford School of Engineering is designed to provide deep and broad knowledge of AI principles, tools, techniques, and technologies. Covering essential AI topics such as machine learning, deep learning, NLP, supervised/unsupervised learning, and more, this program equips participants to build, innovate, and optimise AI models. The 10-week online courses, adapted from Stanford’s graduate curriculum, include recorded lectures and coding assignments. Participants receive personalised support from dedicated facilitators and access to a collaborative Slack community. Completing three AI program courses or two AI program courses plus one AI Graduate Program course earns a Stanford Professional Certificate in AI.


Course Details Information
Institution Stanford School of Engineering
Course Topics Machine Learning, Deep Learning, NLP, Supervised/Unsupervised Learning, Reinforcement Learning, GNNs, Multi-Task/Meta-Learning
Duration per Course 10 weeks
Learning Methods Online Lectures, Auto-graded Coding Assignments
Support Dedicated Course Facilitator (1-on-1 calls, group office hours, Slack, email)
Community Slack Collaboration, Group Calls, Study Groups
Certificate Stanford Professional Certificate in AI
Completion Requirements Three AI program courses OR two AI program courses plus one AI Graduate Program course
Skills Gained AI Model Building, Innovation, Debugging, Model Optimization, Performance Evaluation, Generative Language Models, Few-shot/Zero-shot Learning, Research Skills

2- Artificial Intelligence for Business – Wharton School of Business

The “Artificial Intelligence for Business” program is a 4-6 week online course designed for professionals seeking to leverage AI in their business strategies. This course, led by Professor Kartik Hosanagar from the Wharton School, covers the fundamentals of Big Data, AI, and Machine Learning, emphasising practical applications and ethical considerations. Participants will learn about various Machine Learning methods and how businesses successfully implement them. The course requires a commitment of 2 hours per week and costs $599. Upon completion, learners will gain a foundational understanding of AI in business and how to integrate these technologies into their strategies.

Course Details Information
Institution Wharton School
Instructor Professor Kartik Hosanagar
Course Topics Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Ethics in AI, AI Governance
Duration 4-6 weeks
Time Commitment 2 hours per week
Format 100% Online
Program Tuition $599
Skills Gained AI Fundamentals, Machine Learning Applications, Ethical AI Implementation, AI Strategy Integration
Start Dates Open enrollment
Certificate Yes


3- Competing in the Age of AI – Harvard Business School

 “Competing in the Age of AI” is a virtual program offered by Harvard Business School, designed for business professionals seeking to leverage AI for competitive advantage. Spanning from September 26 to November 21, 2024, this course combines live online classes, self-paced work, discussion groups, and virtual networking. Participants will explore AI applications, machine learning, predictive modeling, data science, network effects, and platform strategies. The program also focuses on building AI capabilities and identifying growth opportunities. The fee is $7,000, covering tuition, e-books, and case materials. Applications are due by September 13, 2024.


Course Details Information
Institution Harvard Business School
Course Dates 26 SEP–21 NOV 2024
Application Deadline 13 SEP 2024
Format Virtual
Program Fee $7,000
Included in Fee Tuition, E-books, Online Case Materials
Learning Methods Live Online Classes, Self-Paced Work, Discussion Groups, Virtual Networking
Key Benefits Understanding AI Applications, Machine Learning, Predictive Modeling, Data Science, Network Effects, Platform Strategies, AI Factory Building, Business Model Analysis, Growth Opportunity Identification
Skills Gained AI Integration in Business, Strategic AI Planning, AI Capability Development

4- AI for Business -Columbia University of Business

“AI for Business” is a seven-week online course by Columbia Engineering designed for business executives, managers, and IT specialists. Requiring 4-6 hours per week, it covers AI and machine learning fundamentals, practical applications, and industry-specific implementations in finance, retail, and healthcare. The course provides hands-on experience in AI modeling using Python, enhancing participants’ technical skills. It also emphasizes effective communication with stakeholders and ethical considerations in AI. Upon completion, learners will have a comprehensive understanding of AI technologies and their business applications. The course costs $199.


Course Details Information
Institution Columbia Engineering
Course Duration 7 weeks
Weekly Effort 4-6 hours
Disciplines AI & Data Science, Business & Management
Format Online
Cost $199
Key Topics AI Technology, Machine Learning, Python Basics, Industry Applications (Finance, Retail, Healthcare), Ethical and Policy Issues
Skills Gained AI Modeling, Machine Learning Algorithms, Business AI Applications, Stakeholder Communication, Ethical AI Implementation
Course Outline 1. Course Introduction 2. ML Model 3. Python Basics 4. AI for Customer Service 5. AI for Finance 6. AI for Retail 7. AI for Healthcare

5- Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning – Booth School of Business

The University of Chicago offers an eight-week “Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning” course starting on July 15, 2024, with an upcoming session on September 23, 2024. This online course, priced at $2,800, includes live, interactive sessions. It focuses on the mathematical and theoretical frameworks essential for leveraging machine learning in business. Participants will learn to design classification and regression models, understand model interpretation and evaluation, and perform both unsupervised and supervised machine learning on large datasets. Successful completion awards a credential certified by the University of Chicago.


Course Details Information
Institution University of Chicago
Course Start Dates July 15, 2024<br>September 23, 2024
Registration Deadline 7 days after course start
Duration 8 weeks
Format Online with live, interactive sessions
Cost $2,800
Key Topics Classification and Regression Models, Model Interpretation and Evaluation, Unsupervised and Supervised Machine Learning, Pattern Discovery
Skills Gained Model Design, Prediction and Reasoning, Model Evaluation, Large-scale Data Analysis, Pattern Discovery
Credential Certified by the University of Chicago
Methodologies and Techniques Classification, Regression, Unsupervised Learning, Supervised Learning, Pattern Discovery Methods


6- Artificial Intelligence: Implications for Business Strategy – MIT Sloan School of Management

This course is designed for professionals seeking to understand the impact of AI on business strategy. Over six weeks, participants will engage with content on digital business, IT, leadership, and innovation, dedicating 6-8 hours per week. The course is self-paced within weekly modules and includes various learning formats such as interactive videos, quizzes, presentations, and discussion forums. A Success Adviser is available to assist with time management and technical issues. Graduates earn 2.0 EEUs and a completion certificate from MIT Sloan School of Management. Sessions are available from July to November 2024, each costing $3,500.


Course Details Information
Duration 6 weeks
Time Commitment 6-8 hours per week
Format Self-Paced Online (date based)
Certificate Credits 2.0 EEUs
Topics Covered Digital Business, IT, Organizations, Leadership, Strategy, Innovation
Learning Methods Interactive videos, Quizzes, Presentations, Assignments, Discussion forums
Support Success Adviser
Certificate MIT Sloan School of Management
Course Dates Jul 10-Aug 27, 2024<br>Aug 28-Oct 15, 2024<br>Oct 9-Nov 26, 2024
Price $3,500

7- AI Applications for Growth -Northwestern Kellogg School of Business

“AI Applications for Growth” is a program designed to help organizational leaders, innovators, and investors leverage AI for customer value and competitive advantage. The course provides a practical, behind-the-scenes look at how companies use AI to disrupt industries and manage customer experiences, operations, and business support functions. Participants will study over 50 cases from various industries, with in-depth focus on autonomous vehicles, financial services, and healthcare/life sciences. The program features proprietary AI frameworks like the AI Radar, AI Canvas, and AI Journey, and offers a personalized, high-touch learning experience.

Course Details Information
Key Benefits Understanding AI in customer experiences, operations, and business support; Learning AI applications in autonomous vehicles, financial services, and healthcare; Developing an AI strategy initiative; Utilizing proprietary AI frameworks
Industries Covered Autonomous Vehicles, Financial Services, Healthcare/Life Sciences
Companies Studied Microsoft, Oracle, Netflix, Airbnb, Danske Bank, Infosys, Teradata, Reliance Jio, Fruit of the Loom, and more
Proprietary AI Frameworks AI Radar, AI Canvas, AI Journey
Learning Experience Facilitated, high-touch, personalized
Course Dates June 27 – August 29, 2024<br>September 19 – November 21, 2024
Start Dates July 4, 2024 at 12:00 AM<br>September 26, 2024 at 12:00 AM
End Dates August 29, 2024 at 12:00 AM<br>November 21, 2024 at 12:00 AM
Registration Deadlines July 3, 2024<br>September 25, 2024
Cost $2,850


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