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The GMAT exam is a critical step in your management career. GMAT is a computer-adaptive, global-level entrance exam necessary for admission to management schools worldwide. The exam will evaluate your analytical writing, critical thinking, and logical reasoning abilities. Therefore,  you must understand everything about the exam, and one of the most significant aspects to be informed of is the GMAT exam fees – how much the GMAT fee in India is, the various modes of payment, and so on.


Registration for the GMAT exam is open all year. As a result, you can choose a date that is most suitable for you to take the exam at any time. Following are the steps you can follow to register for the exam:

  • Create an account on the official GMAT exam website and fill in the required information.
  • After creating the account, you can start the registration process – enter your personal details like name, address, contact info, etc.
  • Provide the ‘optional info’ – academic grades, work experience, etc. If you wish to, you can skip this step. 
  • Now, you need to verify your profile, and your request will be sent to GMAC to process your registration, which takes 2 business days.
  • When the request is confirmed, you may choose the exam date and schedule it.
  • And at last, pay the GMAT Exam registration fee.


The GMAT exam registration fee is $250, or approximately INR 18500/- in India. Aside from the registration fee, the GMAT comes with many other expenses. The total cost of the GMAT differs from the registration fee because you may be charged additional fees for postponing and cancelling the exam (if needed). In addition, if you want additional score reports, you must pay an additional fee. Refer to the table below for a clear picture of the GMAT Exam fee structure:

                    CATEGORY                 FEE  AMOUNT
            GMAT Registration Fee                           $ 250/-
            Enhanced Score Report                           $ 30/-
Score Cancelation Fee after leaving the Test Center                           $ 25/-
            Additional Score Report                         $ 35/- each
          Rescoring for AWA Essay                           $ 45/-
                Rescheduling Fee $50 (60 Days Before the Appointment)— $100 (15-60 Days Before the Appointment)— $140 (14 Days Before the Appointment)
                Cancelation Fee $100 Refund (60 Days Before the Appointment)—$75 Refund (15-60 Days Before the Appointment)—$50 Refund  (14 Days Before the Appointment)



If you intend to register for the GMAT exam online, the most common method of payment is a credit or debit card. However, keep the following points in mind when/if paying the GMAT test fee online.

  • GMAC accepts Visa, American Express, Mastercard, and Discover Network Cards.
  • If any of your cards are declined, your appointment will be automatically cancelled, and you will be required to schedule another test slot with a valid payment.
  • If you use a fraudulent card, your registration will be cancelled.
  • Furthermore, any previous GMAT scores may be cancelled. GMAC will also notify the relevant law enforcement agencies and business schools.

If you mailed a paper registration form, you could pay the GMAT test fee with a cashier’s cheque, money order, or a personal cheque. Consider the following points when you make the payment through cheque or money order:

  • Payment must be made in USD ($) and payable to Pearson VUE-GMAT.
  • The current date, not the postdate, must be listed.
  • Your signature should appear on the cheque.

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