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The MiM has gained a lot of popularity over the last decade or so, as an alternative to the MBA. The MiM was more of a European phenomenon till recently, when several US schools also began offering the program. In 2019, INSEAD, one of the few top European schools that had not introduced the MiM, also did so, launching a new MiM program. MiM programs typically take between 10 months and 3 years to complete, depending on the structure and school one chooses. They are mostly meant for applicants with no work experiences. Naturally, for such applicants, MiM scholarships acquire a more important dimension because they have almost no savings to fall back on. This article therefore profiles MiM scholarships at some of the top MiM programs around the world. The purpose is not to list all possible MiM scholarships, but to provide insight into some of the top MiM scholarships in Asia, Europe, and USA.


London Business School: You do not need much introduction when you are talking about a school such as this. Their reputation precedes them and therefore their MiM program has always been most preferred by students intending to pursue such a program.
As per the financial times ranking for the year 2017, LBS holds the fourth position for its MIM program.

  • Student profile: As per the 2017 intake, there are over 40 nationalities represented in the class with an average age of 23. In the class of around 240, 95 % of the students are from the international community making it one of the most eclectic groups. Students with less than one year of corporate work experience in the traditional role or less than two years of experience in a non-traditional role are eligible to apply for this program. Here’s a look at the scholarships that are available for those choosing to enroll in this program.
    • MIM Merit scholarships: This scholarship is offered to all candidates who have secured an admission to this program. An ability to contribute to the program and academic merit will be considered as an added advantage when considering the right candidate. The amount that is available under this scholarship is £ 8,000.
    • MIM Merit scholarships for women: With a view to encouraging women to apply for the program, this scholarship has been instituted for meritorious female candidates. Multiple awards of amounts of up to £ 8,000 are available for eligible candidates.
    • LBS 50th Anniversary scholarship: This is one of the most competitive and prestigious scholarships awarded by LBS. Awarding a full scholarship which covers the complete tuition fees, it is awarded to students demonstrating stellar academics, extra-curricular activities and professional experience as well.
    • Monica and Navin Valrani Scholarships: Meritorious and talented women applying for any of the master’s program in LBS are eligible to apply for a scholarship of £ 20,000.
    • David and Molly Pyott Scholarships: Contributions to the LBS community, brilliant academics and exceptional professional merit along with an enrollment into the master’s program will qualify candidates for a scholarship of up to £ 20,000 under this award.
    • Great Scholarships: Indian nationals applying to the master’s program in LBS and those receiving an offer will automatically be considered for a scholarship of up to £ 10,000.

HEC, Paris:One of the aspects that work in the favor of the school is its strong program, location and a high rate of placement in the financial and consulting sectors.
Offering an 18-month program, this program provides a wonderful gateway to the Grand Ecole program. Watch this to know more Grand Ecole Program.

Ranked number two as per the financial times ranking of 2018, this program provides practical leadership skills along with sound professional expertise.

  • Student Profile: With an average salary for those graduating the program in the range of € 57,000, this program attracts quite a few people from around the world. There are over 60 nationalities in the program currently and the average age is between 22 and 23. Here is a look at the scholarships you can take advantage of:
    • Eifel Excellence Scholarships: This scholarship was set up with the intention of attracting the best talent from emerging countries for a master’s program in France. All candidates enrolled in the master’s program become eligible for such a scholarship. This affords a monthly allowance of € 1,181 per month apart from one international return journey and social security cover.
    • HEC foundation excellence scholarships: Candidates with a non-French bachelor’s degree and those that show exceptional talent will be considered for this scholarship. The scholarship so provided can be used towards the tuition fees.

IE Business School: One of the most modern business schools, IE has constantly been pushing the envelope as far as an innovative curriculum is concerned.
With a focus to provide the students with what they need in current business environments, their program is constantly ranked high in various rankings by top agencies. They are currently ranked at number 3 by Financial Times for the year 2017.

  • Student profile: With about 66% of the class consisting of international students, the average age of the students is between 21 and 25. The average salary of those who graduated in the year 2017 and have been placed in 3,500+ companies across the world is € 41,300. A quick look at the scholarships that are awarded to those who are enrolled in the program.
    • IE Women’s Leadership Scholarship: This scholarship is open to women enrolled in this program and is typically awarded to those exhibiting extraordinary leadership potential in their academic institution. High achievers and those keen on making contributions to the advancement of women in their communities.
    • IE Excellence Scholarship: This scholarship is available for students who have outstanding academic profiles. The scholarship covers 40% of the tuition fees and is considered one of the most distinguished scholarships available at the business school here.
    • Beta Gamma Sigma Scholarships: Five scholarships are available and it aims to cover 25% of tuition fees. Apart from academic performance, financial need will also be considered as a criterion for granting the scholarship.



Kellogg School of Management: This school features a 10-month program promising to equip you with the business skills required to flourish in any business environment.
Typically chosen by those having a background in liberal arts or STEM, the program boasts of a top-tier faculty. The program is well known as the MSMS (Masters in Management studies) and it includes world travel for global market exposure.

  • Student profile:
    With the class size of about 69, 35 % of the candidates are international. The average age of the class is around 22 and with a strong alumnus of over 60,000. The placements are almost always 100%.
  • There are several scholarships that are available to candidates applying for this program. There are both merit and need-based scholarships available and candidates automatically become eligible on receiving an acceptance call.

Duke Fuqua: The Duke school of management is well regarded as one of the best schools for the MIM program. With a relatively small class size of 110 students it has a good mix of international students.

In an attempt to improve its presence globally, the school has tied up with several business schools across the world (IIM’s in India, Shangai Jiao Tong University, China and Russia as well).

  • Class Profile:With the average age of the students around 23, the average GMAT score is in the range of 570-575. 31% of the students who graduated from this program in 2016 have found placements in the consulting sector. Some of the companies that have recruited from this program include Ernst & Young, BNP Paribas, IBM and General Motors to name a few.
    • Every applicant to the MMS program is automatically considered for the merit scholarships and the amount that is granted will depend on the student’s overall profile, academic achievements, leadership qualities and community involvement and extra-curricular activities.

Michigan Ross: With an intention of providing the right business education that can complement an undergraduate degree in liberal arts or engineering majors, the Ross MiM has been designed to cover all important and functional aspects of the business.
A key focus on practical experiences and field work along with an emphasis on building the right leaders, makes this program attractive.

  • Student profile:
    The average GPA and GMAT scores of the students enrolled in the program is around 3.5 and 701 respectively. Around 12% of the students are from the international community and 29% of them come from an Engineering and Math background.
  • Scholarships: All students applying for the Masters in management program are automatically eligible for the scholarships. There is no additional application required and students are awarded these scholarships based on their performances and financial need that is presented through their application.


Ivey School of Management in Canada offers a comprehensive 16-month program called the MSc in Management with an optional CEMS designation as well.
While you can choose to focus on Business Analytics, you can also opt for the International Business as a specialization as well. An 8-week placement program allows students to explore various career paths along with lapping up real-world work experiences.

  • Student profile:
    With 95% of the class of 2017 receiving an offer, the average starting salary of such candidates was $68,572. With about 4 % of the class coming from India and 25.7% Chinese candidates, and another 12.7% from other countries they have a good international representation in the program.

    • Richard Ivey MSc Excellence Scholarships: Awarding $ 20,000, all candidates are assessed based on the academic performance, leadership skills and engagement on an international platform.
    • Financial Needs Awards: These are awarded based on financial need indicated in the application forms. The value of such a scholarship is $ 20,000.


NUS Singapore:NUS has gained a reputation as the best university in the Asian region and it offers valuable business insights and prepares students who would like to enroll in a pre-experience program.

This is a one-year Master of Science- Management program providing a firm foundation in management areas and leadership skills. The school has also partnered up with CEMS Global Alliance allowing candidates enrolled in the program to extend their knowledge to a global stage.

  • Student profile:A 3-4-year business or business-related undergraduate degree is a must if you would like to enroll in this program. Also, work experience is not required to be part of the program and in fact more than 2 years of work experience would qualify you for the MBA program. With the average age around 23 years, 80% of the students in the class belong to the international community.
    • Study Awards are given to the right candidates and no separate applications are required for the same. While the right candidates are chosen based on academic performances and merit, an exceptional GMAT score (Above 700) may increase the chances of getting such scholarships.

A Master’s in Management degree is the right step towards an illustrious career in management and training in the right schools can be a sure shot way of ensuring that you step forward in the right direction and pace.


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