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GyanOne Interviews NYU Stern MBA Current Student – Life at NYU Stern

Sudhir PatamsetiGyanOne interviews Sudhir Patamseti, an NYU Stern MBA Current Student, and a GyanOne client on Life at this premier bschool. As of March 2016, NYU Stern School of Business MBA program is ranked #10 in the U.S. by U.S. News and World Report. Sudhir shares his experience on key highlights on Life at Stern business school, learnings from the program and opportunities for a technology professional post NYU Stern MBA.

GyanOne: What made you consider the Langone MBA?

Sudhir: I chose the Langone MBA because I did not want to give up my current job [context: Sudhir works at Akamai Technologies, the leading global Cloud services provider], and did not also want to go for a full-time MBA program because of the higher costs involved.

The Stern Langone MBA provided me with the best of both worlds – I could work and at the same time study at Stern, and the additional work experience that I so gained would help me in my career progress later too.

GyanOne: Career-wise, what are the opportunities you are looking for, from this program?

Sudhir: I am looking for a career leap, as right now I am working as a Software Engineer, and I plan to work as a Consultant (within the same industry) in the future.

As I get more senior, I want to give myself a chance to be in leadership roles in my industry, and I understand that achieving this would require a deep knowledge of business and strategy.

I am happy to report that the Langone program so far (Sudhir began at Langone in Spring 2016) seems like the perfect program to help me achieve this objective.

GyanOne: What have been the highlights of your Stern Langone MBA experience so far?

Sudhir: I think the biggest differentiator for me has been the fact that I get to not just study, but also build an outstanding network with students from different industries and functions.

I think that is really enriching. Of course, what we learn in class matters a lot, but sometimes discussing the applications and potential experience of implementing these concepts with one’s peers can help a lot.

We meet up after class and in Happy Hours as well, and the exchange of ideas and perspectives itself means a lot to me in terms of learning. I am a Core Group Leader for my class, and I consider my responsibility of getting people together to be really a privilege.

I have seen how learning happens when people get together and exchange ideas and experiences.

Beyond this, New York is a financial and a business hub, and studying here has its own advantages in terms of access to guest lecturers who are industry experts, and understanding firms in various industries.

This is the city that never sleeps! It’s always lively, there’s always something going on beyond the classroom experience, so it’s always great.

NYU Stern GyanOne

GyanOne: What have been your key learning experiences in the program so far?

Sudhir: Everything has so far been a learning experience for me, in a way, because I came into the program with a technology background and not a business background.

Every day, I feel that listening to my professors and classmates here is a privilege. In particular, the course on the Foundations of Finance has been quite enlightening for me, not only for the potential corporate applications it demonstrated, but also because it helped me understand money, investing, and the economy itself in ways that were personally very relevant for me.

GyanOne: What is your take on getting an MBA as a technology candidate?

Sudhir: Before I started, the whole world was about the technology side for me. Earlier, I never paid attention outside my cube, and was focused only on how to make things better from a technology perspective.

Now, I realise that technology itself is only a part of the picture, and there’s literally a whole world to learn about outside my own domain. I’ve also learnt to step outside my comfort zone, and the experience, though challenging, has been rewarding.

GyanOne: How did you evaluate Stern Langone as one of your options when you applied?

Sudhir: By the time I began, I already had a Master’s, and significant work-experience under my belt, so I was looking for top options only. I made a list of reputed schools, based on ranking, and then evaluated my chances of admission and the costs that each program would entail.

Over time, my selection set narrowed to the Stern Langone MBA and some other programs, and I chose Stern because I believe that this education and brand name will be helpful for me not just immediately, but even long after I graduate.

GyanOne: Would you recommend this program to other applicants looking at it?

Sudhir: Most definitely yes. I think the Stern Langone MBA is the top program in its category, and if someone is fortunate enough to be offered a place here, he/she should take it up immediately.

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