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GyanOne came into existence to provide applicants with premium admissions consulting for top MBA programs globally. We began by helping applicants looking for international MBA admissions consulting at affordable prices but best in class services. Over the years, we have helped increasing number of international applicants make it to top bschools including Harvard, Stanford, Wharton, MIT, INSEAD, Yale, Oxford, Cambridge and ISB too.

At GyanOne, we have a small but highly experienced team made up of top MBA graduates from institutions such as MIT, INSEAD, Kellogg, and London Business School. Most importantly, each one of us possesses deep skills and expertise related to what we do. This is what drives our outstanding success, and this is what will drive yours too.


MBA Application consultants

- GyanOne


MBA Application consultants-GyanOne.

MBA Application consultants

- Gyanone


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Starting from scratch? We’ve got you covered. Our comprehensive structure and process ensure that you know exactly how you need to navigate your way to a great test score or an admit – at all points during the process.


Chasing a looming deadline? Unsure about how to raise your test score? Facing a challenge selecting the right schools? Expect us to deliver the right answer to you, each time, every time, no matter what the question is.


We run a business, but not just. We also provide hundreds of free profile evaluations every year, post dozens of articles on our blog for the applicant community, and provide plenty of advice on public forums.


Rishabh Gupta GyanOne


I am the founder of GyanOne Admissions Consulting. Before I started out as an admissions consultant, I worked in top, global consulting firms as a Management Consultant. I have successfully mentored and enabled career growth for more than 2000 folks around the world. I have been a career counselor and admissions consultant for over 12 years now.

My clients have been from varied backgrounds, ranging from entrepreneurs to IAS officers (top Indian public officials), to investment bankers and most of all, typical Indian IT applicants! I have helped them assess the best possible career options, identify ways to reach them, develop their profiles, and reach top MBA programs, including all the Ivy-league ones, successfully – INSEAD, Stanford, Wharton, MIT, Yale, IMD, Tepper, and you name it.

I can and have completely revamped the way you market yourself to top admissions committees.


I have a strong network with top professionals, industry experts and the admissions committee members of all top schools. I have interviewed Yale, Fuqua, McCombs, Rotman, ISB, and HKUST in the past few months alone.


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With a unique blend of passion, expertise, and strategy, I’ve helped drive GyanOne to become a global leader in MBA admissions consulting. One of India’s leading Admissions Consultants, GyanOne has proudly covered all top 10 MBA programs for multiple admits consistently over the last 5 years.

My hands-on approach to leadership has helped me design the industry’s leading MBA interview preparation program, ensuring that GyanOne’s clients stand out in a competitive landscape.


As an industry trailblazer, I’m fortunate to have an extensive network across top business schools, enabling me to stay ahead of the curve and offer the best advice to our clients.


“To do whatever it takes to help you succeed. Period.”

We have covered top MBA across every region of the world

We have worked with doctors, IAS officers, CAs, IITians, Indian Navy officers and all those who aim to work word and make it big. As you work with us, you will often and frequently find us go above and beyond to help you do better than your best.

Our success at these top universities has been a result of our world class, specially designed services. You can read and know about our Premium MBA Admissions Consulting and our Extensive Career Counselling and MBA Interview Preparation service.

We regularly interview Top MBA Deans and Admissions Committees, to help you get answers to your admission queries and scholarship chances.

90% of our folks get scholarships with their dream admits. We have curated and tabulated various scholarships and financial aids that you can apply to. Dig in deeper on to know more about your options and chances.

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