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For all those who dream of going to INSEAD, there is good news for you. Now you can apply to INSEAD even before you turn 23! INSEAD has launched a new Master in Management (MiM) program that is set to become the darling of the MiM world in due course, if the prestige of the school and its top MBA program are anything to go by. The Master in Management programs space is getting hot, ladies and gentlemen, with multiple top schools launches new programs in it. In recent times, Kellogg has launched its MS in Management Studies (though it later restricted admissions only to Northwestern University graduates), Michigan Ross launched the Master of Management program, and Cornell launched the Master of Professional Studies Program. Increasingly, top schools began to realize that the demand for top business education among recent college graduates is high. With INSEAD now adding to the list, one can be sure that this trend is only going to continue. So, what is great about this program, and why should you bother about it?

Why the INSEAD MiM has been launched

The MiM program in itself has mostly been a European phenomenon. European business schools first began offering it, and the Financial Times ranking of MiM programs duly lists multiple European schools such as LBS, HEC, St. Gallen, ESSEC, ESCP, and ESADE as top places offering the format. In a way, INSEAD has been a late entrant in this list.

Its MBA program is regularly ranked first in Europe, but while other top schools such as LBS and HEC had launched their MiM programs long back, INSEAD has chosen to do so only in 2019. Why? Over time, INSEAD realized that while it had multiple options for more experienced professionals (such as the MBA, Executive MBA, and Executive Master’s programs, with the PhD at the end of the spectrum), it had nothing for early career graduates.

Enter, the INSEAD MiM. With this launch, INSEAD, ‘the business school for the world’, has a more comprehensive suite of offerings at the Master’s level. That’s great, but what’s great about this new program?

What is new and different about the INSEAD MiM?

While most top schools do offer the MiM, the length and structure of the program can vary considerably between schools. For example, the HEC MiM is a 2-year program (and thus, officially longer in duration than the HEC MBA itself!), while the LBS MiM is a 10-month one. The newest kid on the block, the INSEAD MiM, is 10 months long too. So, is 10 months enough?

We think so. INSEAD has packed quite a lot into the structure of this little guy, with skill workshops, international field trips, and experiential learning practicals as well. Let’s get into it.


Great electives that help you build expertise in unique areas

The program comprises 5 periods, each lasting 8 weeks. The program will run from September each year to the July of the following year. There is a preliminary phase (called Period 0) that includes some online preparatory material on the basics, before students join the program on campus. In every period, the first 5 weeks will be dedicated to courses, followed by 2 weeks of experiential learning, and then exam week.

What’s different about the courses? Well, the MiM program is meant to be introductory, so the regulation courses on the fundamental functions of business (Marketing, Economics, Accounting, Finance, Operations, and Strategy) are all there. However, the differentiator here is in the focus on data, digital, and innovation in the curriculum.

There are two mandatory courses on Data, and a wide range of electives (5 courses) that can be chosen from Innovation, Sustainability, and Digital and Data, apart from Marketing, Operations, Finance, and Strategy.

Emphasis on developing workplace-ready skills

The INSEAD MiM, at 10-months long, does not include an internship. For many applicants, that can be a put-off. With no internship, how does one apply what one learns, and gain practical exposure?

INSEAD tries to answer this question by introducing practical learning, and by providing strong career support. There are 3 different aspects to the practical learning aspect.

The first involves workshops that aim to enhance personal elements such as presentation, problem-solving, communication, and project management (interestingly, there is one on coding as well!). This part will ensure that INSEAD MiM graduates are ready for the workplace.

The second unique element here involves what INSEAD calls ‘Practicals’, and there is a clear focus on innovation and international business here, with different sessions on business model innovation, and Blue Ocean strategy (an INSEAD hallmark), among others.

The third element is INSEAD’s focus on international exposure, with optional field trips to the Middle East, USA, and China, along with the option to spend the last 2 periods of the program at INSEAD’s Singapore campus (the first 3 have to be mandatorily in France).

So, in just 10 months, a student can get a solid platform in business fundamentals, build a spike in a chosen elective area, get international exposure, and hone corporate skills.

Strong career development and placement support

The INSEAD Career Development Center is going to be involved with INSEAD MiM students across the duration of the program. While this kind of support is not unheard of, it is not very common across MiM programs, with many career development offices choosing to be only intermittently involved, or coming in at a late stage closer to graduation.

INSEAD has a solid alumni network (over 58,000 alumni across the world), and through their support, the program is certain to get a flying start.

INSEAD MiM class profile and GMAT average

This will be the first year of admissions, so there is no current class profile. However, INSEAD has some numbers in mind – it wants a class of around 80 professionals, drawn from around 20 countries. Candidates with over 2 years of experience cannot apply.

The INSEAD MiM average GMAT is expected to be around 710, with an expected GRE average of 325. These are estimates based on averages of other top MiM programs, and of the INSEAD MBA.

INSEAD MiM admissions and fees

There’s something new on this front too. INSEAD has always followed a deadline-driven process for its MBA program, and though it has announced five deadlines for the INSEAD MiM, the process will be a rolling one, with a final decision 5 weeks after application submission.

The application process will consist of the online application, video essays, and an optional alumni/admissions interview. Yes, you read that right. The admissions interview has been kept optional. Expect to be at your best in the application itself to make an impression on INSEAD.

INSEAD MiM deadlines

For the inaugural (September 2020) Intake, the deadlines are:

Round 1  – 09 Oct 2019

Round 2 – 11 Dec 2019

Round 3 – 12 Feb 2020

Round 4 – 15 Apr 2020

Round 5 – 03 Jun 2020

INSEAD MiM admissions requirements and expectations

While INSEAD will evaluate applicants on the regular parameters of GPAs, GRE/GMAT scores, and extra-curricular activities, there are some additional components involved too.

International motivation, that has always been a key consideration for INSEAD in its MBA admissions too, is a factor for MiM admissions as well.

While motivation does not necessarily equate to international experience (especially as may INSEAD MiM applicants will have no full-time professional experience), foreign internships, international summer school, and experiences in working with diverse nationalities will all be key assets here. Another factor that INSEAD mentions explicitly is ability to contribute. 

This directly translates into the knowledge, experiences, and potential that you bring, in an academic, professional, and personal sense. They want a class of smart people, and expect INSEAD to be highly selective.

INSEAD MiM program expenses and scholarships

The introductory program fee is €47,500, which is more than that of the LBS MiM and even that of the HEC MiM. The program provides for three kinds of scholarships – based on diversity (every applicant would be considered for this), financial need, and academic and professional excellence. Loans would be available from Brain Capital and Prodigy Financing.

The verdict – where is the INSEAD MiM headed?

By now, we have worked with applicants to all top MiM programs, with over 2000 admits. We know a bit about MiM programs, what makes them tick, and what makes them valued.

We believe that the INSEAD MiM is headed to the top of the MiM ranking in a few years time. That may not happen immediately – it takes some time for classes to graduate, and then report on evaluation parameters.

It also takes some time for the word to go out, and for a name to be made. INSEAD has been there, and done that, churning out top MBA, EMBA, PhD, and Executive programs in the past. Add another winner to the vaunted list. Expect the newcomer to soon be a prince, and then the king.


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