IIMA PGPX Placements, IIMA PGPX Eligibility, IIMA PGPX Fees: IIMA Success


IIMA PGPX Placements, IIMA PGPX Eligibility, IIMA PGPX Fees: IIMA Success Story

IIM Ahmedabad Sumit S

Sumit Srivastava, a Maruti Suzuki employee for more than 9 years, makes it to IIM Ahmedabad . It was a dream come true for this Mechanical engineer, to receive an admit from one of the best business schools in India. With a GMAT score of 700, When Sumit approached GyanOne, he still had his doubts about his candidature to IIMA PGPX.

However, with just 15 days of extensive work on his essays and application, GyanOne was able to help him build a strong story around the outstanding work that he had done in helping Maruti launch a new car in the market.

Just as Sumit had put in hard work in launching the car under a tight deadline, he worked extremely hard on his application too. Whether rewriting his essays, coming up with new examples, or bringing out new dimensions in the story, he ensured that his essays were extremely strong.

Sumit also leveraged GyanOne advice on expressing his goals exactly the way he felt they should be. His research into IIMA as a school too showed clearly in the fit he was able to create with the school. Importantly, his essays did not just help him express his goals, but also made him much more confident for the interview later.

The final polishing and shaping up happened in the last week before the deadline. Whoof, we finally managed to submit a stellar application.

Then came the interview stage. IIMA’s focus on leadership, clarity in terms of career goals, and fit with the school is evident during the personal interviews conducted for applicants.

Sumit was able to shine through this stage as well, and then finally the day arrived. In a matter of a few weeks, Sumit had gone from an applicant just beginning his journey to an IIMA PGPX admit!

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IIMA PGPX Placements

Main recruiters at the PGPX placements in 2015 were companies like Accenture Strategy, Amazon, Bain & Co., Flipkart, Aditya Birla Group, McKinsey & Co. and The Boston Consulting Group.

Accenture Strategy picked up 18 students from the talented pool of IIMA class, while Goldman Sachs, Star India and Proctor and Gamble picked up seven, eight and nine applicants respectively.

One of the most preferred recruiter in the technology domain was Flipkart, which extended 17 offers to students for roles in marketing, operations, product marketing and product management.

In terms of salary figures, INR 1.38 crore is the highest international salary, INR 54.55 Lakh the highest domestic salary and INR 28.76 lakh the average domestic salary commanded by PGPX grads this year.

Some students also opted out of the placement process in 2016, to work under the Centre for Innovation, Incubation and Entrepreneurship (CIIE) at IIM-A, to follow entrepreneurial paths.


he Programme Fee for PGPX 2017-18 is INR 26,50,000. This fee includes tuition, books and course materials, library, computing and network charges, placement, alumni, and boarding and lodging charges for the period of stay on the campus.

IIMA Eligibility

Following are the basic criteria for the PGPX Application:

A) A Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent in any discipline.
B) Minimum Age of 27 years. There is no upper age limit.
C) Valid GMAT score.

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