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Nanyang MBA is featured as one of the world’s top-tier Asian business school. Nanyang Technological University is a research-based college and the MBA program draws from this strength to showcase unique and well-rounded Nanyang MBA program

The management consulting club along with other services that the university offers seeks to polish critical problem-solving, communication and team-building skills. Among the many well-known recruiters, you will find that consulting firms such as Deloitte, BCG and McKinsey&Co get the top picks.

Featured below are GyanOne’s success stories featuring perfect profiles of candidates who were able to crack the challenging NTU MBA application and admission process.

Nanyang Business School, Singapore



Bharath Ganapathy

Bharath Shankar Ganapathy, a complete “people’s” person is charming, eloquent and impressive. Among the many things that amaze you, his quick wit is what catches your attention.

He boasts of a high CGPA (Bachelor’s) along with active participation in sports and quiz clubs. This represents an ideal candidate for business schools. All that is required is the practical experience of working in the real world.

Bharath took care of this by making the most of his experience in Deloitte, India. Taking charge as an analyst, he worked to create value for the organization. His dedication and consistent performances elevated him to higher positions allowing him to explore his interests and expanding his scope within the organization. High-pressure situations were common in this nature of work, but he handled everything with aplomb.

As he rose to a leadership position, awards, accolades, and other recognitions came by quite easily. One of the reasons for this was his ability to work well with people and bring them together to tackle unique and complex challenges. As he mentored juniors and led teams to success, it seemed like he was a natural leader.

In today’s complex business environment, challenges are dynamic and unique. With a need to understand them in their entirety, Bharath sought to complete the cycle. Singapore held promise as an ever-evolving hub of technological disruptions. Applying to the Nanyang MBA was, therefore, a conscious decision.


Sagata-ChakrabortySagata Chakraborti

If there is a single compliment that an employee can receive then it must that he/she is “an indispensable resource”. There can be no better introduction to our next success story. Sagata was known as a go-getter in Deloitte, India.

There was no shortage of challenges but her out-of-the-box thinking, and proactive style of working seemed to keep her ahead of targets. While her presentation and communication skills always worked in her favor, her strength was her technical skills.

The qualities that a business school looks for in their candidates is the ability to tackle pressure situations easily and successfully. This is one of the things that Sagata could display successfully in her application.

Her journey from an analyst to a senior position was quick thanks to her ability to stay calm in pressure situations while delivering the targets set out for her. She handled everything with ease whether it was training the newbies or gaining the appreciation of seniors. Testimonials from her seniors reflect the faith that they placed on her as she constantly set new standards of success. This showed her resilience and grit.

In the three and half years that Sagata spent with Deloitte, she lapped up numerous Client Appreciation awards and Applause awards. Despite all the appreciation and steady growth, she felt like she needed to expand her horizons.

An MBA in a reputed institute would not only do what she needed but would help her network while polishing and updating her skills. Being an “eager beaver” worked in her favor as she put in the efforts to present her profile and experiences in the best light.


Vishal-Garg-150x150Vishal Garg

Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University is where it all began for this driven young professional. His strong technical and analytical background was put to test during a short stint at TCS right after a Bachelor’s in Computer Science.

A switch to the management consulting firm ZS at the right time allowed him to explore the business consulting domain. Whether it was the high-pressure situations or the need to think differently, either way, he seemed perfectly comfortable here.

While TCS is where he learned the ropes, ZS allowed him to explore his true interests and capabilities. As a Business Operations Associate, he handled the big-ticket Pharma clients, and this made him confident. His experience and constant involvement in day-to-day decisions made him a go-to-person for anything related to the industry.

Vishal Garg was always known for his ability to accomplish everything to the ‘T’. His methodical style of functioning along with a never-say-die attitude resulted in positive results for the organization. The pharmaceutical industry is known for its aggressive nature and short deadlines. The art of prioritizing is how Vishal managed to tackle this and it is definitely something that will work in his favor as he works to become a great leader.

As a consultant, you must be proactive with offering unique and effective solutions for vague issues or challenges faced by clients. One of the strongest aspects of Vishal’s profile is his ability to convert such ambiguity to clarity. A sharp and effective communicator, he was certainly well respected for the knowledge and expertise he brought to the table.

MBA seemed like a natural choice when he began to look ahead. Vishal was eager to broaden his expertise- well beyond just Pharmaceuticals. Another aspect that pushed him to think about an MBA was the fact that most of his contacts belonged to this industry. An area that he sought to work on was strategizing as this would be a key strength to possess if he planned to lead someday. Nanyang MBA it was for him. If he was to ‘give wings’ to his dream of becoming an entrepreneur, it was time to act!


Aastha Goel

Aastha Goel

A conscientious and creative number cruncher is how you would describe Aastha Goel. As soon as she graduated with a bachelor’s degree in commerce, she was selected as an analyst at Ernst and Young-well-known as one of the Big Four Accounting Firms of the world. As a lead researcher in Indirect tax, she provided analysis and support on key issues that impact major business decisions. She also took on the role of a compliance controller, to ensure compliance of GST-related issues. Her commitment and excellence were recognized through awards.

She excelled in academics and topped the school and college. Numerous prizes and awards in Law, Accounting, and Mathematics are proof of the same. She was determined to make a career out of numbers. She was sincere, hardworking, and technically very sound. An MBA degree at this point would make her an efficient and effective candidate for a management/leadership role. Singapore was attractive as Nanyang Business School has a great reputation and presented ample opportunities in her field (Finance).

Considering her lack of experience, the focus on live consulting projects (SPAN- Special Projects at Nanyang), practical application of core subjects (BSM- Business Study Mission), enhancing leadership and negotiation (leading People Globally), attracted her to this MBA program. Of course, the proximity to India was definitely a plus-point. Most business schools require at least 3 years of work experience. Hence, this may have been a point of concern for her. However, a strong and complete profile, GMAT score of 720, and valuable experience as a financial analyst made her an attractive candidate. She was successful in getting the admit call, and is now well on her way to a fabulous career.


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