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GyanOne ISB Admissions: ISB success stories

An MBA from ISB is a matter of pride and considering that it is the top-ranked business school in India (currently ranked 28th in the global MBA rankings of 2018 as per Financial Times) getting an acceptance call from this school is a dream come true for an applicant.

One of the biggest factors in getting accepted is a strong application and here’s where GyanOne features prominently. The expertise they bring in in terms of some of the most experienced faculty (with most of them ISB Graduates) and a focused approach to help applicants crack the admission process is unmatched to any other. The below list presents the success stories of GyanOne candidates who are now currently part of the ISB MBA program.



Abhishek Joshi:  Abhishek Joshi had a GMAT 690. A Delhi college of engineering graduate, he joined EXL as a business analyst upon completion of the course.

Handling some of the best banks in the US, he was responsible for operations and risk management of these banks. His technical knowledge, the ability to work in a team and ensure that deliverables are met on time ensured his steady rise within the firm.

His work ethics and dedication found him moving through the ranks to become the assistant manager within four years of being part of this organization.

He realized that expanding his knowledge base was the only way to cement a stronger growth in his career. It was his dedication, sheer grit and support from GyanOne that saw him through the admission process at ISB.



Abhishank ShrivastavaAbhishank Shrivastava: Abhishank’s profile is unique in the sense that there is a sharp focus on improving the Education scenario in India. The Engineering degree at IIT, Varanasi allowed him to explore the world of Business Analytics.

As he interned and gained the required experience, he chose to use this knowledge by partnering with Teach for India which is a nonprofit organization.

Working here for well over four years with a majority of those years in a leadership role, he felt like he was ready to augur a major change in the education field in India.

A school such as ISB would provide the best business school experience in the region he preferred and more importantly the networking that would be valuable to succeed in this field.

Knowing that getting through the admission process was vital, he worked day and night with the consultants at GyanOne. Ultimately his determination to succeed is what gave him success in achieving it.



Louis PrabhakarLouis Haniel Prabhakar: A bachelor’s degree in Engineering from the Laxmi Narain College of Technology and Engineering is what started Louis Haniel Prabhakar on his journey in the corporate world.

Interning with technological companies during this period gave him valuable exposure and triggered an interest in the technological aspects of a business. On completion of the bachelor’s degree, he joined XEEVA Inc, Bhopal as a Market Place Analyst.

His enthusiasm to learn and lead helped him to become an assistant manager within a couple of years. At this point, a business school degree seemed like a natural progression for someone who would like to combine the best parts of an engineering degree with a solid understanding of implementing the same in a business.

Getting through ISB was therefore the next stage in his glorious career and his perseverance paid off thanks to his commitment and the help of GyanOne consultants.



Sidharth - BishtSidharth Bisht: A Delhi College of Engineering graduate, Sidharth is currently in the ISB’s PGP program seeking to add an MBA degree to his already accomplished profile.

With a keen desire to understand the minutiae of a business and its working, Sidharth joined the Endurance Ltd. team as a Business Development Manager.

As he gained valuable experience, he felt the lack of a business degree preventing him from moving further up in the field. As he beefed up his profile by adding experiences in the education sector- both private and non-profit, he also worked at cracking the admission process of ISB. His success was guaranteed with the persistent support from the ISB experts of GyanOne and his dogged and untiring efforts.



Amit S Jain

GyanOne ISB Admit

Amit S Jain: As the Assistant Vice President of a well-known legal services firm such as CPA Global, one would wonder if he had it all but Amit S Jain wanted more out his career and he was convinced that a degree from ISB would seal it.

His journey which began right after an engineering degree from Netaji Subhas Institute of Technology, took him through Aricent technologies and Evaluserve but his true calling came at CPA global where his leadership skills blossomed and helped him earn a good reputation amongst his peers.

His rise to one of the top positions at the firm cemented his belief that his career would truly take off if he was able to include a business degree from ISB on his profile. Currently pursuing the PGP program at ISB with a focus on leadership, Amit is right where he wants to be.

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The journey to a top business school such as ISB can be an arduous one but with comprehensive and extensive help from experienced professionals such as GyanOne the process of fulfilling your dreams can be a whole lot easier!


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