A cover letter is a key to introducing yourself to the university and its admissions committee through a detailed personalisation of your interests, qualifications and career trajectory. While a resume shares the technical aspects of your profile, Queen’s MBA cover letter is specially designed to understand your current responsibilities (professionally), assignments & projects you are heading, career accomplishments, and reasons to apply to Queen’s MBA Program.


A strong cover letter shares a transparent connection between the applicant’s goals and the university’s values and patterns. Since the University has a fixed format and question (instead of multiple essays), it is easier to comply with the expectation and write a compelling story that covers all aspects of our professional and personal life. It is an opportunity for you to fix paramount stories that will assist your application.


  • Customise & be Real: Target your cover letter to reflect the demands of the university and program. A focused cover letter is more compelling to the peruser than a bland one. Stating examples from your personal experiences, whether from a professional perspective or personal, has a better impact on the reader’s mind than taking ideas from samples and other people’s stories.
  • Do the Research: Go past the work portrayal to memorise as much as possible regarding the university’s culture, needs, and challenges by talking to the current or previous students, going by the school’s social media channels, LinkedIn page and alums profiles. Utilising your understanding of the subjects and field patterns will also help you to create a better application that will be seen as an inspiration by the university. This will, in turn, empower you to be precise and give you the motivation to perform better during the ever-challenging MBA classes.
  • Relate your Attributes with the University’s Expectations: Create a story about how your aptitudes and encounter with people & different situations align with your eer. Incorporate the specifics that underpins and focus on your future goals – this will further gauge the interest of the admission commi Illustrate with proof how you’d perform and transition into your better self in your career.ttee.
  • Focus: Your cover letter ought to be centred around your activities, experience & achievements, and have a proficient tone, to begin with; take care that it sounds like a formal expression of your career exposition. Consider and be confident in your choice of textual style, font, and language.
  • Why Queen’s: Now, answering this aspect can be tricky and equally relaxing given your interest in the university, prior research, and how long back did you decide to pursue MBA. This part will answer two aspects of your post-graduation- why you want to pursue an MBA and precisely why from Queen’s. Answering the first part is still easier. The main objective is to provide shreds of evidence, certain interest, and to-the-point reasons for being a part of Queen’s.

This may include the cultural diversity of the university, certain fraternities and clubs you wish to be a part of that would, in turn, help better your studies and career, the strong professional network of the college and placement programs, and alums meet to strengthen your global connectivity, etc. You can also share your ideas on how the university would cater to your specific needs and what you can give back to the school.


  • Comprehension & Story: A good storyline around your life’s adventures and accomplishments is always an impressive start to a cover letter. Since you already have a clear image of what to incorporate, as the questions themselves present, you just need to align your thoughts well in a chronological way to create a comprehensive essay. 


The other less significant yet essential parts of these answers would be following the right format, a descriptive self-introduction, stating your goals and aims, what values you have to offer to the university and how you plan to inculcate your unique ideas to help your fellow MBA students, etc. The university receives thousands of applications each year, and why they would choose yours depends on how original and promising your factors are. Answer all the parts of the question and be compelling with the information you share.

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