Alliance Manchester Business School (AMBS) offers a full-time MBA program that has been considered one of the world’s most practical MBA degrees. It not only enhances your skills and helps you become a better professional, but it also gives you some great opportunities to fine-tune your resume by introducing you to at least 3 consultancy projects with actual clients. Now I wouldn’t want that! You can also choose the program duration from a 12-month program to 15 months or 18 months. When we talk about Manchester’s application and its profile requirement, this B-School expects a strong 3+ years of work experience with ambitious career progression.

The essay requests to include all the following information in your applicant’s answer-


  1. Why do you feel it is the right time in your career to study for an MBA, and why would you like to gain a place in the Manchester MBA?
  2. What are your immediate goals after you complete the program?
    -How do you believe your previous experience and transferable skills, combined with the Manchester MBA, will help you achieve your goals?
    -Which industry sector(s) & companies are your preferred target, and which country/region would you like to work in?
  3. What is your plan B if you cannot achieve your desired goals immediately?
  4. What are your long-term aspirations? 

The 2022 admission batch has one essay question divided into segments. Since the program itself is pretty extensive, the admission committee expects the essay answer to entail all your outstanding achievements, plans where Manchester’s MBA would come into the picture, what you have to offer to the university, solid academic record, out-of-work accomplishments that help create a more holistic image of yours, etc. Let’s know more about the exact questions in the application and how to start writing it.

Start with a compelling introduction paragraph describing your work and life culture. You may also include your goals and how the current profession has helped & guided you to reach greater heights. If you wish to switch your field of profession, this is the right opportunity to give your answer an expected twist – something the reader would look forward to reading more about. Describe the skills set you already have and what new qualities you aim to develop with this AMBS MBA. As the school would be expecting to see your academics, don’t forget to mention your undergraduate score and accomplishments as a student.

Form a strong draft answering what your motivation to pursue MBA is or has been. Show interest in Manchester as a place and university – share details of why and how it is the right fit for you and what new achievements will fall your way with this decision. Throwing light on your goals, however short or long-term goals, provides evidence of how ambitious and career-oriented you are. Here, you can also state some examples reflecting your uniqueness in different situations at work, leadership, team spirit, and managerial qualities. List some skills and knowledge sets you will gain from the program and how you plan to utilise them in the coming future. 

Move on to highlighting some of your most significant achievements in your professional career; mentioning awards & recognitions also adds credibility to your profile. It shows your zeal to learn, do better, and performance level compared to your colleagues/peers. You may also give a few examples to create an image for better understanding. Now you have reached the point in your essay where discussing the industry and kind of companies you desire to work for is necessary. Plan B, or having a backup plan for your career, is a must and an intelligent move to have up your sleeve. Establish a career summary and depict where you can venture, your options, whether working as an employee or starting your own business – all this reflects your brilliance and futuristic mindset. This said, ‘plan-B’ does not have to be an opposite or entirely different from the original goal but can overlap or take some part from it too.

In the end, conclude your answer with some aspirations you seek and where you see yourself in the next 5-8 years. Conducting well-read research on the MBA program will also help you achieve maximum impact in your answer. To engage the reader, make it compelling and generate a story around your anecdotes, professional accomplishments, personal interests, skills, hobbies, etc. This makes your assessment memorable, and the admission committee will remember to discuss some instances shared in your essay during your interview. All in all, your answer would require quite a few modifications, but fret not, all the new perspectives you’ll get as you go back to it is what will get you admitted.


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