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Why Consider the Executive MBA?

The Executive MBA is the best option for gaining advanced business knowledge and skills for business executives in leadership positions. Not only does the program provide business education, but it also provides perspectives on business strategy and leadership. The Executive MBA can provide a path into more business-centric positions, a gateway to positions of more managerial responsibility, or simply a business refresher for executives being groomed for leadership positions. In its content, the program is similar to the MBA, but is offered in a part-time format (classes every few weeks or on weekends). Some Executive MBA programs also need employer sponsorship for admissions.
Top Executive MBA programs are as competitive as top MBA programs in terms of admissions. As Executive MBA applicants are all much more experienced than typical MBA applicants, typical Executive MBA essays tend to focus more on learning that the applicant would have garnered on the job.


Executive MBA or Regular MBA programs?

The Executive MBA application is unique in the following aspects:

More focused on achievements and experience:The Executive MBA typically focuses more on leadership, team management responsibility, and potential for immediate growth, as compared to the MBA. As a result, Executive MBA essays typically tend to be much more introspective. They can also take on different dimensions unseen in typical MBA essays.

As an example, the NYU Stern EMBA, in one of the mandatory application essays, asks the applicant to identify a contemporary business issue on which he/she would like to have an impact as a business leader.

As a second example, the ISB PGPMAX (ISB’s EMBA offering) has a case study requiring applicants to provide business analysis and their own solution for the given situation. The ISB PGPMAX also asks applicants to explain how they hope to take on the rigorous curriculum of the program after being away from academics from so many years.

As a third example, the Wharton EMBA has a 500 word essay asking the applicant to explain how he/she plans to handle the additional demand on his/her time when pursuing the program, given existing family and work commitments.

Focused more on learning than career growth: As their employers sponsor most participants in an Executive MBA program, the programs too tend to focus more on the learning involved and much less on the career opportunities post completion of the program. This has its effects across the program – from student clubs to career services involvement, and even the focus on grades.

More focused on advanced management skills and leadership than concentrations or majors: Most Executive MBA programs do not focus on specialized majors, as do typical MBA programs. As experienced corporate executives are looking for particular skills across areas, rather than increasing the depth of their knowledge along only one particular area, Executive MBA programs offer advanced courses in particular areas rather than clubbing all courses related to different areas under majors. Most Executive MBA programs do not even need a major to be declared, even if related courses from one area are taken.

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