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Why Consider the Executive MBA?


The Executive MBA is the best option for gaining advanced business knowledge and skills for business executives in leadership positions.
In its content, the program is similar to the MBA, but is offered in a part-time format (classes every few weeks or on weekends).
As Executive MBA applicants are all much more experienced than typical MBA applicants, typical Executive MBA essays tend to focus more on learning that the applicant would have garnered on the job.

Executive MBA or Regular MBA programs?

More focused on advanced management skills and leadership

As experienced corporate executives are looking for particular skills across areas, Executive MBA programs offer advanced courses in particular areas rather than clubbing all courses related to different areas under majors.

Focused more on learning than career growth

As their employers sponsor most participants in an Executive MBA program, the programs too tend to focus more on the learning involved and much less on the career opportunities post completion of the program. This has its effects across the program – from student clubs to career services involvement, and even the focus on grades.

More focused on achievements and experience

The Executive MBA typically focuses more on leadership, team management, and potential for immediate growth, as compared to the MBA. As a result, Executive MBA essays can take on different dimensions unseen in typical MBA essays.

As an example, the NYU Stern EMBA, asks the applicant to identify a contemporary business issue on which he/she would like to have an impact as a business leader.

How does GyanOne help?

School selection Selecting bschools for an Executive MBA program is very different from selecting them for a regular MBA. We help you select the options which work best for you
Essay review and editing Helping you create outstanding Executive MBA essays that highlight and exhibit your extensive achievements and outstanding potential for the Executive MBA application
Recommendation strategy With substantial work experience under your belt, you need to choose the right people to recommend you for B-school. We help you perfect your recommendation strategy
Application mechanics As a busy working professional, you may have little time to negotiate the complexities of the myriad components of an MBA application. We simplify the process for you
Resume review and editing You have been there, and done that. GyanOne’s Executive MBA application service helps you to highlight the right points on your extensive resume in a compact yet impactful manner


Executive MBA success story

Bharat batra is working in investments and financial services with over 10 years of experience. He decided to pursue an Executive MBA after working as an Investment adviser, as he had an immense experience of 10 years he decided to keep working and also started his EMBA as it would provide a huge value to his career. It was an investment which proved to be perfect as far as his career was concerned. Watch his story below..

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