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Divya Siram

Cracked LBS, Oxford and Cambridge – Story of a Googler!

Pursuing MBA is one giant leap of faith. A faith that keeps you focused on bettering your future, faith which tells you that you are what it takes to change your life. And when you have the option to choose from Oxford, Cambridge and LBS, you truly have the world to yourself.

The Prolific Profile

Divya Siram

GyanOne Success LBA, Cambridge Oxford MBA

Meet Divya Sriram, an engineering graduate from Manipal Institute of Technology. A prolific student in her Electronics and Communications Engineering stream , Divya was the ideal student.  She had been a very active volunteer with socio-adventure clubs, debating societies, NGOs, et al.  After a good academic record as an engineering student , Divya started her professional career at Deloitte as a Business Analyst and worked there for about 2 years.

Consulting in Deloitte made her discover her penchant for analysis. Consulting brings you face to face with unique problems and areas of exploration to find a solution to a problem in.

Divya started liking the unexplored and this egged her to move on to Google after 2 years. She explored the profile of a Quantitative Analyst , Trust and Safety for 2 years.  She delved into the non-routine analytical challenges by applying various methods and end-to-end analysis.

New Territories

After a while, she realized she needed more from her life and that’s when she opted for GMAT exams. With a commendable score of 700 out of 800 in GMAT, what had to be done now was a careful approach towards applying for good universities and business schools abroad.

That’s when Divya came to GyanOne. A first look at her CV impressed us. Though her work experience was only of 4 years it was substantial considering the places she worked at and the score she had hit in GMAT.

We spoke about how she wants to shape her future, which places would she prefer, how would she like to lead her life.

Her conversation made it evident that while she was ambitious she also liked to lead a relaxing life where she could spend some time on extracurricular activities too. Her thoughts had Europe written all over it. And she agreed.


It was time for us to join hands and find out some of the best options in Europe. We had plenty of places to look at. INSEAD, ESADE, HEC, LBS, Oxford and even Cambridge.

While INSEAD was high on work experience, we narrowed the list down to England. That left us with London Business School, Oxford, and Cambridge. Your application has to be outstanding in order to make the cut at any of these three places.

Said Business School (Oxford) and Judge Business School (Cambridge) are among the top business schools in the world right next to the prestigious Ivy League of USA.

After carefully crafting the SOP and her application, we placed it at all three places. Guess what, it was duly accepted at all the institutes. It was a moment of extreme joy and celebrations for Divya and GyanOne.

The Oxford Said MBA program has been traditionally focusing on providing applicants with a solid foundation in business principles while developing a broadened mindset.

It does encourage its students to challenge their skillsets and keep upbreast with the latest in the technological world.

Divya opted to apply to Oxford due to its legacy of churning out world class leaders, its excellent research institutes, its focus on technology, and the excellent success that many of its alumni have seen in the technology sector, including roles at Google.

At the same time, Cambridge Judge is certainly among the top names that applicants who wish to excel in technology and business would have in their B-school lists.

With its proximity to the Silicon Fen, its great majors in technology, dedicated clubs, and alumni in niche sectors like Fintech, the school is strong on innovation.

This is why the school receives literally thousands of MBA applications every year from technology canidates. Cambridge Judge was certainly an MBA program that Divya knew she would have to work hard to crack.

And then it was London Business School. Frankly Divya could not initially believe that she has cracked the LBS MBA. This result came out in the end, and by then, it was just pure joy for her! London boasts of the maximum number of job opportunities in the technology and digital sector.

London Business School has a deep focus on innovation and the latest in the technological field through various electives and outside the class learning (LondonCap). With majority of tech companies like Google, Microsoft, Uber, PayPal and Facebook recruting from this esteemed school, the LBS MBA was the obvious choice for Divya.

It took a lot of brainstoming and research to devise extenisve applications to these top three MBA programs in Europe. Divya started her MBA applications journey early, and that was a major positive throughout her MBA admissions journey.

With a crazy schedule at work, this Googler still managed to create stellar applications and Hola! The results say it all!

Critical Decisions

She was over the moon for a while and then came the moment where she had to choose between the three. All three were the best of the best places and it was difficult to choose from.

The ROIs were almost similar and the average annual salary of all three revolved around $133,000. Although, the choices were difficult both Oxford and Cambridge are a little elitist and London being a financial capital of the world and it would also have more avenues available around the corner.

Divya was also enamored by the Canary Wharf, so that kind of helped too.


She finally chose London Business School for 2018 intake to everyone’s delight.

At GyanOne, we are thrilled to see our candidates taking big assignments across the globe and we aim to keep assisting the potential candidates the same way too.


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