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GyanOne Ivey MBA Admission Successes

Ivey Business School, Canada prides itself on the fact that it stands apart from other traditional business schools when it creates the most innovative, passionate and confident leaders. Thoughts become decisions, knowledge takes the form of actions and concepts to take shape of the change you envision. The Ivey MBA Admission for international students is sure to test your perspectives and ability to apply your learning to the maximum. The support and network provided by the impressive alumni is another factor that attracts several students to this program.

Featuring a global profile, each class with its diverse group of students, brings something unique to their MBA program. Being accepted into this school fills you with pride and sense of achievement as the admission process is a rigorous one with a strong focus laid on ‘the right fit’.

Here’s a list of GyanOne Ivey MBA candidates who have/are part of the MBA program in this prestigious institution now.


Srijan Agrawal

Srijan Aggarwal brought over 7 years of experience from analytics roles across top retail companies, and his international exposure and excellent work achievements helped him stand out among a number of other similar Ivey applicants. It’s never easy to compete in the technology and analytics space when one is applying to a business school, but Srijan could do it on the basis of the authenticity, drive, and outstanding career record that he brought to the table. He also made sure that he understood the Ivey MBA program and its possibilities very well, interacting with a number of alumni and current students. As a result, his interview was ultimately not so much of an assessment, but rather an exchange of views on his plans and how he would contribute to the school. GMAT 730.


Bhavya Arora

Bhavya Arora

With a background in Economics, Bhavya Arora had a firm footing in the consulting industry.

Having completed a bachelor’s degree in Economics (with distinction), she proceeded to cement it further with a Master’s degree in the same which would equip her with a more sophisticated understanding of macroeconomics combined with the right econometric skills. She was the only student to be nominated for and successfully securing the commonwealth scholar award (full scholarship) for the year 2013-2014 in the field of economics.

Joining Deloitte Consulting was her initiation into the corporate world. Her work ethics, perfection and the ease with which she led teams saw her climb up the ladder quite quickly. She moved from being an assistant manager to a deputy manager within a year.

She was instrumental in setting up the Economic Consulting division for the firm while routinely securing anti-trust engagements for them. Also, she constantly engaged with top management supporting them on business development decisions.

If there was anything that was lacking in an already strong profile, then it had to be a better understanding of the business standpoint in such issues.

Also, she has a low GMAT score of only a 650! Yes, and she made it! Expressing an interest in getting her second masters, she needed the expertise and guidance of top admission consultants to excel.

Gyanone worked tirelessly to ensure she presents a perfect application form with clear goals and this helped her secure the admission into IVEY Business School in Canada with a $ 35,000 scholarship. 

Snehal Poojari

GyanOne Ivey Scholarship

Snehal Poojari

Becoming a chartered accountant after having cleared all the qualifying examinations in the first attempt is not only commendable but is truly inspiring. Snehal Poojari who joined Deloitte Consulting immediately after, saw a steady career progression.

This could be attributed to her dedicated resolve to achieve the goals set out for her. She worked with Ernst and Young along with KPMG which gave her a better view of the professional world. However, she knew her career would have much success if she had a better understanding of disruptive strategies involved at this level of the game.

She knew she had to work at developing the right creative skills to analyze and solve cross-functional business problems as well. This is where the MBA degree would be extremely effective.

Her application to Ivey yielded great results with her getting admission calls along with a sizable scholarship to both Ivey Business School and Rotman School of Management.

Her grit and expertise combined with the abilities of GyanOne’s professionals helped her to present her goals in the best ways possible. Read her detailed story here

Vignesh G Ivey

Vignesh Gopalakrishnan

A unique profile that began in Singapore, Vignesh Gopalakrishnan completed a Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering from the National University of Singapore.

His accomplishments helped him to secure a job with McConnell Dowell Pte. on completion. He always preferred challenges as this brought out the best in him and that is what led him to experiences such as being part of the team that built the largest petrochemical plant for ExxonMobil and leading the team that envisioned and executed the Sentosa Intra-Island cable car.

His experiences have taken him to the middle east as well where he was part of the Halliburton piping and processes team. A strong passion to lead and deliver large projects across several industries is what constantly motivates him.

Vignesh has always been one to rise up to challenges and execute projects without the slightest hesitation. An MBA from a prestigious school is what he yearned for as this would allow him to explore aspects of business such as strategic planning, stakeholders and management of projects on his own.

His knowledge, determination and focus helped him work towards the goal. GyanOne’s direction and his conscientious approach led to a successful application to Ivey business school. Vignesh too overcame a GMAT score of 650 and was admitted with a $ 20,000 scholarship and a loan option of $ 20,000. He is currently at Ivey Business School with Project management as his specialization.

Narendra Mishra

GyanOne top MBA Canada

Narendra Mishra

Narendra Mishra, Chartered Accountant had everything working for him and that meant great positions in some of the best financial companies in India. With many years spent gaining practical experience, he was able to widen his scope of knowledge in the industry.

Thanks to his grit and tenacity, Narendra was seen as a top performer in all the positions that held in his career. However, being restricted to the financial industry alone was enough.

In order to get a more complete perspective of the business world, he chose to apply to business schools for an MBA. Ivey Business School and ISB were his choices. However, with a GMAT 680, he needed guidance to tweak his approach according to the school he would be applying to.

GyanOne helped him to focus on his career goals and present the best application possible. His hard work paid off and he secured admissions to both ISB and IVEY Business School. He is currently at ISB pursuing an MBA degree with a focus on Structured Finance.

Manveer SalujaManveer Saluja

Manveer Shukla had a modest beginning through the Thapar Institute of Engineering and Technology, Punjab. However, his modest story ends there as everything beyond that is worthy of praise and admiration.

Being an outspoken and extroverted person, Manveer constantly engaged in clubs and several other activities during his engineering days. However, after working with Mahindra & Mahindra, Indian Oil Corporation and Salcon (Management Consulting) post his education, he steadily grew in both expertise and experience.

Exposure to the entrepreneur world happened right after when he spent two years building the ‘The Ashes Stone’. This triggered an interest in equipping himself with the right knowledge, network and experience where he could explore a different career.

This is something that only a top business school would give him. The next stage required him to apply to business schools.  He partnered up with GyanOne to help him with his applications and not surprisingly, he was successful in not just HEC PARIS but also Ivey Business School where he secured a scholarship as well.

Prashant JainPrashant Jain

Armed with a bachelor’s degree in engineering from Amity University, Delhi, Prashant Jain has always believed that bigger thinking is synonymous with big ideas and plans. Consistent with this, he has always chosen to look at the larger picture and worked towards it.

Working with the best people such as McKinsey & Co, United Healthcare, he gained precious experience in the corporate world. His determination to go above and beyond ensured that he was well known for his commitment to do his best.

So, whether it was creating the best business models or constantly learning about disruptive technologies pertaining to businesses, he was always ahead of the game.

Being a freelancer and contributing to the success of several startups showed that he was willing to explore a less-traveled path as well.

An accomplished leader and winner of several honors and awards throughout his career, Prashant felt that a degree in business would elevate his knowledge about the business world contributing to a better career in consulting.

Ivey Business School was his choice and thanks to the focused attention he received from the Gyanone’s consultants, he secured the admission along with a scholarship of $10,000.

Kunal BiswasKunal Biswas

Kunal Biswas’s story is one that inspires. Having completed an engineering degree from the National Institute of Technology, Silchar, he found employment as a project manager with Tata Motors.

His experience here began as a project manager and where he spent about 3 years leading teams to successfully launch small commercial and utility vehicles- an important segment of this company.

His leadership skills combined with the ability to go beyond what was required saw him being promoted to a more responsible strategic advising role. His meticulous nature and dogged determination to achieve the goals saw him win several leadership awards in this organization.

A strong inclination to learn about the several parts of the business and how technology affects every minute aspect of it is what intrigued him. With a focus on his future and to accomplish a more well-rounded profile, he began to explore options for an MBA degree.

Despite a GMAT score of an average 660, Kunal was successful in gaining admission at the prestigious Ivey Business School, Canada. This was not all! He was able to do so with a $15,000 scholarship as well. His effort combined with the able guidance of GyanOne helped him cross the finish line without a hitch.

Tarun Mishra GyanOne
Tarun Mishra

Tarun Mishra has a strong technical background and projecting himself as an innovator, he constantly seeks to ease the problems that process-intensive industries face.

Graduating from IIT Chennai, where he was bestowed with BTech and MTech degrees, he has been at the helm of startups such as DeTect Technologies and Maximl technologies.

These companies were started during his time at IIT, Chennai. DeTect focused on an innovative product that could forecast defects in oil and gas pipelines. Reliance Industries was the first client and investor in this prestigious project.

Maximl on the other hand, was started with a goal to empower industries with the best technology to improve safety and efficiency standards. Apart from this, Tarun was selected to be part of the 10-member team of the India Innovation Growth Program as a result of which he spent time at the Stanford Graduate School of Business.

Tarun’s abilities and his resourcefulness have managed to get him several awards including becoming one of the top 10 innovators in India. One of his passions has been to create value across business functions and to be able to do this successfully, he knew an MBA degree would be most beneficial.

This is where GyanOne’s expertise comes in as they were able to advise him on the right schools and the ideal approach to secure admissions as well. He was able to get through to ISB and Ivey Business School thanks to his dedication and sincere efforts.

Every business school comes with its inherent challenges and trying to crack the admission process can be daunting. Make the process easier with the expertise of the GyanOne team!


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