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Masters in Business Analytics in Europe: A whole new experience with abundant opportunities for a futuristic career.

A Master’s in Business Analytics is the set of skills, technology, and processes used to systematically examine historical business performance to obtain insight and encourage business planning. Masters in Business Analytics in Europe, focuses on using data and statistical approaches to understand and understand business performance. On the other hand, company intelligence has generally focused on employing a standardized set of metrics to analyse past versions and drive business strategy, both of which are based on data and analytical techniques.

Business Analysts serve as a link between the business and tech divisions, guiding companies through today’s digital disruption by evaluating and utilising data to drive technology innovation, reinvent the customer experience, and achieve profitable results. Prescriptive analytics can be used to automate business processes using business analytics. Let’s read about some popular degrees in Masters in Business Analytics in Europe:


EDHEC Business School, MSc in Marketing Analytics

Consumer behaviour, data, and analysis are critical in establishing adaptive and customer-driven strategies that integrate data and information into promotional systems in an era of unprecedented global change. The MSc in Marketing Analytics from EDHEC equips promising young undergraduates with the statistical and analytical skills and knowledge needed to make practical marketing recommendations. This is an 18-month programme, which is taught in English, and will teach you a variety of subjects and techniques to help you become a practical analytical and branding leader, ranging from user experience and electronic enterprise techniques to sentiment analysis and digital advertising analytics, all while using data platforms such as Python, Tableau, Google Analytics, etc.

With the help of this program, you will learn-

  • To develop technical abilities that are in high demand.
  • How data should be interpreted.
  • To recognise and analyse customer behaviour.
  • Quantitative data analysis; analysing complex marketing issues.
  • Detailed information about client behaviour and experience.
  • Transform data into strategic marketing plans that are both smart and effective.
  • To improve your digital and traditional marketing decision-making skills.
  • How to develop innovative ways to market to customers and engage with them.


The University of Essex, MSc in Business Analytics

To stay competitive, enterprises must analyse complex business data – the motto every Masters in Business Analytics in Europe follow. Corporate analytics aids in predicting market trends and the enhancement of business procedures. It allows managers to make strategic decisions in product design, administration, marketing, retail, and supplier management to increase performance. Essex’s  MSc Business Analytics program will help you build analytical abilities so that you can solve complex business challenges and contribute to the answers to concerns presented by local and global forces.

You’ve been taught how to organise, integrate, and assess information to make informed predictions about all elements of business processes and take necessary action. The main topics covered in this program are:

  • statistics and forecasting
  • data mining, visual and analytical techniques
  • global supply networks
  • economic theory
  • business management

Essex provides a dispersive structure that includes a combination of core/required modules and elective modules selected from a list. The university’s research-led instruction is always developing to reflect the latest problems and advances in the field; resultantly, your core module structure may be subject to modification to ensure your program is as pertinent and up-to-date as appropriate. This degree is relevant for anybody who wants a strong foundation in data analysis for their career path, whether as a manager, enterprise owner, C-level executive, or in a data-specific function like data secretary, accounting analyst, marketing analyst, or other.


King’s College London, MSc/PGDip in Global Finance Analytics

MSc in Finance Analytics is aimed to provide you with intensively implemented expertise in quantitative and experimental methodologies in Finance, with an emphasis on big data analytics. This course is designed for people with significant quantitative credentials who want to gain the skills and knowledge required for a variety of professionally skilled technical jobs in finance. You’ll learn about splitting financial issues like data visualisation, big data, Financial technology, and robo-trading.

King’s MSc in Finance Analytics program integrates a highly academic program that covers the latest issues in data analytics with a unique practitioner’s perspective on how these breakthroughs are influencing the practical parts of finance. Key benefits of the program include-

  • Advanced finance themes – You’ll learn about cutting-edge finance topics to prepare for a variety of occupations in analytics, data, and finance, including big data analytics, robo-trading, Financial technology analytics, and corporate risk analytics.
  • You’ll also study critical fundamental financial ideas, such as commercial econometrics, market efficiency, corporate finance, and risk assessment, to gain a broader perspective on the finance business. 
  • Developed in collaboration with practitioners and given by specialists – This course was created in close partnership with experienced domain experts and will help students understand how financial firms use complex algorithms and technologies today.
  • Masterclasses – the ungraded modules and masterclasses will help you improve your knowledge of financial markets, software, and computing, as well as increase your chances of landing internships with financial organisations. 


ESCP Business School, MSc in Big Data & Business Analytics

Pursuing this full-time Masters’ program demonstrates a commitment to a specific professional goal and provides young graduates and professionals with a set of high-demand competencies sought by employers. The curriculum offers academic competence and representations of the most effective professional methods. ESCP’s goal is to develop specialists who will be able to advance quickly in a globalised economy. This degree prepares you to be a Business Analytics expert. Its main goal is to help people comprehend the importance of data in today’s corporate world.

The speciality offers an integrative program that teaches students to develop the technical, analytical, and communication skills to handle massive data sets and drives organisational transformation. As per a 2018 survey, the following observations were made about the course:

  • 86% are working within three months of graduation.
  • 88% have a job with a global component.
  • Annual salary: €52,000 on average.

Post completion, there are a no. of professional opportunities open. Since a lot of careers are getting modified, it is giving rise to better post-education jobs-

  • IT Risk Consultant
  • Finance & IT Analyst
  • Business Consultant
  • Data Scientist
  • Digital Transformation Consultant
  • IA Consultant
  • Senior Pricing Strategy Manager
  • Talent Acquisition Manager
  • AI Business Analyst
  • Pricing manager
  • Market Analyst


ESSEC Business School, Master in Data Sciences & Business Analytics

ESSEC Business School and Centrale-Supélec propose and coordinate the course’s curriculum. You will attend both campuses and profit from both programm. Learning by doing is the foundation of the Data Sciences & Business Analytics course structure. That is to say, the university wants you to do more than just hypothesise about your specialist topic of expertise; the idea is to make your experience and delve into the nuances of real-world business. As a result, all students will participate in an overseas field trip, an internship, and the completion of an academic dissertation.

Your Internship, which lasts 4 to 6 months and can occur anywhere globally, is meant to help students integrate into the workforce.

You may quickly discover an internship that meets your professional goals thanks to ESSEC‘s and CentraleSupélec’s developed network of cooperating enterprises, universities, and alumni. Individual study on a cutting-edge issue associated with data sciences and/or business analytics constitutes the Academic Dissertation. It will be a fantastic approach for you to integrate your existing knowledge with a curious mentality and data from the actual world. For you, the goal is to have your first full and uniquely implemented theoretical research experience. Finally, the Global Field Trip is a 1-week journey throughout the world to meet local experts and business leaders.


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