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Tata Motors, Makemytrip to Kellogg MBA – Meet Tushar, The Marketing Genius!

  Tushar Jha, 31, from New Delhi, India, is a Tech enthusiast, with fair experience in Business, and Product Management. His tactics, work, career strategies have always reflected the keen 

What is management consulting?

Management consulting is one of the fastest-growing industries in the world, and it’s no wonder why. This industry has seen consistent growth over the past few years and shows no 

MBA Full Form

MBA is an abbreviation for Master of Business Administration. It is a globally renowned post-graduate degree course that provides students with the skills needed to pursue a future in business-related 

MBA During Recession – Pros and Cons

Whether or not to get an MBA during a recession is one that every prospective student should ask themselves. A recession is usually a short-term phenomenon. You should plan your 

Best Books for Students to Help Them Grow

You’re a student, and you have to read. And if you’re like me, then you hate reading. It’s part of the deal. But books don’t have to be boring! Books 

IESE Young Talent Program

IESE’s Young Talent Program (YTP) is an extraordinary opportunity for people with remarkable talent and a drive to succeed. It provides young professionals with a one-of-a-kind learning experience. You will 

How to create a great MiM resume

A resume is an important part of the Masters in Management application process, and for many candidates can be a real source of stress. The reason for this is that 

The MBA for family business professionals

Have you ever had an argument with your siblings or cousins about who has contributed more to the family business? Do you even have brothers and sisters in your business, 


The Chicago Booth School of Business is a global business school. There Executive MBA Program links you with experienced executives from across the world, with campuses in Chicago, London, and Hong Kong. You’ll spend time on all three campuses as an Executive MBA student, honing your general management abilities and expanding your worldwide network.

Strategy Consulting: Why Do All Top MBAs Want This Job?

Why do all MBAs want to be in Strategy Consulting? Strategy consulting and planning is the life-line of any organisation and pervades through the mission, objectives , goals and functioning 

Is CFA Degree Valued During MBA Admissions ?

Few professional credential programs today have the prestige or the recognition that the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) designation from CFA Institute, Virginia, does. Just about 15 years ago, the CFA was 

Rotman MBA Essays 2017

Rotman MBA Essays 2017 For the 2016-17 MBA admissions cycle, the Rotman School of Management at the University of Toronto (Canada’s highest ranked program per the Financial Times full-time MBA 

MS vs MBA – Which is Better and Why?

MS vs MBA – Which is Better and Why? MS vs MBA – this is a perennial question which troubles many an applicant as he/she stands at the cusp of 

MiM Now or MBA Later – Which One is Better?

It is one of the most critical conundrums a master’s applicant in business can face – should one pursue an MiM now or MBA later? The person looking at this 

IESE Assessment Day

The IESE business school assessment day is an important part of the IESE MBA Admissions process. Surprising, then, to note that it is not even mandatory for most applicants! The 

Made it to ISB with 670 GMAT: How You Can Too

SV received a call for ISB interview preparation in January, but she knew that she would need to do more than simply prepare for the interview. She looked at the interview not simply as a part of the application process, but as a unique opportunity to show the admissions committee

Indian Entrepreneur Makes it to Stanford GSB, Rejects MIT

What is the first picture that comes to mind when you hear the word ‘sapling’? Perhaps that of a small plant, being nurtured to growth. The growth part is spot 

From Software Testing to Kellogg MBA: A Success Story

This is the second article of a two-part series. The first article is here. She is very very passionate about the performing arts, and has trained to be a classical Indian dancer 

Why did an Amazon Professional Choose Kellogg?

Persistence, passion, and purpose. These are generally said to be the 3 P’s of success. And yet, few people follow them, in spite of many knowing that they matter. Tania 

Why did this Indian Reject a Ross MBA Admit?

In the previous part of this post, we discussed an applicant, Rahul Kumar, who had been applying to the Ross MBA program, but was constrained with the limited experience (2 

Admitted to Ross With Just 2 Years of Experience!

The Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan is a dream school for many an MBA applicant. Those who seek careers in Operations and in Consulting are especially 

GMAT or GRE for MBA Admissions? The Debate Gets More Interesting

Should you take the GMAT or the GRE for MBA applications? This is a question that applicants often ask themselves, and others. While it has been a matter of debate 

Career Counselling | India Delhi Mumbai Bangalore Kolkata Chennai

Why does one need Career Counselling, whether in Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Kolkata, or even a city outside India? With work dynamics, the work environment, competition, and career growth all becoming 

IIMA PGPX Deadlines 2016 ( 2017 Intake; Class of 2018)

IIMA PGPX deadlines 2016 have been announced. This year, IIM Ahmedabad has announced the deadlines for its PGPX program early. There is also some change in terms of the dates 

Most promising GMAT and MBA Admissions blogs

GyanOne values quality. Especially when it is tempered with personal experience. This is why we believe that some of the best MBA Admissions blogs are those which feature the personal 

MBA Admissions Resume – Make a Great One

Why do you even need an MBA admissions resume / CV? After all, don’t your essays, recommendations, and goals suffice? No, since the MBA admissions resume / CV, while only 

5 ISB MBA Admission Mistakes – BEWARE!

Every year, thousands of students apply to ISB. Many of them have strong GMAT scores, good academic profiles and work experience, and a high likelihood of success at the ISB 

The MBA Optional Essay – How to Approach and Tackle it

The MBA Optional Essay is a bit of an enigma to most MBA applicants when they first see it. For most people preparing their MBA applications, the other essays adequately cover 

MIT Sloan Fellows Programs – For Leaders Among Leaders

MIT Sloan Fellows Program | Stanford MSx | LBS Masters in Strategy and Leadership The MIT Sloan Fellows program is quite unlike any other masters program for business professionals out 

MBA for Chartered Accountants

The MBA for Chartered Accountants – How useful is it? Are you a Chartered Accountant (CA) or Certified Public Accountant (CPA) considering a top MBA program (through the GMAT route) 

MBA Recommendations, Failure Essays, and Other FAQs

In a similar previous post on FAQs for MBA applicants, we covered topics such as deciding when to apply, Round 1 vs Round 2, and how you should fashion your 

How to Prepare MBA Application

A strategy on how to prepare MBA applications is very important for any applicant planning to apply to MBA programs in top schools around the world. While planning for some of the 

IIMC MBAEx Placements : Key Trends

IIM Calcutta or IIMC MBAEx placements are a key area of interest for many potential (and even current) students interested in looking at prospects after the program. The program itself 

MBA Application Mistakes – 5 of the Worst Things to Avoid

Some of the worst mistakes are unintentional ones. More so when one speaks of MBA Application mistakes. For sure, everyone wants to seem the best that they can on each 

MBA for Business Research / KPO Professionals

research methodology in business managementresearch methodology in business managementBusiness professionals working at research organizations such as McKinsey Knowledge Center (McKC), Bain Capability Center (BCC), Boston Consulting Group Research (BCG Research), 

MBA Scholarships at International MBA Programs

Almost every student (certainly most international students) applying for an international MBA program hopes to get MBA Scholarships in one form or the other. Yet, the criteria and the overall 

Best MBA in Singapore: Which MBA Programs to Choose

Which is the Best MBA in Singapore? Is it the prestigious INSEAD, the much-vaulted NUS, its perceived lesser cousin Nanyang (or NTU, as some refer to it), or the fast 

Indian Student on Life at Emory Goizueta Business School

We have spoken about Siddharth Kashiramka earlier. In fact, he has spoken about GyanOne. Siddharth is a thorough professional, a technology enthusiast, and passionate about the potential of analytics to 

MBA for Merchant Navy Professionals

The Merchant Navy can be a great profession to be in. Not only does one travel to different parts of the world, visiting cities that would not be humanly possible 

MBA Essay Tips: Avoid Indianisms!

This article is meant primarily for Indian MBA candidates, though other MBA candidates too may find something useful here. As part of our MBA essay tips series, today we talk 

MBA Essay Samples : Beware of Using Them!

Creating strong and compelling MBA essays that interest as well as impact MBA Admissions Committees is never an easy job. With multiple schools to apply to, and different essays for 

MBA after Teach For India

Every year, we have the opportunity to speak to a few bright and enterprising young men and women who have spent two important years of their life volunteering for Teach 

MBA for Doctors and Healthcare Professionals

The MBA in Healthcare – more popular than ever The MBA for Doctors is fast becoming a popular option for healthcare professionals who do not wish to stay with clinical 

Indian MBA Applicants: Advice for MBA Admissions

The art of the Indian MBA application Thousands of Indians apply through the GMAT route to top MBA programs in the US, Europe, and Asia every year. While many make 

MBA v/s Masters in Management: Which One Should you Choose?

An MBA or a Masters in Management? This is a question that almost every college senior comes across at some point of the application process when deciding on the future. 

MIT LGO Essays and Admissions

The MIT LGO (Leaders for Global Operations) program is the world’s best program for professionals who aspire for leadership in the operations arena, combining technical acumen with management education. Students 

How to Improve Profile for MBA Admissions

How to Improve Profile for MBA Applying for MBA admissions soon? Deadlines that are still six months (or even more than an year) away may lull you into a fall 

Chinese MBA Applicants: Advice for the Applications Process

The landscape is different for Chinese MBA applicants Chinese MBA applicants (and Indians!) constitute the largest category of applicants to top MBA programs in Europe and the US. In 2011, 

Second MBA in USA: Schools that will Accept, and Those that Won’t

Second MBA in USA There are many legitimate reasons why one would want to consider a second MBA in USA. Career progression, the need to learn advanced management skills in 

One Year MBA Programs in Asia: India Dominates

One year MBA in Asia One year MBA programs in Asia have had a strange history. At the turn of the century, such programs were virtually non-existent. Then the Indian 

One Year MBA Programs in Europe: Beyond IMD, LBS, and INSEAD

One year MBA in Europe One year MBA programs in Europe, unlike similar programs in other regions of the world, are not a new phenomenon. Europe has been the pioneer 

Best One Year MBA Programs in USA

One year MBA programs in USA are growing in appeal Sometimes, two years can be one year too many. One year MBA programs have their own advantages besides just the 

Indian IT Male MBA Applicants: Part 4 – MBA Application Essays

Indian IT Male MBA applicants: MBA application essays In the previous post of this series, we discussed preliminary MBA application strategies for Indian IT Male MBA applicants. In this post, 

Indian IT Male MBA Applicants: Preparing to Apply

Indian IT Male MBA applicants: Preparing to Apply In part 1 of our series on Indian IT Male MBA candidates, we looked at the factors that one must consider when 

Babson MBA and Carnegie Mellon MS Admit

Gained admission to Babson but not taking it! The Babson MBA ranks #1 (and has maintained that ranking) for entrepreneurship MBA programs in the U.S., and has done so for 

Indian IT Male Admitted to HKUST MBA

 The HKUST MBA in Hong Kong, China The HKUST MBA from an Indian IT Male background? Far too many candidates feel that the category that they belong to prevents them 

Indian IT Male MBA Applicants: Choosing the Right MBA Programs

Indian IT Male MBA applicants: Choosing the Right MBA Carrying on from the first part, in the second part of this series on the MBA application journey of an Indian 

XLRI GMP Admission – Chemical Engineer Makes it to his Dream School

 XLRI GMP Admission process Srinivasan had heard a lot about the General Management Program (GMP) at the prestigious XLRI, one of India’s top B schools. Srinivasan is a distinguished professional. 

McGill MBA Admissions – IT Professional gets into a top MBA Program

 McGill MBA Admissions Up until 2011, Debajyoti Tripathi was an experienced technology professional, having worked to implement complex IT systems at JPMorgan Chase and provide technology consulting at Fidessa. Correction, 

Indian IT Male MBA Applicants: Part 1 – Thinking About an MBA

Indian IT Male MBA applicants: Thinking about an MBA Indian IT Male!! The term itself has become more of a categorization rather than a description. The IT sector is one 

Queen’s MBA Admit with a low GMAT Score

Top MBA in Canada: Queen’s MBA success story Remember the Shawshank Redemption? Or at least, remember its poster? It said “Fear can hold you prisoner. Hope can set you free.” 

The Harvard 2+2 and the ISB YLP: Not the Only Early Admit MBAs

The HBS 2+2 is one of the few early admit MBAs around the world. Think of top MBA programs which allow applicants to be part of the admissions process right after college, and one thinks primarily of two programs – the Harvard 2+2 and the ISB YLP. Contrary to popular perception, there are other such programs as well. GyanOne presents a brief list of other such programs.

The MBA in Luxury Brand Management

The MBA in Luxury Brand Management Look good, do well – top brands are attracting top MBAs to help them take their value proposition to market The MBA in Luxury 

Top Indian B-Schools Accepting GMAT Scores

Top Indian B-schools accepting GMAT scores The Mohali campus of the Indian School of Business, one of India’s top B-schools MBA schools accepting GMAT scores in India – the scenario 10 

Masters in Management / MSc in Management Courses – top Schools

Masters in Management programs are excellent alternatives to an MBA for people who wish to gain management education right after their bachelor’s. These programs are designed for applicants with little 

The Ivey MBA – One of Canada’s Best MBA Programs

Ivey: a top MBA program in Canada The MBA program at Ivey is Canada’s oldest MBA program. The Ivey MBA has been offered since 1948, though the school took on 

MBA Admissions Consultants: It’s not Just About the Essays

MBA Admissions Consultants So you have taken the GMAT. Assessed your profile (or had it assessed). Narrowed down to a list of schools that you want to target. And are 

Why an MBA? The True Value of an MBA Education

Why an MBA? Not very long ago, an MBA used to be considered a quintessential part of one’s education (especially in India and even the larger South Asian region). A 

The ISB MBA: an Excellent Option for Reasons Beyond Academics

The ISB MBA The ISB MBA is one of the most popular MBA programs among applicants in the Indian and larger Asian region. While a lot has already been said 

Top MBA Interview Tips

5 MBA interview tips Top MBA Interview Preparation tips MBA interviews for admissions are always important affairs – the candidate knows that a strong performance at this juncture will mean 

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