MBA Interview Preparation – IntOne™


Experience MBA mock interviews that are as close as it gets to the real thing

GyanOne’s IntOne™ MBA Interview Preparation:

  • Two comprehensive mock MBA mock interviews with detailed feedback for each interview
  • Each interview is specific to you and the school you are applying to – we ensure that we prepare you for the real thing, not just for answering the standard interview questions
  • Clear outlining of areas of improvements for each round of mock interview
  • Option to choose between telephonic / face to face interviews (no price difference!)
  • Complimentary copy of our B-school interview guide, containing guidelines to smartly answer the most commonly asked questions in interviews
  • Our exclusive feedback on your performance, with a customized review of your performance, and tips on what you need to be careful about in the MBA interviews!
  • Mock interviews are conducted ONLY by premium b-school graduates

Now that you have submitted your application and are soon expecting (or have already received) the much-vaunted interview call, what do you do next? How do you ensure that you convert this interview opportunity into an admission?

Some questions that our interview service prepares you to handle:

  • Questions related to your choice of school and career
  • Questions related to your professional history and how it differentiates you
  • Questions related to your future goals post your MBA
  • Some other questions unique to you and your profile which are highly likely to be asked

Our proprietary interview support methodology, IntOne™, helps you to prepare yourself for the interview in a disciplined and professional manner. After you train with us, you are bound to crack the interview on interview day!

The IntOne™ process is unique in the following aspects:

  • Close simulation: Our extensive experience with b-school interviews ensures that the mock interviews we conduct for you closely simulate the actual interview environment and nature. You are guaranteed to come across most of the questions we make you practice with. You can also choose to have the mock interviews closely spaced or at a greater gap with each other.
  • Time bound: We commit to being ready to conduct each interview at most 48 hours after the previous one. Guaranteed. In these 48 hours we also commit to sending you the feedback (on email) for the previous interview.
  • Comprehensive: Not only do you get an interview guide explaining how to tackle commonly asked questions, but you also get  customized feedback clearly highlighting your strong and weak areas and outlining what you need to do be your best on interview day!
  • Detailed: You get feedback not just on your answers, but also on your style and body-language.
Follow up for you
1You register for the IntOne™ service and send us your resume and your submitted B-school application. We schedule your first interview according to your wishes (face to face/telephonic)24 hoursPrepare for the first mock interview like you would for the real interview
2First mock interview of 45 minutes (30 min interview + 15 min immediate feedback) followed by our detailed feedback on your performance and improvements to be made. We also email you our B-school interview guide to help prepare your better48 hoursIncorporate feedback from the first interview and prepare for the second interview
3Second mock interview of 45 minutes again followed by our detailed feedback. We also review your responses on your strengths and weaknesses and the things you should be careful about.48 hoursInterview comprehensive feedback and go through the custom feedback. You are now ready for the actual interview.


Q. XYZ school is known for having interviews which are very friendly and conversational. I am sure I can talk my way through a general discussion of my profile. Do I still need to prepare for the interview? 

This is a misnomer again – even if your interview does end up being friendly and conversational (and there is no guarantee – there can never be one), you may still not differentiate yourself enough to do well in it. Just because the interview is conversational does not mean you are not being judged every minute. Stop trying to second-guess the interview panel and focus on doing your best – in preparation and in performance on the interview day.

Q. The fact that I have been called for an interview means that I am almost through. My profile is really strong and even if my interview is nothing great, I should still get admission. Is this right?

This is a common myth among most applicants. The interview is not a hygiene factor or just the final obstacle to be negotiated. Interview performance is generally quantified or at least graded and is then added to the sum total of the marks your profile has garnered over other evaluations (academics, GMAT, essays, recommendations). The final decision (admitted or not) is dependent on the sum of these factors. Take the interview as seriously as you would the rest of the application process.

Q. Should I try and lead the interviewers or should I let the interviewers lead me? 

In general, always let the interviewers lead – your job is to answer the questions they ask you to the best of their satisfaction. However, if you have a strong peripheral point to make (for example, if you are asked about your interest in chess but you also add that you play bridge and have an interest in strategy games in general) then do go ahead. Just don’t insist on taking the interview in a particular direction, disregarding the line the interviewers take.

Q. Are stress interviews common? What if I find myself in one?

The short answer is no. Increasingly, B-school interview committees realize that they can know you best through a friendly conversation rather than a heated debate. As a result, you are less likely to face a stress interview than at times in the past. That said, it cannot be ruled out that one or more members of the interview panel may decide to test your convictions by subjecting you to some interview pressure. The strategy of facing a stress interview is a simple one – focus on facts and not the person asking the questions, accept any mistakes humbly and move on, and politely but firmly stick to your convictions when under fire!

Q. I am sure most applicants provide the same answers, learned by rote, for common interview questions. Doesn’t preparing for an interview mean that I am more likely to be like them rather than be different?

B-school interviews may contain some common questions but B-school admission committees can easily differentiate between answers that convey some original thought and ones that don’t. It is therefore not possible to crack a B-school interview by rote. The interview, in essence, is all about you – and there can be no standard answers for that. Through discussing your application, your background, and your future goals, B-school committees try to assess your suitability for being a success in what you profess as your aim (namely an MBA from the said school).