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As the global competitive environment gets tougher, and as economies around the world show no sign of returning to pre-2008 boom levels in a hurry, achieving strong leverage and recognition with recruiters has become imperative for every professional. However, few are truly prepared to meet the admissions process head-on. From resume review to personal interviews, most job seekers approach the job application process reactively rather than proactively. Resume creation and review, which is the most critical part of presenting one’s profile before a prospective employer, is often an exercise done in haste and capped off with the shaky assurance of a peer review. Similarly, while job seekers often understand the companies and roles that they apply to, they fail to prepare adequately to impact-fully present their case in front of employers on personal interviews. Each one of these situations leads to wasted potential, and applicant and employer frustration.

To help candidates prepare impactful resumes that clearly capture their potential, and address employer needs closely, GyanOne offers a premium resume review and resume creation service delivered exclusively by top industry experts with years of business experience behind them.

Our Resume Creation and Review Service Includes:


Personalized (1-on-1) discussions with job seekers on their key achievements, responsibilities, and career objectives, to help them understand the requirements from a top professional resume pertaining to the role and industry that they are applying to. For example, consulting firms look for very different skill sets than business research firms, although both belong to the knowledge industry. Similarly, FMCG firms look for completely different skills in would-be marketers than do e-commerce firms hiring for marketing roles. We help students to make sure that their resumes are highly targeted to the industry and role that they wish to pursue.


Extensive rounds of reviews to help job seekers standardize their resumes (in terms of presentation format and listing of key roles and responsibilities), make them more impactful, and remove all grammatical and factual errors. Help to ensure that job seekers select only the most impactful points from across their professional and academic profiles, and that they use the right terms and action verbs to express them. Help is also provided to ensure that the final versions adhere closely to the one-page requirement of all recruiting firms.

Besides resume help, we also offer other services for recruitment preparation, including  mock personal interview preparation, technical interview preparation, and consulting case interview preparation. These services can be provided in a bundle (at a overall discounted price) or individually.

Also visit the premium case study preparation service.

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