Oil and Gas / 9 years 3 months

Interview Duration 30 minutes
Interviewers’ Profile 1 panelist


2) Why Sauder?

3) Why Canada?
4) Short Term and Long Term goals.
5) A role you think you’d want in a company immediately out of B-School.
6) What was your motivation to decide to do MBA in the first place? (Basically, Why MBA and Why Now).
7) What do you expect to take away?
8) What do you bring to the table?
9) Instances questions. (An instance of leadership, learning, weakness).

The interview was a very good discussion with a lot of back and forth. The one thing that was emphasised on was the school fit.

The interviewer probed if I had done enough research about the Sauder program (What are 3 things specifically about Sauder that inspire you?).

When asked if I have any questions, I asked them about Scholarships and mentioned we never discussed my extra-curricular activities and spoke about hobbies so I could give a holistic picture of myself.

They looked primarily for clarity and uniformity to see how collected I am with my whole story.