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Career counselling helps you understand the possible career paths available to you in the coming 5 years, and steps on how to achieve them. So if you are looking for a job change, or a steep career graph, or a more decision making role to make an impact at work, read on.

Who does not want to live a celebrity’s life with “a Satisfying job”. A job where you are valued for your suggestions, a job which has CHALLENGES, signing multi million deals, traveling the world, big teams to manage and a trip to Los Angeles every year!

These careers are achievable. Not that all of us here want all of the above, but would certainly want to achieve what we deserve and be happy at what we are doing.

You need to first understand where you stand with respect to other top people in your profession. The 35-year old CEO or the 30-year old Director is today not an anomaly. They are not better than you, but they certainly planned their career better. Their ‘secret sauce’ lies in knowing what strategies to pursue to get growth out-of-turn.

How can professional Career Counseling help?

Get a clear path to the skills you need, the goals you can target, and how to get there. Career counseling is a highly structured service, designed by experts with more than 15 years of experience, to help you get a crystal clear view of career opportunities that you can tap onto.

So if you are a software engineer, doctor, CA, research analyst, budding investment banker, trader or from any unconventional background, we have a detailed and comprehensive career graph crafted specially for you.

With every passing moment, professionals in most careers need to upskill themselves to strike off competition. We take a holistic view of your career – everything from roles and responsibilities, to aspirations and the skills needed for them. Career Guidance and Counselling helps you identify not just what should be done, but what you should start doing tomorrow itself. Let’s begin.

How does Career Counseling Work?

Lets research YOU.

In this research-driven exercise, it is imperitive to know you, and know you VERY WELL. You fill up a  comprehensive form that will capture the finest details of your profile and your life journey. Some of these questions will force you to really think. Once we evaluate each point written by you, we develop an Xray Report.

Often, many applicants come back and tell us how much the form itself helped them know their own selves better, and think about topics that are really important to their career.

Now, we are ready to delve deep down into our research.

As part of career counseling, you come to know what parts of your professional profile still need development. Expect to hear what opportunities you have missed, and which ones lie before you. You will understand what areas you can use as a platform to grow further, and what habits or lack of skills pulls you down the most.

You will also understand if you are lacking exposure or are at risk of a career slowdown over the next 1-5 year horizon. Expect to get both a short-term and a long-term view on your career.


To grow as a professional, you need to differentiate yourself from your peers. Have you ever worried about whether not knowing enough about AI or Machine Learning or even simple business concepts is hurting you? Career Counseling tells you the skills you need to grow superfast, and how you can get them (a clear recommendation of the right programs or certifications).

Expect to be challenged, but know that at the end, you will identify a clear set of skills and action steps that will put you way ahead of the competition in your company and industry.

The best advice translates into the best results.

We now go strategic. We discuss the possible career avenues before you, and help you create a path to target them. If you are looking to switch your career, we give you a clear idea of the possibilities. All based on research across hundreds of clients and top industry performers.

Career counselling leaves you with a clear set of next steps to be taken to achieve those goals, and define milestones in your journey so you know that you are proceeding on the right path.

What do folks say about our Career Counseling service?

Check out some of the actual quotes

  • The points shared were relevant and very applicable to my career. I am glad I took the career counselling service because it would have taken me years to understand these concepts without professional advice.

  • I liked the fact that the consultant was very professional and knowledgable about my industry and careers in it. From the first time we spoke, I knew I was in the hands of an expert. The advice shared was excellent.

  • If we had sessions of this kind in our company, we could have a much happier set of employees who could contribute more to the company and would also be able to build better careers for themselves.

  • ….loved the part where we discussed how a job is different from a career, and did an analysis of the skills I needed. It was such an eye-opener. For years I had felt that something was missing, but to have someone identify it, and then point me towards the exact steps to fix it was invaluable. The money spent was a tiny fraction of the value I got.

  • I have spoken to over 6 different companies in this industry but I know that the value GyanOne delivers on its services far exceeds all the others I have spoken to. Your career counseling service helped me so much, that I realized I could never achieve my goals in a corporate setup. Today, I am running my own venture, and have hired my GyanOne consultant as a career coach to help me navigate through that. To anyone reading this, I would say go for it with your eyes closed. It is the best money you will ever spend.

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