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Do you know there is an increase of 15-20% in ISB applications consistently for the last two years. If you look at the actual number, it is huge!

And you think you has to just create the essays and submit a good application? Not anymore dude. We need excellent! Excellent applications to compete with the ones not just with 700+ GMAT scores, but also with the ones working for big brands, from IITs, with solid extra-curriculars, strong GPAs and more.

GyanOne has a close to 100% success rate over the last 5 years. That really is SERIOUS BUSINESS. Not only do we select the profiles that we work on with deep analysis, but also provide you with the real picture of your candidature.


ISB Success stories

My Story

Abhishek Joshi

Abhishek Joshi’s GMAT score was 690. After graduating from Delhi College of Engineering, he went to work at EXL as a business analyst.

Abhishek-JoshiHe was in charge of operations and risk management for some of the best institutions in the United States. His technical competence, capacity to operate in a team, and capacity to meet deadlines ensured his steady advancement within the organisation. He concluded that the only option to secure a higher career progression was to broaden his knowledge set. His persistence, tenacity, and support from GyanOne got him through the ISB admissions process.

My Story

Abhishank Shrivastava

Abhishank’s profile is unique in that it places a strong emphasis on improving India’s educational situation. He was able to explore the area of Business Analytics because to his Engineering degree from IIT Varanasi.

Abhishank Shrivastava

After interning and gaining the necessary expertise, he decided to put his skills to good use by working with Teach for India, a charity organisation. ISB would give him with the best business school experience in his selected region, as well as the networking that he would need to excel in this profession. Knowing how important it was to get through the admissions process, he worked with the GyanOne experts at all hours of the day and night. In the end, it was his will to succeed that helped him do it.


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The ISB Essays Editing service that we provide goes well beyond just creating a great application for ISB. Our service helps you to understand the school from multiple perspectives, determine how the school will help you achieve your career goals, learn from the success strategies of past applicants, and maximize your chances of success for an ISB acceptance!


We don’t just provide ISB essays editing – we give you an immersive, intense, and in-depth service that helps you to improve every aspect of your application till it is nothing short of outstanding! From detailed brainstorming on goals and fit with ISB, recommendation strategy, to helping you differentiate yourself in even very competitive pools (like that of IT applicants), we do it all successfully, each time.

Driven by experienced experts

Our service is delivered only by top ISB alumni themselves. Our ISB consultants are also not just ISB alumni, but people who have experience of also being part of the ISB essays evaluation process. We bring in thousands of hours of training, counselling, and coaching ISB applicants across hundreds of applications. We don’t just guide you on to the path that worked for us. We guide you on to the path that will work for YOU.

Committed and dedicated

At GyanOne, you are never just our client. Your are our partner, and we are as (and possibly even more) committed to your succcess as you are. We don’t provide consulting by the hour. We don’t provide a ‘final look’ service that coaches you at the end of the race rather than the beginning. An application is about knowing you and appreciating you, and helping the admissions committee to do the same.

Our proprietary application support methodologies, AppOne™, help you manage the ISB admissions process in the best possible way.

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  • Cracked ISB with GMAT 660
  • GyanOne numerous Success Stories for ISB Round 2
  • A thorough Finance professional makes it to ISB with just a 670 on her GMAT
  • A Chartered Accountant who had listed ISB as his dream school but was concerned that he may have ‘too much work experience’. He was accepted to ISB, and turned down offers from other top B-schools to attend ISB. Read his story here.
  • A non-profit professional with less than two years of experience and a sub-700 GMAT, who felt that she must ‘wait for at least a couple of years’ before applying to ISB. Now a successful and confident student at ISB, who can invest two years of her career to gaining faster career progress post ISB rather than pre ISB. Read her Story here.
  • Indian IT Female with a shade more than two years of experience who also felt that she needed to wait before applying (“I think I need to wait for at least one year more before ISB will seriously consider me.”). Not only did ISB seriously consider her without that additional year of experience, but it also accepted her into the Class of ISB
  • Indian IT Male applicant with a 690 on the GMAT who felt he was ‘lost in the sea of Indian IT Male applicants’. By the time he submitted his application, his words to us were – “Thanks for all your help in making me realize my own true strengths. I don’t think I could have submitted a better application to ISB even if I had worked on it for ten years at a stretch.” He made it to ISB in his first attempt
  • An IT applicant working abroad with 8+ years of experience who felt that he had too much experience in an area which was anyway considered ‘unsuitable’ for an MBA application – IT. We helped him to showcase his experience, skills, and potential, and gain acceptance from ISB and three other top Asian MBA programs in his first shot!
  • A real estate professional who had applied to ISB and had been rejected. He felt his interview skills were weak, and that his profile was just not good enough for ISB. A few weeks later after engaging with us, ISB found that his interview skills as well as his profile were just fine.

This list is just illustrative and not exhaustive! We have helped more than 500 successful ISB applicants from across industries, with varying levels of work experience and a range of GMAT scores to gain acceptance at ISB. We help you to truly reach your potential and exceed it!


ISB essays – Q1: Describe with examples the most important personal quality that you possess that significantly enhances your prospects of being successful as a leader? (400 words max)

ISB essays – Q2: What are your short term and long-term career goals? How will Post Graduate Program at ISB assist you in achieving your goals. (400 words max)


Read detailed interview debriefs of successful ISB admits from IT, Finance, Investment Banking, Research and Manufacturing backgrounds. Your Ultimate Guide to ISB Interview Preparation.

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