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Preparing for your LBS MiM interview? Training for your HEC MiM interview? Or making sure that you excel at your ESSEC MiM interview? GyanOne offers outstanding interview preparation specifically geared towards the unique needs of Master in Management applicants. Over the years, our expertise and experience across the Masters in Management admissions process to top MiM programs like LBS, HEC, ESSEC, IE, ESADE, ESCP, EM Lyon, CEMS, St Gallen, SAI, and Rotterdam, have enabled us to get dozens of MiM applicants successfully to their dream programs. Our success is not limited to Master in Management programs either. We have helped college seniors make it to extremely selective programs like the Yale Silver Scholars program as well.

How is MiM interview preparation different?

MiM interviews are quite different from their MBA counterparts. The techniques and skills that one needs to excel at the latter are not necessarily the same as those needed to excel in the former, though there are some common elements too. For example, MiM applicants typically do not bring in any work experience when they begin their MiM studies, while MBA applicants usually bring in years of it. Similarly, MiM applicants have little experience on which to base their career goals, and so these must be supported by a deep understanding of their profiles, the possibilities, and the schools that they apply to.

MiM interviews, therefore, need to be prepared for with the unique needs and profiles of MiM applicants firmly in mind. This is why GyanOne offers this service.

MiM interview questions and preparation

MiM Interview Preparation

Each profile is different, and each applicant unique. Success at MiM interviews cannot be obtained without a comprehensive approach that allows the applicant to be self-aware, school-aware, and career-aware.


However, just knowing this is not enough. Application is critical. It is through feedback and practice that applicants can best understand how to bring out the unique potential in their own profiles, rather than try to answer in a templatized tone. The objective is to be oneself, but at one’s best.

This not only helps MiM applicants prepare for common MiM interview questions, but also helps them understand how they should answer well, what weaknesses they should overcome in their interview style, and how they should prepare for unexpected questions. Using our acclaimed IntOne process, we do not just provide mock MiM interviews. We also provide feedback, training, and coaching, that can help applicants bring out the best in their profiles. There are no scripts and no templates. Just excellent advice and feedback that can help applicants realize and achieve their own potential on MiM interviews.

Why can’t MiM applicants prepare on their own?

Many can, and do. This service is meant for those who would like to ensure excellent performance on interview day. MiM programs are selective, and there is a lot of hard work involved in getting an interview call in the first place. Through this service, we try to ensure that applicants do not fail at the last stage.

Some applicants also erroneously believe that having a list of a few common MiM interview questions will be enough. We would again like to emphasize that first, predicting an interview based on ‘commonly asked questions’ is extremely difficult. MiM admissions interviewers are highly skilled professionals, and they can very well distinguish templatized responses to common questions. The point is to build the skills to answer each question well, not hope that the questions asked will be the ones you have prepared for, on occasion insufficiently. This is not a written exam, where there is a ‘right’ answer. Developing the skills to put across the right points from one’s own profile is the most important thing.

Preparing for top MiM interviews? GyanOne has deep experience and expertise in helping applicants interview successfully at top MiM programs (LBS, HEC, Duke, ESSEC, ESCP, EM Lyon, and EBS, among others). Contact us today to know more and engage with us.

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