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The ISB PGPpro Program

Does the idea of securing an MBA without leaving your job interest you? If yes, then consider ISB’s PGPPro program. It has been designed for working professionals with not much time to spare. With centers in Delhi, Hyderabad, Mumbai, and Bangalore, you can pursue a world-class program that will help you network better as you scale the new heights in your career.

How will ISB PGPpro help you?

Apart from the usual reasons, here are the ones that make the ISB PGPPro program the best for you:

  1. The core and advanced courses that are a part of the PGPPro program prepare you for the dynamic and changing world. For instance, innovation is the backbone of enterprises today and leaders must learn how to anticipate and deal with disruptive technologies. Courses like Strategic Innovation Management and ‘Effective People Leadership Skills’ do exactly that for you.
  2. Are you looking forward to gaining from the experiences of your peers? Well, this can be the perfect place for you to do it. ISB’s PGPPro has always been known to host a diverse group of professionals. The diverse group comes from different industries such as large-scale industries, NGO’s, Start-ups or even family-owned businesses. This translates to better experiences in the program along with a greater networking opportunity.
  3. While almost all executive MBA programs are designed for working professionals, what makes this one special is the fact that you spend a maximum of 15 days away from work. The program has been designed to cause minimal disruption to your work schedule.
  4. ISB employs the best faculty and this program features a combination of both in-house and globally-recognized visiting faculty.

ISB PGPpro Success Story

Dr. Gaurav Arora holds a bachelor’s degree in dental surgery. He moved into medical writing, continued his journey into life sciences and the pharmaceutical industry. His experience in the field of safety medical writing gave him a major career break as he moved into a leadership position with TCS. His involvement in designing business plans and strategizing for the organization pushed him to think about PGPPro at ISB. IT was an investment which proved to be perfect as far as his career was concerned. Watch his story below.

Structure of the ISB PGPPro

The program uses a combination of methods to make the course interesting and informative. The course has

  • Online modules which consist of preparatory modules that will help students to refresh their knowledge. Further, some courses are taught online (both synchronous and asynchronous) preparing you for the classroom sessions.
  • Lectures and Classroom Sessions
  • Case Discussions and Debates
  • Business Simulations
  • An international immersion session
  • Industry Speakers


The tuition fee for the program is ₹ 26,86,000 and adding other costs such as admission fee, alumni fund contribution and so on, it works out to a total of ₹ 30,41,000. Limited scholarships of up to 10,00,000 can be availed by eligible students. Furthermore, students from Armed forces, NGO or PSU backgrounds can avail up to 50% of tuition costs as scholarships.

What do you need to apply to the ISB PGPpro?

OK, now that your interest has been piqued, what’s next?

First and foremost, this program is open for only those who have 5-12 years of work experience. Additionally, candidates must possess a bachelor’s or an equivalent degree such as CA or ICWA. The admission process for an academic year begins the previous year in the month of May. The admission information may be accessed here.

GMAT or GRE scores are not needed to apply to the ISB PGPpro.

You need to (if shortlisted) clear an interview.

ISB PGPpro essays analysis

Essays are an important part of the application. Acing the admissions requires that you tackle these more than just effectively! The ISB PGPpro essays focus on the key themes of leadership, contribution, and differentiation.  The essay topics reflect this theme and this is how it can be analyzed.

PGPpro essay 1One of the key intrinsic element at the Indian School of Business is “to develop principled, future leaders who improve lives around the world…” Please discuss how you will contribute towards this mission based on examples of your past work and activities? (400 words max)

GyanOne analysis: The essay topic seems to scream leadership all over, but they don’t quite mean something that necessarily creates a dent in the universe. They want to see how you will create results and impact, in your own way. You could show how you will use your abilities to contribute to your organization, your community, or even accomplish a future objective like starting a venture that will create value.

Don’t forget to relate this vision to how ISB will help you. Research into the school and its resources will be critical here. Try to go beyond generic factors like alumni strength, ranking, prestige, and peer group.

PGPpro essay 2: Why should the Admissions Committee offer you over other qualified candidates? (250 words max)

GyanOne Analysis: A clear differentiation question, that becomes all the more important when you consider the unique nature of the PGPpro. You see, a large chunk of the learning in the PGPpro will happen through insights and perspectives shared by your peers. Therefore, it is important to showcase how you will add value to this cohort. Focus on showing how your professional experience, personal values and traits, and industry learning can add value.

PGPPro essay 3: Additional Information: Kindly share information that you feel is relevant for the Admissions Committee to be aware. For example: current or past gaps in education or employment, professional achievements, awards or other information relevant to your application. (250 words max)

GyanOne Analysis: To many applicants, this may seem like an optional question, with not much importance. Careful! The ISB PGPpro essays are a holistic set, and this question has been added after due thought. You see, in the absence of a GMAT/GRE score or any other test score, the ISB PGPpro essays and your academic and professional performance acquire more importance. Were your college marks low? Explain why. Did you fail to win promotions at work, in spite of putting in many years in your current role? Tell them why. Have you won many awards, or have rich international experience to report? Definitely include it. Leave no question unanswered for the admissions committee.


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