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Its fine to be nervous. Apprehensions are normal too. After all, this is what you have been dreaming of. One step closer to getting into your dream bschool, feels awesome? Right? But what is this second step of MBA admissions all about? What more are they going to ask you apart from the extensive essays you have provided them? What are going to judge you on? A lot actually! Apart from your understanding of your profile, bschools now aim to understand your passion for the school itself, ability to think on your feet, your belief in yourself and knwoledge of the industry you have been working in. Let us help you work on these aspects. Let the experts help you crack this too!

Go into your MBA interview with a smile. Come out, with a bigger smile!

Two mock interviews, with detailed, customized feedback, to make sure you cover everything in the best way possible

Get school-specific advice and insight into aspects like culture and placements, so you can demonstrate your expertise and fit better

Our feedback covers your answers, body language, and delivery; we tell you how to improve each aspect, on a question-by-question level

We make sure that we cover questions specific to recent interviews for every particular school, not just a general set of questions

Option to choose between telephonic / face to face interviews (no price difference!)

Our interview guide (specific to each school) gets you prepared before the mocks, by running you through common questions and exercises

Each mock interview is conducted ONLY by a top MBA graduate with the experience of a minimum of 200 interviews. Gain from our experience!

Some Questions That Our Interview Service Prepares You to Handle

Why are you a GREAT candidate? Why should you be selected over so many others for a top program?

What makes you YOU? What are the best parts of your story, and how do they resonate with what the school wants?

Questions related to weaknesses / behavioral aspects / career gaps / academic gaps / low GMAT scores

Strategies to tackle difficult interviewers / unexpected questions / guesstimates / puzzles; tackling 1-on-1 interviews v/s panel-based interviews

How to make your answers outstanding, and insider secrets to appeal to what the school is looking for

Features - The IntOne™ Process


Close simulation: Imagine an actual MBA admissions interview that is simply a repeat of what you have known, practiced, and perfected. Our clients invariably tell us how well the mocks prepared them for the real thing. We spend hundreds of hours collecting information from current students, current applicants, and research, to make sure that your interview is customized to you, and the school you interview with.

Time bound: Planning for an interview that is 3 days away? Or one that is a fortnight from now? We can customize our service to ensure you get the maximum out of it, no matter how much time you have at hand. Compress or space out your preparation as needed. We have prepared clients for taking interviews in as little time as 48 hours.

Comprehensive: There is no point preparing if you don’t cover everything, and you don’t cover it well. Our interview guide and proprietary preparation methodology ensures that we touch upon every expected area from where questions can come. So you don’t have to face surprises on interview day.

Detailed: Expect not just to be told what works and what does not, but also how to fix what doesn’t! Nervous about some particular aspects of your profile? Tell us, and we will tell you how to tackle that too. In fact, so detailed is our preparation that clients often happily ‘complain’ that their real interview was a mini, simpler version of our mocks!

What Happens Once I Register for IntOne(TM)?

You’ve done all the hard work and received that much-awaited interview call. Now, use the time available to convert it to an admit! We’ll work with you to make sure you are prepped up for the big day. The following schedule is a sample of how things flow once you register. The timelines are representative and can be changed as needed.

StepDescriptionTimeline Follow up for you
1You register for the IntOne™ service and send us your resume and your submitted B-school application. We schedule your first interview according to your wishes (face to face/telephonic)Take about 1-2 days to do this. Can be changed as needed.Go through the guide thoroughly, and make sure you know your application inside out. List any questions that you are unsure of answers to. Prepare.
2First mock interview of 1 hour (30-40 min interview + 20 min immediate feedback) followed by our detailed feedback on your performance and improvements to be made. This timing is an average - sessions usually go for longer.Take about 2 days to incorporate feedback after this stage.Get feedback from the first mock. This is usually a lot; categorize it and absorb it. Ask clarifications, and focus on weakness areas identified by GyanOne.
3Second mock interview, again followed by our detailed feedback. We also review your responses on your strengths and weaknesses and the things you should be careful about.Take about 1-2 days after this stage, and be ready for the real interview.Absorb second mock feedback. Follow our advice to the core. Usually, at this stage, there are no more questions. If any, ask.


Q. Do I REALLY need to prepare professionally for an interview?

In most cases, yes. Top B-school interviews have a selection rate between 33% to around 50%. That might seem good, but remember, at that stage, you are already competing with highly accomplished peer applicants who too have already secured an interview invite. Decent performance won’t do here. You need to be outstanding. That is exactly what we help you to do – go from decent to good to outstanding, and convert a possibility of a top MBA seat to a certainty. Our interview success rate is in excess of 96% for exactly this reason.

Q. I already have a good idea of the kind of questions I am likely to get asked. Then, why prepare?

Knowing the curriculum does not equate to acing the exam. Having an idea of the kind of questions you will get is only part of the solution. If you are applying to a top program, the surprise is not in the questions, but in understanding how answers that are not outstanding can keep you from an admit. It is all about understanding the questions, but also knowing how to negotiate the answers best, customized to your application and what the school expects. It is also about preparing for unexpected questions, and having a solid, proven strategy in place.

Q. The fact that I have been called for an interview means that I am almost through. My profile is really strong and even if my interview is nothing great, I should still get admission. Is this right?

This is a common myth among most applicants. The interview is not a hygiene factor or just the final obstacle to be negotiated. Interview performance is generally quantified or at least graded and is then added to the sum total of the marks your profile has garnered over other evaluations (academics, GMAT, essays, recommendations). The final decision (admitted or not) is dependent on the sum of these factors. Take the interview as seriously as you would the rest of the application process.

Q. What about stress interviews? What about puzzles and guesstimates that I may get asked in the interview?

Increasingly, B-school interview committees realize that they can know you best through a friendly conversation rather than a heated debate. As a result, you are less likely to face a stress interview than at times in the past. That said, it cannot be ruled out that one or more members of the interview panel may decide to test your convictions by subjecting you to some interview pressure. We prepare you for that too. As far as puzzles or guesstimates go, they are meant to gauge your analytical skills, and we will prepare you for this aspect as well.

Q. I am sure most applicants provide the same answers, learned by rote, for common interview questions. Doesn’t preparing for an interview mean that I am more likely to be like them rather than be different?

B-school interviews may contain some common questions but B-school admission committees can easily differentiate between answers that convey some original thought and ones that don’t. It is therefore not possible to crack a B-school interview by rote. The interview, in essence, is all about you – and there can be no standard answers for that. Through discussing your application, your background, and your future goals, B-school committees try to assess your suitability for being a success in what you profess as your aim (namely an MBA from the said school). We don’t provide you any templatized answers, but help you prepare in a way that is customized to who you are, because, ultimately, that is how you should be presenting yourself.

GyanOne Top MBA Achievers


Thank you GyanOne! Cheers to you


Got in 🙂 Thanks for all the help.

Tanya Bhattacharya | KELLOGG

Also Got Admit from NUS

Pranav Mehrotra | INSEAD

Feeling Thrilled! Thanks a lot!

Sanskriti Mittal | LBS MiM

Also got a Scholarship! Thanks

Harsh Garg | KELLOGG

Admits from Yale and ISB too!


Thank You ! Would love to recommend you..

Sudhir Patamsetti | NYU STERN

Got the offer letter, Appreciate!

Tarun Mehrotra | INSEAD EMBA

Just got a call from INSEAD, finally made it to the Europe cohort starting November 2017. I should thank you for all the assistance provided.

Ramaswami Balaji | INSEAD

Admits from HKUST and ISB too!


Admit from MIT SCM too!

Ashok Pancily | YALE SS

Second Indian to get into prestigiuos..

Aniket Pathak | NYU STERN

Thanks a lot for all the help!

Rakesh Renganathan | IMD

Made it to IMD! Was lovely working…

Veerasekhar Rao | IIMA

Admit from IIM B too!

Chandan Badhan | HEC Paris

Made it to ISB and IIMA too!

Abhinand Madireddy | INSEAD

Thanks a ton! Made it to…

Divya Viveka | COLUMBIA

Big Kudos and Thanks to You!

Siddhant Gupta | INSEAD

Very Excited to share this news!

Hrishikesh Mahajan | UCLA ANDERSON

Kudos! Aiming for a scholarship…

Divya Mahankali | MCCOMBS

Got through ISB as well!

Avinash Deori | DUKE

Admit from IIMB with scholarship!

Nitin Jain | HKUST

Also got through Boston..

Tushar Khare | ROTMAN

Received 10% scholarship too!

Simardeep Kochar | MCCOMBS

Ohio Fisher and WP Carey with scholarship

Dhruva Bhardwaj | INDIANA KELLEY

Got a Scholarship as well!

Anubhav Arora | ISB and CEIBS w SCHOLARSHIP

Rishabh, truly appreciate the level of support you’ve extended on each application, i don’t think any other Consultant would have put in so much time and effort, given our timelines. You’re awesome!

Aditi Paliwal | KENAN FLAGLER

Also got Kelley with 50% scholarship!

Arpit Bhatnagar | NANYANG

Admit from CEIBS also!

Akshara Ajith | CEIBS

Very Excited! It was great…

Nikhil Jones | HEC PARIS

Many thanks indeed!

Rajeevaksha DV | TUCK

Tepper and McCombs also cracked!

Ishan Agnihotri | CORNELL

MCCOMBS with Scholarship of USD40k at both!

Prashant Jain | IVEY

USD20K Scholarship too!

Varun Pareek | HEC PARIS

Thank you for your guidance!

Sophie Shilimindri | IMD

All possible because of you!

Rohan Sangari | CORNELL

Waitlised for Scholarship!

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