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Its fine to be nervous. Apprehensions are normal too. After all, this is what you have been dreaming of. One step closer to getting into your dream bschool, feels awesome? Right? But what is an MBA Interview all about? From where one can do the MBA interview preparation? What more are they going to ask you apart from the extensive essays you have provided them? What are going to judge you on? A lot actually! Apart from your understanding of your profile, bschools now aim to understand your passion for the school itself, ability to think on your feet, your belief in yourself and knwoledge of the industry you have been working in.

Let us help you work on these aspects. Let the experts help you crack this too!

Interview Preparation

Some Questions That Our MBA Interview Service Prepares You to Handle

Why are you a GREAT candidate?

What makes you YOU? What are the best parts of your story, and how do they resonate with what the school wants?

How to make your answers outstanding, and insider secrets to appeal to what the school is looking for

Why should you be selected over so many others for a top program?

Questions related to weaknesses / behavioral aspects / career gaps / academic gaps / low GMAT scores

Strategies to tackle difficult interviewers / unexpected questions / guesstimates / puzzles; tackling 1-on-1 interviews v/s panel-based interviews

Features - The IntOne™ Process

Close simulation

Imagine an actual MBA admissions interview that is simply a repeat of what you have known, practiced, and perfected. Our clients invariably tell us how well the mocks prepared them for the real thing. We spend hundreds of hours collecting information from current students, current applicants, and research, to make sure that your interview is customized to you, and the school you interview with.

Time bound

Planning for an interview that is 3 days away? Or one that is a fortnight from now? We can customize our service to ensure you get the maximum out of it, no matter how much time you have at hand. Compress or space out your preparation as needed. We have prepared clients for taking interviews in as little time as 48 hours.


There is no point preparing if you don’t cover everything, and you don’t cover it well. Our interview guide and proprietary preparation methodology ensures that we touch upon every expected area from where questions can come. So you don’t have to face surprises on interview day.


Expect not just to be told what works and what does not, but also how to fix what doesn’t! Nervous about some particular aspects of your profile? Tell us, and we will tell you how to tackle that too. In fact, so detailed is our preparation that clients often happily ‘complain’ that their real interview was a mini, simpler version of our mocks!

What Happens Once I Register for IntOne™ ?

You’ve done all the hard work and received that much-awaited interview call. Now, use the time available to convert it to an admit! We’ll work with you to make sure you are prepped up for the big day. The following schedule is a sample of how things flow once you register. The timelines are representative and can be changed as needed.

Step Description Timeline Follow up for you
1 You register for the IntOne™ service and send us your resume and your submitted B-school application. We schedule your first interview according to your wishes (face to face/telephonic) Take about 1-2 days to do this. Can be changed as needed. Go through the guide thoroughly, and make sure you know your application inside out. List any questions that you are unsure of answers to. Prepare.
2 First mock interview of 1 hour (30-40 min interview + 20 min immediate feedback) followed by our detailed feedback on your performance and improvements to be made. This timing is an average – sessions usually go for longer. Take about 2 days to incorporate feedback after this stage. Get feedback from the first mock. This is usually a lot; categorize it and absorb it. Ask clarifications, and focus on weakness areas identified by GyanOne.
3 Second mock interview, again followed by our detailed feedback. We also review your responses on your strengths and weaknesses and the things you should be careful about. Take about 1-2 days after this stage, and be ready for the real interview. Absorb second mock feedback. Follow our advice to the core. Usually, at this stage, there are no more questions. If any, ask.


Oil and Gas / 4 years 5 months

Interview Duration 35 minutes
Interviewers’ Profile 1 panelist

1) Walk me through your resume.

2) Why MBA?

3) Short Term/Long Term Goals?

4) Why Tuck ?

5) Any leadership experience you’d like to highlight .

6) Major accomplishment in your life?

7) Time when you created value when you were not supposed to.

8) Tell us about a time when you gave constructive feedback.

9) Any question you’d wish I would have asked?

Here I discussed about the areas I’d like to contribute in Tuck.

10) Any questions for me?

Am Ready to Roll - What Do I do Next?

Do Better Than Your Best

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A lot of crucial things in life depend on your career and this is one big step to build it right. We look forward to make it a reality!


You are different and so is your story. Lets create awesomeness together


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