MBA Abroad Entrance Exams Requirements


Strategy Consulting: Why Do All Top MBAs Want This Job?

Why do all MBAs want to be in Strategy Consulting? Strategy consulting and planning is the life-line of any organisation and pervades through the mission, objectives , goals and functioning 

Is CFA Degree Valued During MBA Admissions ?

Few professional credential programs today have the prestige or the recognition that the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) designation from CFA Institute, Virginia, does. Just about 15 years ago, the CFA was 

Rotman MBA Essays 2017

Rotman MBA Essays 2017 For the 2016-17 MBA admissions cycle, the Rotman School of Management at the University of Toronto (Canada’s highest ranked program per the Financial Times full-time MBA 

MS vs MBA – Which is Better and Why?

MS vs MBA – Which is Better and Why? MS vs MBA – this is a perennial question which troubles many an applicant as he/she stands at the cusp of 

MiM Now or MBA Later – Which One is Better?

It is one of the most critical conundrums a master’s applicant in business can face – should one pursue an MiM now or MBA later? The person looking at this 

IESE Assessment Day

The IESE business school assessment day is an important part of the IESE MBA Admissions process. Surprising, then, to note that it is not even mandatory for most applicants! The 

Ross MBA essays 2016: A Brief Analysis

The Michigan Ross MBA essays have changed. While most top business schools either revamp their essay sets from year to year, or leave them unchanged, Michigan Ross has gone with 

Made it to ISB with 670 GMAT: How You Can Too

SV received a call for ISB interview preparation in January, but she knew that she would need to do more than simply prepare for the interview. She looked at the interview not simply as a part of the application process, but as a unique opportunity to show the admissions committee

Indian Entrepreneur Makes it to Stanford GSB, Rejects MIT

What is the first picture that comes to mind when you hear the word ‘sapling’? Perhaps that of a small plant, being nurtured to growth. The growth part is spot 

From Software Testing to Kellogg MBA: A Success Story

This is the second article of a two-part series. The first article is here. She is very very passionate about the performing arts, and has trained to be a classical Indian dancer