ISB PGP Interview Questions

ISB PGP Interview Questions

The Indian School of Business (ISB), Hyderabad, has an extensive admission process consisting of submitting a detailed application and a more detailed interview process. The ISB interview process is conducted by 2-3 members in the interview panel and last roughly 30-40 minutes. The interview panel members can be ISB alums or admission committee members. Questions asked in the ISB PGP interview can vary from personal experiences, professional achievements, short term and long term goals and industry and general awareness. The ISB PGP interview panel primarily judges a candidate from various perspectives, and selects the mot worthy candidates. Mentioned below is a list of questions asked to some of GyanOne clients for the ISB PGP 2016 intake.

ISB-campus interview

The interview panel also asks candidates to write one word essays one various topics like ‘Pro-active’, ‘Random’, ‘Corruption’ etc.

1) Tell us about your current job./ Introduce yourself. Tell us about your involvement in the projects you have done.
2) Explain your career switches.
3) Why onsite job experience is so important for you?
4) Talk about the novel you have written.
5)Talk about human rights.
6) Questions on Syria issue (current affairs)?
7) How can human right help india? Is economy important or human rights?
8) Why MBA now?
9) Why you?
10) Talk us about your start up experience.
11) Asked to solve a guessestimate
12) What are your strengths?
13) Are people reporting to you? Leadership experience and examples
13) Any questions for us?
14) Case Study 1: Solve the traffic problem in Bangalore
15) Case study 2: You are the CEO of your previous company. How would you make a revenue generating model?


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