Manufacturing / 2 years 6 months

Interview Duration 20 minutes
Interviewers’ Profile 3 panelists
Admission Result ADMITTED
  1. Tell us about yourself

At the time, I had just 2 years of experience in the manufacturing (just about enough to not apply in the Early Entry Option). Had to cover this carefully as I did not want them to think that I needed more experience. As a result, I ended up speaking about not just my profile, but also why I need an MBA. This first answer itself took 5 minutes of the interview. The panelists were patient and heard me out.

2.Tell us more about your work

Covered various aspects in detail. I had worked for the first 6 months of my career with a manufacturer in North India, before moving to Dr. Reddy’s. I spoke in detail about my career there, why I made the move, and what value I had been adding at Dr. Reddy’s. They then asked me follow-up questions on manufacturing and the specific drugs I had been responsible for the production of, and I covered each in detail.  A good 10-minute discussion followed.

3. Why ISB?

I had been preparing for this for a long time, and I could cover multiple aspects in this answer. In between, they stopped me a couple of times, and asked me to explain the particular aspects of ISB I was talking about. For example, they asked me to explain what ELP was and why it was important for me. Then asked me why I was so happy about ELP when other MBA programs offered a full summer internship, which is longer and more intense. I had prepared these parts well and could put forward answers that convinced them.

4. Why do you want to move to Consulting?

This question started on a bit of an aggressive note, as they said that everyone wants to do consulting nowadays, and with a background in manufacturing, I should not be joining the bandwagon. I took some time to explain my reasons for choosing consulting, and convinced them that I was not choosing it just because it was a popular choice. This was followed by some probing from their side on which kind of firms I wanted to work for and how I would get there. I faced no problems, as I had prepared these beforehand.