Business Research / 3 years 7 months

Interview Duration 30 minutes
Interviewers’ Profile 3 panelists
Final Decision ADMITTED

1) Why did you choose a career in business research?
2) How is research different from consulting? Why did you not go into consulting?
3) In today’s world where information is much more readily accessible, what is the role of business research in improving client recommendations?
4) You have 5 years of business experience already. Why not move into consulting without an MBA?
5) Why don’t you want to go back to business research after MBA?
6) Explain the differences between an in-house research team and a third-party research firm
7) What are the top 3 issues in the consumer goods industry today? (the applicant was a specialist in that industry)

Business Technology Analyst / 2 years 6 months

Interview Duration 30 minutes
Interviewers’ Profile 2 panelists (one 2010 alumni (M) and other 2016 alumni (F))
Final Decision ADMITTED

1) Tell me something about yourself

Gave a 3 mins introduction, talking about my upbringing and tried including my strengths, professional and personal achievements along with my hobbies

2) Follow up question on the project I had mentioned in the essay

Explained in detail about that and the kind of work I did , and how I managed my team

3) Major learnings from the project

Gave 3 major learnings all followed by an example

4) What are you looking forward to learn at ISB

Answered this, mostly revolved around how I was looking forward to learning from industries best experts in the form of alumni spread across 41 countries and learn about their industries how they work in it, and the daily challenges they face. Other than this, also want to know how we approach a basic business problem , what are all the data analysis, market research is involved in this and the different risk assessment involved

5) As everyone is so busy, How will you interact with these industry experts and your peer group

Talked about consulting club, and the mentor mentee program and the peer group program in it

6) Was further asked about the organization of testing cycles that I am involved in and the kind of work deloitte does

Answered them

7) You have done a lot of things, of all things mentioned in your profile what is the thing that you are most proud of

Answered how I learned basic Korean by myself by watching television dramas and how it was in my bucket list to talk to someone in Korean, and how I got the same chance with a Partner at the firm a

8) Further questions were asked on this, as in how the interest developed

Answered them properly, and also informed them how I have expanded my domain from Korean to Chinese, Japanese dramas and how I am currently more involved in European dramas

9) What is in your bucket list

Talked about my passion to travel and how I wanted to do backpacking across Europe and skydiving in new Zealand

10) How will you manage stress at the class?

Informed them about how stress is part of our every day life and how yoga has helped in coping with that

11) Many further questions were asked on this – like what if you don’t get to yoga any day  or other than yoga what do you do to manage stress

Answered them all

12) Any questions for us

Asked them about the arrangement and the function that was taking place outside the admission office



By aslin

25 hours

7 Lessons

3 Students

Price : $59