Who we are

Team GyanOne is made up of motivated and passionate individuals with a common aim – to provide you with end-to-end services in education delivery, essay editing, and interview preparation. 100% of our team is made up of alumni from top B-schools such as INSEAD, MIT, Kellogg, LBS,ISB, NUS, and Queen’s, among others. Some of us also have Master’s degrees from top global schools. Some others have Bachelor’s degrees from top universities in the US. We teach/advise you only on things that we have done successfully for ourselves earlier.

Since 2008, GyanOne has helped students and applicants to achieve their goals of acing standardized tests and studying at their dream institutions. A constant focus on client needs and service quality has made GyanOne the top choice for higher education advisory and counselling among test takers and applicants alike.

GyanOne has helped individuals across different industries and educational backgrounds. Whether you are looking for a career lift, a career shift, or a platform to enhance your domain knowledge, GyanOne can help you get there.

As an example, a typical GyanOne MBA consultant/instructor has a score of 760 or more on the GMAT and an MBA from a top global B-school (within the FT top 30). He or she also has at least five years of professional experience. Our consultants come from diverse backgrounds – non profits, consulting, research, finance, IT, and manufacturing. Our consultants also teach – they are equally accomplished both in taking standardized tests and in application advisory. Each one of them has been through each and every stage of the test taking and applications process. Our expertise really stems from our experience. We understand our clients and their profiles like none else, because we have been there, and done that. Trust us to help you realize your aspirations and your dreams.


What we do

GyanOne provides end-to-end services across the foreign admissions cycle, from test preparation to final admission. We help students and applicants at all three levels – college education (after high school), Master’s education (post a first degree), or business education (MBA/Master’s in Management programs)

Struggling with Verbal? Not confident about topics like permutation and combination in Quant? Don’t worry! Teachers at GyanOne are experts to help you masters these areas with tips, tricks and strategies to excel on the GMAT/GRE/SAT. Our instructors help you to master these topics to help inculcate confidence to solve any question that you might face in the exam.

We understand that getting into the school/university of your choice also involves creating a strong application. Our application advisory service helps you to create truly outstanding applications that make your abilities, skills, and potential shine forth.

Our Philosophy

We believe that we cannot help you to do better than your best unless we are completely and absolutely dedicated to your success. GyanOne’s culture is built around three specific pillars.

Trust – we are grateful for your confidence in us, and you can rest assured that at GyanOne the interests and comfort of the client are always top priority.

Quality – we follow the highest standards of quality in everything that we do. Whether it is teaching, discussions, or applications help, you can and should expect only the best from us.

Results – we understand that our clients are in this race to win. All our systems and processes are geared to help them do exactly that. Our results speak for themselves, and so do the glowing testimonials from our clients.

Why us?

  • GMAT, GRE, and SAT teaching:
  • The best instructors. Period. When it comes to teaching, there are three things that really matter – experience, ability, and effectiveness. All teachers at GyanOne have a GMAT score of 760 or more/ SAT score of 2350 or more / GRE score of 165 or more on both sections, and are graduates from top global B-schools. Our teaching methodologies are effective – they build the confidence and expertise that you need to answer any question on the test.
  • The best material to prepare. Hands down. We realize that the path to success on standardized tests is negotiable only through comprehensive course material. Our material helps you to build concepts, practice them, and then master them.
  • The best course structure. Anywhere. Our dedication and passion is reflected in our students success who are available to respond to any of the doubts or queries you have. We have helped hundreds of clients to attain their dream scores. Our students regularly score above the 95th percentile on standardized tests, and often in the 99th percentile itself. Our course structure is designed to instill discipline, rigor, and test-acing performance.
  • Experience that counts. Every time. All MBA application advisory services at GyanOne are provided by experienced B-school alumni who have reviewed at least 200 successful B-school applications each. All Master of Science (M.S.) applications are reviewed by top M.S. alumni who have the experience of at least 200 successful M.S. applications each. All our reviewers are well versed with applications for every major school in the world. Try us and see the difference that extensive hands-on experience can make.

At GyanOne, you can be assured that you will:

  • NEVER be left in the lurch. We always deliver what we promise. For our teaching services, you will have access to all claimed preparation material / resources, and the best teachers. Classes will be held on time and on schedule. For our application service, any assistance promised to you will be sure to be delivered on time. We believe discipline and regularity are the cornerstones for application success and the same will always be reflected in our approach
  • NEVER be treated as just another client. Our services are custom made for each and every client. Struggling with a specific topic in class? We will work with you to help you master it. Available to work only on the weekends? We will adjust our schedule so you don’t have to adjust yours! Need a chat or discussion to get some worries off your mind? We are there for you! GyanOne prides itself in its client service.
  • NEVER need any other resources. All our offerings are exhaustive. Whether you train with us for the GRE/GMAT/SAT, or avail of our Application Advisory or Interview preparation services, you will never need to depend on any other source or advice. We provide everything that you need within the ambit of our services.