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Applying to a top MBA program is never an easy decision to make. You might have low GPA in college but a stellar work profile, an average work experience, but good amount of activities done outside of that scope, or simply a passion to make it big. Understood. Then get going. Introspect, Research, Analyze and Implement. Or let us do it for you.

Enough of generic advice from friends and acquaintances. Get Serious. You need crystal-clear clarity on how your profile would seem to a top MBA program, what you can do to improve/enhance it, and what plausible options are available post-MBA, given your trajectory so far. We tap our extensive database of thousands of successful MBA applicants, and our own experience of over a decade, to lay out exactly this path for you. Step by Step. In a structured, scientifically designed method.

Save time, money, and thousands of dollars by targeting the right MBA programs. Understand where you stand, what your strengths and weaknesses, which MBA programs are best fit, Why, and how to go about cracking them. This service could be the best step you take towards your dreams.


Why a Premium Profile Evaluation Service?

Simply because the best answers are obtained after due thought and research. The Premium Profile Evaluation acts like a sounding board, and evaluates you through the lens of a professional career coach and an accomplished MBA consultant, rolled into one. You discover your best self, and how to trace a path towards it. We recommend programs across the spectrum (including, but not limited to MBA programs) that you can target, and give you a comprehensive list across geographies, highlighting your chances across each. Overall, think of it as a complete package that tells you all that you need to know about your career, and about applying to MBA and other programs.


What All does The Premium MBA Profile Evaluation Service Contain?

GyanOne MBA Admissions Consulting

You will first be asked to fill in a detailed questionnaire. This will capture fine details of your profile, your aspirations, and your (tentative) objectives. This information is then thoroughly analyzed by us. As one team works on analyzing your profile from an industry and professional standpoint, another researches on the best schools for you. The two teams then sit together and discuss their findings, which are summarized by your consultant, your single point of contact. This ensures that you get the best of our expertise, and that your profile is analyzed thoroughly, not just from an admissions angle, but also from a professional one. 

Two brainstorming sessions. Expect these discussions to get into ultimate depth on your profile, covering career goals, school selection, suggestions for improving your profile, and inputs on how you would be seen as a candidate by admissions committees of various B-schools. Post these steps, you will have a very clear perspective on where you stand career-wise, on whether an MBA actually makes sense for you, and if it does, what MBA programs you would stand the best chance at. You will also have a much more realistic grasp on how practical it is for you to achieve your post-MBA goals. We even recommend non-MBA programs to consider, if we feel that is needed. 

GyanOne MBA Admissions Consulting

You have loads of information to be put in the right place and devise a clear path in your mind and heart first. GMAT scores, GPAs, school rankings (that often give you contrasting information), arranging recommendations and craeting a stellar application. At each stage, you will have several questions and points of advice to seek, and your consultant will patiently guide you through each of them. Further, you will also discuss a detailed list of target MBA programs, categorized into reach, target, and safe schools. This step will ensure that no aspect of your profile (including the personal achievements) is left out. It will also give you a good idea of the career threats and opportunities that lie ahead, and how best to negotiate them.

As you go through these steps, you will gain feedback on how prepared you are to begin the MBA applications process, and what you need to improve further on. This will ensure that when you do apply to MBA programs, you are well-prepared, and understand not just your profile and your strengths and weaknesses, but also the level of your skills. This final step provides feedback on your level of preparation to apply to an MBA program. Knowing which skills you lack is the first step to gaining them. This will also ensure that no part of the MBA Admissions process comes across as a surprise to you. In other words, you will see how an admissions officer will look at your profile, and know multiple little-known points of improvement that will never be apparent otherwise. 

GyanOne MBA Admissions Consulting

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