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Comprehensive consulting for students preparing for top MS programs in Europe and the US.

Preparing a great application and statement of purpose (SoP) for MS Admissions is not just about listing down your academic achievements. Unlike, what 90% (yes 90%) of the applicants, think.

A successful MS statement of purpose and application involves deep research on your school(s) of choice, strong introspection into your reasons for choosing those schools, and an excellent display of your academic and professional pursuits.

From Computer Science to Mechanical Engineering, Manufacturing, Finance, and Economics, Supply Chain Management, MS programs in the United States to that in Europe, all have the unique distinction of drawing top professionals from across the world for further research and study.

We have expertise and experience in landing successful admits for all of these.

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The unique features of our statement of purpose creation service include

  • Comprehensive: We offer help on all aspects of your application, from story creation to detailed support on your Statement of Purpose (SoP), TA and RA applications, and managing school-specific requirements. For those who are not sure about their choice of schools, our service even helps you to explore the options that would best fit you.
  • Expert driven: Our MS Admissions experts have specialized experience in working on top MS applications. We have helped our clients gain admission to top universities around the world, including Stanford, Yale, Carnegie Mellon, Duke, Brown, Columbia, Berkeley, Cornell, Georgia Tech, and UCLA, to name only a few.
  • Customized: No two MS statement of purpose should be the same, even if they are your own! Every university (especially the top ones) wants an application that addresses their program and your fit with it, and no two programs (or academic departments) are the same. We help you prepare customized applications that maximize not just your chances of admission, but also the probability of getting scholarships, assistantships, and research fellowships.

GyanOne’s MS Statement of Purpose Creation Process

Our comprehensive seven-step MS statement of purpose creation process is based on the following process agenda

GyanOne’s success stories

My Story

Vamsi Krishna

vamsi medishetty

Vamsi’s profile featuring exceptional academic capabilities and achievements, effective internships and sufficient work experience seemed the perfect fit for this program. As regards the academic experience in software development, Vamsi Krishna showcased a strong engineering background specializing in computer science. He completed his undergraduate degree at BITS Pilani with a 7.59 GPA. While GPA is important to understand the capabilities of a candidate, it is important to present a well-rounded or complete profile as you apply for masters. This is where the rest of his experience comes into the picture..READ MORE

My Story


Vasishtha G, MS in Product Management cmu, Masters of Science in Product Management in cmu, M.S. in New Product Management,

Vasishtha’s journey started with an engineering degree in Information Systems. However, a close look at his journey will provide wonderful insights into how this can be a great inspiration for every prospective student. The MS in product management program at CMU was a great fit for Vasishtha’s situation. He always dreamt of building world class products and revolutionize the way corporate work. Let’s look at his credentials and hard work that led him to gain admit into this prestigious program..READ MORE

Some MS interview questions

MIF Interview Questions

  • Run me through your resume.
  • Questions related to job experience.
  • Why MiF & Why LBS?
  • Other schools you have applied to and which one will you choose if you get through all?
  • What if you don’t get through LBS this year and LBS asks you to apply again next year?
  • What is your leadership definition? Are you a leader?
  • How will to contribute to peer learning at LBS?
  • Talk about your strengths & weaknesses.
  • Tell me about your educational background and job.
  • Why did you choose this job
  • Why Program X now? Do you think LBS will help you in achieving your post Program X goals?
  • What if you don’t find a job post-graduation from LBS?
  • How will you ensure that you find a job post-graduation?
  • How will you add value to your peer group at LBS apart from sharing learnings from your work experience?
  • Why will you choose LBS over other B-schools listed in my application?
  • Are you a team player? Give examples of situations where you have worked closely in teams.
  • How will you fund your venture and other expenses ( since I mentioned that I will be starting my venture post Program X)?
  • Is your employer’s business strategy right? i.e. Business model, market, etc
  • What are the key trends/ latest developments in your industry?
  • What is your Plan B if consulting/Investment banking does not happen?
  • What are derivatives, options, value at risk, proprietary trading.
  • What would you bring to the student body and the program?


Question and Answers

Q. I am a student planning to apply for MS programs. When should I apply?

For college students, the best time to put in your application is typically in the beginning of the last year of your undergraduate program. This ensures that by the time you graduate, you are ready to begin with your Master’s program.

Q. Unlike most MS applicants, I also have work experience. Can you help me portray that well?

Of course. While the vast majority of MS applicants apply without work experience, a small but rising number do apply with some professional experience under their belts. This can often be a significant positive, helping you demonstrate your skills in an applied context in addition to an academic one. We help experienced applicants bring out the best in their MS applications.

Q. I have some specific questions on my profile I would like answered before I apply. Can you help me out?

We certainly can and will. Please contact us today to determine how best we can help you.

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