POST GRADUATE PROGRAMME IN MANAGEMENT FOR SENIOR EXECUTIVES (PGPMAX) is an Executive-MBA level programme, tailored specifically for senior audiences to help them sharpen their management skills and enhance their decision making abilities.

It is a rigorous and challenging programme-the seven-day schedule includes full days of teaching, with senior faculty from the ISB and other global schools provide the latest management education. The programme attracts senior executives and business owners from diverse functions across industries and, the programme format allows senior professionals with demanding schedules and high level of responsibilities to continue to work while attending this programme. A week of classroom learning is conducted every sixth week. It also offers two academic terms in USA, one week each at Kellogg & Wharton.


ISB’s dream is to see its employed alumni ascending to leadership roles and business owner alumni grow their organizations substantially. Please highlight TWO qualities that you have, which will allow you to accomplish ISB’s expectation from you. Illustrate these qualities with examples and evidence by citing achievements from past where you have displayed these qualities. (500 words max) ‘Business schools should not offer any career/placement services’. Make a strong argument for the motion. (300 words max)


What are your goals in life/career? How will PGPMAX help you achieve those goals? (90 seconds)


  • ·Comprehensive: We don’t just provide essay editing – we give you an immersive, intense, and in-depth service that helps you to improve each and every aspect of your application till it is nothing short of outstanding! After all, your objective is not just to submit great essays – it is to ensure that your application results in an ISB admission.·
  • Driven by experienced experts: Our service is delivered only by top ISB alumni themselves. Our ISB consultants are also not just ISB alumni, but people who have experience of also being part of the ISB admissions evaluation process. Why does this matter? We believe that just being an alumnus of ISB does not make one an expert consultant for others. We bring in not just our intense knowledge of ISB, but thousands of hours of training, counselling, and coaching ISB applicants across hundreds of applications spread over the last five years. We don’t just guide you on to the path that worked for us. We guide you on to the path that will work for YOU.·
  •  Committed and dedicated: At GyanOne, you are never just our client. Your are our partner, and we are as (and possibly even more) committed to your succcess as you are. We don’t provide consulting by the hour. We don’t provide a ‘final look’ service that coaches you at the end of the race rather than the beginning. We don’t provide an ‘essay editing only’ service. All this, because we believe that an application is not just about a sanity check, about decent essays, or about what we can tell you in just one hour. An application is about knowing you and appreciating you, and helping the admissions committee to do the same. We encourage you to get to know the consultant you will be working with before you take our service, so you are absolutely convinced of the high quality of our service and the high calibre of our consultants.Our proprietary application support methodologies, AppOne™ and AppOne™ Premium, help you manage the ISB admissions process in the best possible way. Click here to know more about our complete admissions consulting process. We have helped more than a hundred successful ISB applicants from across industries, with varying levels of work experience and a range of GMAT scores to gain acceptance at ISB. We help you to truly reach your potential and exceed it!

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