The ISB PGPMAX Program

Does the idea of securing an MBA without leaving your job interest you? If yes, then consider ISB’s PGPMAX program. ISB PGPMAX is India’s only EMBA comparable programme to be recognised by The Economist’s Executive MBA Ranking. The programme is intended for individuals with 10 to 25 years of experience, senior management, and company owners. It helps experienced business professionals to receive an Executive MBA equivalent degree while training in a format that allows them to continue working.

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How will ISB PGPMAX help you?

Apart from the usual reasons, here are the ones that make the ISB PGPMAX program the best for you:

  1. This curriculum will help you strengthen your current skills, as well as provide you with deeper exposure to the most recent developments in your industry or market.
  2. This program be the ideal location for you to do so as senior executives from major private firms, public sector organisations, NGOs, SMEs, mid-size companies, and family businesses attend the class.
  3. The curriculum includes people from many functional areas, including sales, marketing, banking, accounting, engineering, operations, project management, and research and development.
  4. Graduates of PGPMAX receive a master’s equivalent of business management while learning in a format that allows them to continue working.
  5. The programme offers two international immersions. One week of foreign immersion is conducted in the United States, and the other week is held in Asia.
  6.  PGPMAX curriculum is strategically designed to help you identify a career path that is consistent with your interests, values, and abilities.

PGPMAX admissions consulting with GyanOne

GyanOne has helped over 500 clients make it to multiple ISB programs (PGP/PGPMAX/PGPpro). We have:

– Consultants who are ISB alumni, who have been on the ISB Admission Committee, and have the experience of several hundred applications.

– Worked with multiple people from your industry, and understand you and your ambitions.

– End-to-end solutions, from brainstorming on the right stories, to helping you express them in a brief, to-the-point format, with no templates, and complete customization specific to you.

– Deep experience on the recommendations process, and can help you create the perfect strategy to get great recommendations.

– Success rate (in excess of 98%) that reflects our expertise and our competence perfectly.

ISB PGPMAX Success Story

Avinash jha holds a bachelor’s degree in Electronics engineering. He started his career as a business associate back in 2001. Gradually and steadily he moved into a leadership position with Tata tele business services as a Project manager. His involvement in all major projects in the organisation pushed him to think about PGPMAX at ISB. IT was an investment which proved to be perfect as far as his career was concerned. Watch his story below.

Structure of the ISB PGPMAX

The program uses a combination of methods to make the course interesting and informative. The course has

  • Designed specifically for senior company executives who are planning to take on CxO roles.
  • Lectures and Classroom Sessions
  • A programme that encompasses and incorporates all aspects of the company.
  • Focuses on general management, allowing members to see the company through the eyes of a CEO.
  • Include a strong international component with both academic and experiential learning experiences.
  • Taught by senior faculty who has extensive teaching and industry experience.


For the academic year 2021-22, the programme fee is INR 39,63,000 plus taxes. Admission, tuition, course materials, and boarding and accommodation on most days are all included in the charge.

Item Amount
Admission fees 3,00,000
Tuition fees 36,63,000
Total Programme fees 39,69,000


A small number of grants are available by PGPMAX to help eligible students enrol in the programme. The scholarship is awarded on the basis of both financial need and academic merit. The scholarship awards are highly competitive. Candidates that meet the following qualifications are considered by the Scholarship Committee:

  • One should be socially aware and community-minded
  • Strong academic and technical credentials, as well as a long record of accomplishments
  • Demonstrate leadership skills
  • Potential to become an excellent ambassador for ISB as a student and as an alumni

Scholarship awards are for a partial amount of the overall fee and usually range between 20% and 35% of the tuition fees.

What do you need to apply to the ISB PGPMAX?

OK, now that your interest has been piqued, what’s next?

  • Bachelor’s Degree: In every discipline, the candidate should have a bachelor’s degree or similar qualification. The Admission Committee of the program will decide what qualifies as an equivalent qualification, which may include things like CA, ICWA, and so on.
  • Work Experience: As of the program’s start date, the candidate must have a minimum of 10 years of full-time work experience following a bachelor’s degree.

You need to (if shortlisted) clear an interview.

ISB PGPMAX essays analysis

Essays are an important part of the application. Acing the admissions requires that you tackle these more than just effectively! The ISB PGPMAX essays focus on the key themes of leadership, contribution, and differentiation.  The essay topics reflect this theme and this is how it can be analyzed.

PGPMAX essay 1: What is the driving factor for you to do PGPMAX at this stage of your career? How do you think ISB can help you achieve your professional goals? (300 words max)

PGPMAX essay 2: Describe your experience during a challenging time in your professional life. Explain briefly the actions you took and the impact it had on your professional & personal life. (300 words max)

PGPMAX essay 3: Please use this space to highlight anything you wish to bring to the notice of the admissions office/admission committee which could not be highlighted in any other part of the application. Use this space to also highlight work and non-work related awards & achievements which you feel would add value to your application. (500 words max)

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1) Please introduce yourself personally and professionally
2) Tell us about your current role and your key responsibilities
3) Take us through key career changes in your profile in the last 15 years
4) Did you never plan to pursue an MBA earlier? Why?
5) Take us through a strategic decision you made recently.
6) Why are you a good fit for the PGPMAX?
7) Why PGPMAX?
8) What are your post-PGPMAX goals?
9) Will your company sponsor you in terms of time or money or both?
10) Why can’t you achieve your goals without the PGPMAX?
11) Where do you see yourself 5 years down the line?
12) Tell us about the top 3 issues in your industry
13) What is your biggest strength and biggest weakness?
14) How would you describe yourself as a leader? What is your leadership style?

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