IIMC MBAEx Interview Preparation

The IIMC MBAEx Interview is the second and final stage of the IIMC MBAEx admissions process. It is very selective – only 50 candidates make it through to the final selection list every year (a few more are selected to allow for those who are given an offer but don’t take it finally, but this number is not very high). The IIMC MBAEx interview therefore acquires increased importance.

IIMC MBAEx Interview Preparation by GyanOne

To help applicants prepare for the IIMC MBAEx interviews, GyanOne offers a very comprehensive and focused mock interview service. This is part of our highly successful MBA interview preparation service, customized for IIMC MBAEx applicants. The service is aimed at helping applicants to:

Understand the IIMC MBAEx interview process – what is the admissions committee looking for and why
Practice questions based on your profile and be familiar with those that you are likely to come across in the interview.
Get detailed feedback on things that you can improve now, how to improve, to put your best foot forward.
Get training to tackle not just the common and expected, but also unexpected impromptu questions

IIMC MBAEx Interview Questions

For those looking for questions asked to past applicants, please see some of these below. Please note that these are only some common questions that were asked to past applicants. They do NOT constitute a template that IIMC MBAEx interviews follow.

– Introduce yourself

– Why did you choose your present job?

– Tell us 3 things about you not mentioned in your resume

– Why MBAEx?

– What is your greatest weakness and your greatest strength?

– What are your hobbies? How often do you pursue them?

– What are your career goals?

– What are your achievements at work?

– What has been your biggest failure? Explain in detail.

– Why did you do engineering (or commerce or economics – as applicable)?

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Frequently Asked Questions on IIMC MBAEx Interview

  • Is the interview friendly and casual or challenging and aggressive?

    There is no standard answer to this question and it all depends on the particular interview panel. Generally, interviews are not as challenging as you would find for PGP (the regular 2-year MBA at IIMC) applicants. Still, you can expect to be challenged and double-questioned on some answers and explanations.

  • Are the interviews technical in nature or more behavioral?

    It is not impossible to find technical questions as part of the interviews, but most interviews are predominantly behavioral. That said, there could be probing questions on some aspect of your work or academics, though you should of course not dust up your old textbooks to prepare to answer them.

  • How long do interviews usually last? Is the length an indicator of acceptance/rejection?

    Expect most interviews to last 20-30 minutes. Interview length can vary based on many factors, so interpreting it as indicator of acceptance or rejection is difficult.

IIMC Success Stories


Sanjukta was on cloud nine when ISB Hyderabad Admission results were announced. She had secured an admit from both ISB and IIMC. It was one of the toughest choice she had to make. Sanjukta finally decided to go to IIMC and join the PGPEX program.


The IIMC PGPEX is one of the most sought-after MBA-equivalent programs in India for experienced professionals. After a thorough initial process involving multiple essays, the admissions process moves on to the IIMC PGPEX interview.

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