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The IIM Bangalore EPGP Statement of Purpose is a part of the admissions process to one-year the Executive Post Graduate Program (EPGP) at IIM Bangalore. The EPGP is a highly prestigious one-year program, as can be seen from the admission statistics (mentioned below) as well as the small batch size that IIMB caters to. The program is IIMB’s response to similar programs launched by other IIMs (for example, the PGPX at IIM Ahmedabad and the PGPEX at IIM Calcutta) as well as the ISB PGP. In a short duration of time since its launch six years ago, the IIMB EPGP has made a strong name for itself, and is a much sought-after program among mid-career professionals. This page provides some tips and advice on the IIM Bangalore EPGP Statement of Purpose, and some information on other aspects of the program.


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IIM Bangalore EPGP Statement of Purpose tips and advice

Contrary to other similar programs, the IIMB EPGP has only one ‘essay’ as part of its admissions process. This is the Statement of Purpose (SOP), and it is capped at an upper limit of 600 words. The SOP is your opportunity to explain why you wish to pursue the EPGP and and how it will help you to attain your career goals. A description of your background and why you wish to pursue an MBA is important too. Apart from the SOP, the IIMB EPGP program does not give applicants any other opportunity to highlight their reasons for wanting to be part of the program. With a class size of just 58, the program is bound to be very selective. The SOP can help to not just explain your reasons for the choices you make and your future plans, but also act as an important differentiator, showing the admissions committee that you are ready for the next step in your career.


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IIMB EPGP Suggestions, Tips, and Advice

IIMB expects the EPGP SOP to be a statement of goals and future plans, without asking you to stick to only particular aspects (as, for instance, an essay might do). This is your opportunity to describe why you are taking the decision to apply to the EPGP, and how the EPGP can help you to achieve your goals. Showcasing worthy goals is the first step in this endeavour. Just a promotion or a move to a different company is never going to be a worthy goal, and will invite only more questions. Dig deep and identify the real reason why you are ready to spend more than 20 lakh Rupees to pursue this program. What do you want to achieve? Why is it better than where you are now? How can the EPGP help? While the SOP should be an expression of what you want to achieve, it also needs to talk about your key achievements and differentiate you from other applicants (professionally – never bring in personal aspects into the SOP). What skills do you have that make you a fit with your future goals? What are your key achievements and how do they make you a good candidate? These are some of the questions you must think through. Finally, a critical point – ensure that your SOP is well written. Content matters, but so does style. A poorly written SOP which is mundane, difficult to read, or riddled with grammatical or spelling errors (even minor ones) will take away substantially from your candidature. Adhere to the word limit given. Write and rewrite multiple times if you must. The final product must be something that not just you, but the IIMB EPGP Admissions Committee can appreciate too.


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IIMB EPGP Deadlines and Important Dates

The important dates of note have been announced for the IIMB EPGP 2018-19 application. These are:

IIMB EPGP Application OpenedJune 1, 2018
IIMB EPGP Submission DeadlineAugust 30, 2018 (R1)
December 3, 2018 (R2)
InterviewsSeptember 23 and 24 (R1), December 16 and 17 (R2)
Announcement of resultsOctober 8, 2018 (R1), December 26, 2018 (R2)

IIMB EPGP Eligibility Criteria

IIM Bangalore states the EPGP eligibility criteria to be as follows: – Graduate in any discipline (even three year degrees will do) with a minimum of 50% marks – At least 5 years of full-time post-qualification professional experience (as on March 31 of the year that the program begins. For example, 5 years as on March 31, 2019 for the class graduating in 2020) – A valid GMAT score

IIMB EPGP Class Profile

The profile of the latest IIMB EPGP (2018) class is as follows:

Average age of IIMB EPGP students30 years
Median GMAT score of IIMB EPGP students709
IIMB EPGP Class Size (Class of 2015)73 students
Average work experience of IIMB EPGP students6.9 years (83 months)
Female Students22
. It is important to note that around 28% of the class comes from the IT sector (IT Services or IT Products), and around 30% of students have international experience (Class of 2018).

IIMB EPGP average salaries and placements

The average salary offered to IIMB EPGP graduates is around INR 22.6 lakhs (INR 2.26 million). Close to 85% of graduates choose jobs in the IT sector (though the firms recruiting are not just from IT but from multiple industries), which may be a function of preferences of people wanting to continue in the same industry post-MBA after ~7-8 years of experience already in it.

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