IIM Bangalore EPGP Statement of Purpose

The IIM Bangalore EPGP SoP is a part of the admissions process to one-year the Executive Post Graduate Program (EPGP) at IIM Bangalore. The EPGP is a highly prestigious one-year program, as can be seen from the admission statistics (mentioned below) as well as the small batch size that IIMB caters to. The program is IIMB’s response to similar programs launched by other IIMs (for example, the PGPX at IIM Ahmedabad and the PGPEX at IIM Calcutta) as well as the ISB PGP. In a short duration of time since its launch six years ago, the IIMB EPGP has made a strong name for itself, and is a much sought-after program among mid-career professionals. This page provides some tips and advice on the IIM Bangalore EPGP Statement of Purpose, and some information on other aspects of the program.

IIM Bangalore EPGP Statement of Purpose tips and advice

Contrary to other similar programs, the IIMB EPGP has only one Statement of Purpose (SOP), and it is capped at an upper limit of 600 words.

With a class size of just 58, the program is bound to be very selective. The SOP can help to not just explain your reasons for the choices you make and your future plans, but also act as an important differentiator, showing the admissions committee that you are ready for the next step in your career

The EPGP SoP is your opportunity to explain why you wish to pursue the EPGP and and how it will help you to attain your career goals. A description of your background and why you wish to pursue an MBA is important too.

Dig deep and identify the real reason why you are ready to spend more than 20 lakh Rupees to pursue this program. What do you want to achieve? Why is it better than where you are now? How can the EPGP help? The SOP also needs to talk about your key achievements.

ensure that your SOP is well written. Content matters, but so does style. Highlight what differentiate you from other applicants (professionally - never bring in personal aspects into the SOP). What are your key achievements and how do they make you a good candidate?

Finally, a critical point - A poorly written SOP which is difficult to read, or riddled with grammatical or spelling errors will take away substantially from your candidature. Write and rewrite multiple times if you must. The final product must be something that not just you, but the IIMB EPGP Admissions Committee can appreciate too.

IIM Bangalore EPGP 2019-20 Placements

Break up of placements No. of Students
No. of students in the class 75
No. of students who participated in the placement proces 73
No. of students with successful offers (by August 2020) 69
Mean annual salary (in INR) * 29.88
Median annual Salary (in INR) * 28.50

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IIM Bangalore EPGP Programme expenses

Shared accommodation – INR Family accommodation – INR
Tuition Fee 21,50,000 21,50,000
Accommodation charges 1,50,000 3,50,000
International Immersion* 4,30,000 4,30,000
Refundable deposit 20,000 20,000
Total 27,50,000 29,50,000

IIM Bangalore EPGP success stories

My Story

Tanu Sood

A consultant at KPMG, a senior executive at Unilever, a graduate scholar, and a Kathak dancer. Tanu Sood, an IIMB EPGP student, seems to have it all. She chose an MBA as a learning opportunity that
Tanu Sood IIMB would provide her with both practical experience and opportunities for future career advancement. The IIMB EPGP programme is designed to meet the educational demands of experienced professionals, and it was an excellent choice for an experienced candidate like her who wanted to return to work within a year.

My Story

Sachin Jose Varghese

Sachin jose opted to advance his career by enrolling at IIM Banglore after 8 years of experience in the automotive business in various positions such as Product Marketing, Business
Sachin Jose Varghese Development, After Sales, and Channel Management in India and international markets such as Chile, Ecuador, and Turkey. He was able to secure a slot with the support of GyanOne and his unwavering effort.

GyanOne IIM BANGALORE Achievers

Glimpse of our IIMB EPGP Interview Prep Process

We present here some tips and advice on preparing for IIMB EPGP interviews:

1. Make sure that you go thoroughly through your SOP. With no other essays in the application, the SOP serves as the primary statement of your goals and why you are applying. Expect to be quizzed on these.

2. In case your academic performance has been less than stellar, be prepared to explain this. Have a convincing explanation ready, else you can expect more follow-up questions on this.

3. Different aspects of your job should also be studied, and ready examples of projects you have done should be there in your mind. Clarity on your career goals is also important…


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