IIMB EPGP Interview Preparation

Interview Preparation is an important part of the overall IIMB EPGP Admissions process. The class size is small – only about 55-65 applicants are finally accepted into the program, so competition to fill these few places is intense. IIMB EPGP Interview Preparation therefore acquires increased importance in this context. They do not just act as confirmation of a candidate’s profile as found in the application form but rather as a separate evaluation stage. Doing well on the interview is therefore critical to getting the much-vaunted final admit.

IIMB EPGP Interview Preparation tips and advice

We present here some tips and advice on preparing for IIMB EPGP interviews:

1. Make sure that you go thoroughly through your SOP. With no other essays in the application, the SOP serves as the primary statement of your goals and why you are applying. Expect to be quizzed on these.

2. In case your academic performance has been less than stellar, be prepared to explain this. Have a convincing explanation ready, else you can expect more follow-up questions on this.

3. Different aspects of your job should also be studied, and ready examples of projects you have done should be there in your mind. Clarity on your career goals is also important.

4. Some IIMB EPGP interviews have also been known to include basic technical questions on the applicant’s area of work. For example, if you are a Chartered Accountant, expect to answer some questions on Accounting or Finance concepts. Also be aware of major recent events in your industry.

5. Remember that knowing something is not the same as being able to execute it. Therefore, practice is critical. IIMB EPGP interviews are known in particular for their cross-questioning character, and you will not be able to tackle this cross-questioning unless you have practiced and are confident.

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IIMB EPGP Interview Questions

We list here some sample questions from previous IIMB EPGP interviews. Please note that this is just a list – it is neither a template for the questions that are usually asked nor a set of questions that need to be prepared to ace the interviews. Think of these just as a representative set of questions asked to past applicants.

– Take us through your resume

– Questions on short term/long term goals

– Questions on current affair/state of the economy/state of the industry

– Asking for examples of strengths and weaknesses and what you are doing about them

– Questions around academic performance (in one case, a candidate with 10+ years of experience was asked to justify his low grades in college!)

– Why have you done X/Y that is listed on your resume?

– Questions on choice of schools and why you are choosing to apply to IIMB

– Some difficult situational questions (almost like puzzles but with open-ended answers) to test your thinking and analytical skills in general

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IIMB EPGP Interview Experience

Here is an actual interview debrief from a past applicant (IIMB EPGP 2014 intake):

Reached the venue 20 minutes before time. Asked to wait with one other candidate, who went in before me. Finally, it was my turn. The panel had two professors (P1, P2) and one alumnus (Alum). One of the professors did most of the talking, while the other was mostly observing me quietly. The alumnus asked for clarifications on some of my responses, but didn’t ask too many questions on his own. Questions (in bold) and answers (approximately from what I can remember) below. The entire interaction lasted 25-30 minutes. Please note that while some of the questions below seem challenging, the overall environment was very warm and friendly. I was challenged at many points, but the interaction was always professional. The interview prep I did with GyanOne came in very handy, especially in tackling some of the cross-questioning I faced.

P1: Why is your GMAT AWA score so low even when your total score is fine? 

I wasn’t expecting this question to begin with. Hurriedly explained that I did not practice answering in the way they expected and was also nervous in the beginning but settled down to do well in later portions of the GMAT.

P1: Ok, but in your SOP you have noted that you love challenges and your faith in yourself is your biggest strength. Then why did you get nervous on GMAT?

Explained to him that I am generally confident but was nervous for a short while only and recovered later.

P1: Tell me the difference between IT Products and IT Services?

Told him but he did not look very convinced

P2: If India is such a powerhouse in IT services, why is it not the same in IT Products? 

Fumbled a bit through this, but then explained this by talking about state of technology, operating costs, and outsourcing (not a perfect answer, but he seemed convinced)

Alum: Why did you switch your job from a large company to a startup? 

Explained this. Also explained that I wanted to work in an entrepreneurial environment then because I thought it would have more opportunities.

P1: So then why do you want to do MBA? To get back to a big company? 

Explained this through examples and said I am not necessarily looking for a big company but a good role

P2: Does this mean you are willing to work for the government also? Tell me, what improvements can IT bring to the government sector?

Explained this to him. Lots of cross questions from P1 and Alum on this but managed to answer all.

P1: Why so few extra-curricular activities? 

Explained this.

A: If you had all the time in the world, what activities would you pursue? 

Told him about travelling, and mentioned a few places that I want to go to. At this point, P2 came in with a barrage of questions on why I choose those places and why I have not gone to them much.

P1: So you want to spend all your time travelling abroad, but you have never once gone abroad yourself! How do you say this will be so wonderful then?

Explained in terms of ambitions and knowing these places through the internet and through friends.

P2: Why do you want to come to IIMB? 

Told him. Not convinced. Lots of cross questions on this from P1 and Alum.

P1,Alum: Some questions around goals, shift of industry, shift of function. 

Answered all of them except one on what I would do if I got a lower salary. Before I could recover they moved on to the next question.

P2: Any questions for us? 

Asked one question on IIMB. P1 answered it in a lot of detail.


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