SP Jain MBA Interview Questions and Experience

SP Jain is recognised as one of the premier business schools of India. The two year MBA (PGDM) attracts some 70 applications for every seat. The programme offers specialisations in Finance, Operations, Marketing and Information Management. SP Jain MBA has consistently been ranked among the top 10 in India. The programme considers CAT, XAT and GMAT scores for admission but places more emphasis on academic performance, versatility in extracurricular activities and relevant work experience. It has also introduced an international immersion programme called the ‘Global Fast Track’ (GFT) where participants will travel to a globally top-ranked B-School, in order to gain cutting-edge inputs in their area of specialisation.


SP Jain MBA Interview Questions

The interviews are conducted either one-on-one or in a group. In group interviews, around 30 people are divided into group of 6-7. There are generally two rounds of interview, 30 minutes each. The first round of interview is with the panel to understand your interest in chosen subject of specialization.

Round 1 Interview Questions

1. Tell me something about yourself, which is not mentioned in your resume.

2. Why MBA?

3. Why your chosen field of specialization mentioned in your profile sheet?

4. Opinion on Current affairs?

Round 2 Interview Questions

Second round is more of a conversation round.

1. Tell us something about yourself / Tell us something apart from your professional experience.

2. How did you find S P Jain since morning?

3. Questions related to ethical values, morals and life philosophy

4. What is your short term goal

5. Describe yourself in two lines.

6. Any questions for the adcom?

7. Biggest challenge faced so far?

8. Questions related to your industry


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