Top MBA Ranking in Asia

Top MBA schools ranking in Asia seeks to give you a quick overview of the best business schools.
Asia is truly booming and there may be many reasons for the same. If we stick to what matters to us, you will see that the global ranking of Asian business schools is on an upward move. This indicates an improvement in reputation and quality of education. As a result, the number of international students has steadily increased over the years. China, Hong Kong, and Singapore feature quite prominently in this list of most attractive destinations. The universities and schools here offer a wonderful advantage to students in this region.
So, what is attracting students to these places? The Asian market is one of the largest and most dynamic in the world. Further, since most of the international student community hail from places such as India and China, the proximity of such Asian schools becomes a factor. However, a constantly evolving curriculum has made a real difference. The case studies and other projects are streamlined to suit the Asian economy. So, if you are planning a future or a career in these parts of the world, then considering an MBA in this region is the right way to go.
As you can see in the table below that lists the top MBA schools ranking in Asia, the top position is occupied by INSEAD, Singapore. The average starting salary and bonus work out to $110,304. This is closely followed by ESSEC Business School with their salary numbers at $107,000. NUS and NTU come in at third and fourth. HKUST ranks at number 6 and yet the average starting salary and the bonus is much higher than the rest of the schools listed here. The average work experience is also the highest at 8 years.


School name Country Average GMAT score Average Years Work Average starting salary and bonus
INSEAD Singapore 704 6 $110,304
ESSEC Business School Singapore 610 6 $107,000
NUS Business School Singapore 664 5 $75,291
NTU: Nanyang Business School Singapore 671 6 $69,680
CEIBS China 691 5 $50,863
HKUST Hong Kong 653 8 $133,334
University of Hong Kong Hong kong 657 6 $70,000


IIM: Ahmedabad India 770 2 $66,888
IIM: Bangalore India 780 2 $30,000
Antai College of Economics & Management China 630 5 $57,456

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