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GMAT coaching in Delhi has a premium address. GyanOne presents GMATOne™ – GMAT preparation that is suited to YOU. Confused about how to prepare for the GMAT? Not sure about the value that a classroom program can add? GyanOne is here to put an end to these concerns with our best GMAT coaching in Delhi. Here is how our training program can help:

  • Teaching is done ONLY by top international B-school graduates with 760+ scores on the GMAT. Get taught by the best, so that you can do better than your best!

  • Option to take your GMAT coaching in Delhi (in person) or online. All instruction is done live – no recorded videos, no remote guidance. Everything is customized for YOU.

  • Extensive course material covering concepts, solved examples, and practice problems to help you not just learn, but master the material

  • More than 30 section tests and more than 1000 practice questions to prepare you for the real exam in a structured, rigorous and disciplined manner.


With a plethora of options for GMAT classes in Delhi, why should you choose us? We believe we provide you with simply the best chance to get a fantastic score on the GMAT! So sure are we of the quality of our offering that we offer you a free demo class to come and review our methods, before you commit to join us for the course!


More than 10 Computer Based Tests (CBTs) to get you used to the exam format and more than 10 Paper Based Tests (PBTs) to give you sufficient practice


Ready for premium GMAT preparation in Delhi?

Ready for the GyanOne premium GMAT preparation program? Ready for razor-sharp conceptual clarity? Ready for a 750+ score? Contact us today to know more.

Consider the special features offered by our GMAT coaching in Delhi

1000+ questions covering different parts of the test

Tips on solving questions using multiple methods

Help on identifying weak areas and strengthening them

Plenty of tests to enforce concept learned (including Full Lengh Tests)

Intense training on Integrated Reasoning and the Analytical Writing Assessment

Extensive practice on both Computer based adaptive GMAT tests

Strategies to manage time and improve accuracy

Plenty of solved examples to build basic concepts

Computer practice to help you get familiar with the GMAT CAT

Questions that are highly representative of the kind of questions on the GMAT

Looking for topic-specific or 1-to-1 GMAT classes?

GMATOne™ also offers you the option of taking topic-specific GMAT classes (i.e. enroll for only the topics you wish to study) and online GMAT classes (i.e. live classes held over the internet to suit your schedule). We also offer a premium 1-on-1 GMAT preparation course.
Contact us today at +91.989.983.1738 or email us at info[at the rate]gyanone[dot]com

Check out our detailed syllabus for Quant and Verbal topics. This is in addition to our detailed coverage of the AWA and IR sections:


Topics covered (indicative, actual list is much more detailed):

Numbers and Number Systems

Types of numbers, number line concepts, divisibility tests and theorems, exponents, LCM and HCF


2D geometry (lines, circles, triangles, polygons), 3D geometry (cubes, cuboids, cylinders, cones, spheres, hemispheres), Coordinate geometry (line concepts, circles, other figures), trigonometry

Permutations and Combinations, Probability

Principle of counting, arrangements and selections, P&C basic and advanced concepts, probability basic and advanced concepts

Algebra, equations, and inequalities

Algebraic theorems, equations, systems of equations, quadratic equations, higher order equations, polynomials, functions, inequalities, modulus concepts, series

Rate and time, mixtures, sets, interest

Time-speed-distance, work and time, mixtures and solutions, set theory, simple and compound interest


Mean, median, mode, standard deviation and variance, weighted averages, approach for statistics questions


Topics covered (indicative, actual list is much more detailed):

Analytical Writing

Types of essays, how to approach an AWA essay, writing a great essay, the importance of the AWA section for your entire exam, revision and time management strategies, tackling the AWA section if you cannot type fast

Sentence Correction (SC)

Different SC types, identifying SC types, improving your SC strategy within two weeks, strategies for tackling every different SC type, common errors of language and form, identifying common traps and pitfalls, how to crack an SC in under a minute

Critical Reasoning (CR)

Different CR types, approaching a CR question, identifying the logic, tackling a CR, identifying common traps and pitfalls, improving your CR accuracy, tackling bold faced CR questions, how to improve your CR accuracy within two weeks, the CR time management strategy, checking your answers for accuracy

Reading Comprehension (RC)

RC categories, RC flow and structure, RC tackling strategies, Keeping your focus, types of passages, improving your RC accuracy, the GyanOne ISAR proprietary methodology to dramatically improve your RC understanding and ensure that you get a high score in the RC portion of the exam

Check out our Online GMAT Tutorials here.


Q. I no longer remember the concepts I learnt back in college. Can I still do well on the GMAT?

Absolutely! Our program is designed to ensure that you face no problems whatsoever. As long as you are willing to work with us and follow up on our recommendations, we will get you up to speed quickly. What is needed is a strong commitment from you to work extra hard and learn the concepts that you are no longer conversant with.

Q. I have specific learning needs for the GMAT that a standard group training program does not meet. Can you help me?

Absolutely! The AceOne(TM) program outlined above is designed to meet your personalized learning needs for the GMAT, whether they be related to time constraints, difficulties with a specific topic, or just learning the basics. Contact us today so that we can discuss how we can best work with you to address all your concerns.

Q. I am fairly comfortable with both written/read English as well as Math. Am I all set for the GMAT?

The Math (Quant) and English (Verbal) on the GMAT require specific practice and preparation. Although general ability in both areas does matter, it needs to be significantly honed before it can translate into test success. Dedicated preparation is therefore a must to translate your efforts into a good score.erns.

Q. What are the parameters on which I should select a training program for the GMAT?

Ensure the following before you enrol for a classroom training program:

  • The quality of the teacher: Has he/she even taken the exam? What was the score? Do they have proof of the same? Is the teacher dedicated to the GMAT or is he/she a former/current CAT teacher
  • The quality of the material: Is the material a random collection of GMAT notes taken from a number of different sources or are they a coherent and organized set of materials geared towards making you learn?
  • A committed schedule: Is the institute committing to a definite timeline for course completion or is it an institution that just wants you to enrol without bothering, resulting in missed classes and frustrated students?
  • A committed curriculum: Does the institute commit to what they will teach you or do they shrug off all responsibility after teaching you the bare minimum of a self-defined curriculum?

At GyanOne, we pride ourselves in our quality, our effectiveness, and our integrity. You will never face any of these issues with us.

Q. What advantages does in-person (online/classroom) teaching have for students over online video courses?

Video based training courses can be great study options for people who have the discipline and patience to be able to watch videos over and over to distill critical concepts on their own. In that sense, some video training programs are just like books – the content is there, but it static and needs you to negotiate the path yourself. That may not be a bad option at all for some people and there are certainly some excellent video training options out there. However, if you need the counsel and experience of an ace instructor who can tailor his/her teaching style to your learning needs, then there is just no better substitute for a live training program. If you don’t understand a concept by watching a video, the video is hardly likely to change itself to accommodate you!

Q. Do I really need GMAT coaching in Delhi? Can’t I study on my own?

It is definitely possible to study for the GMAT on your own, provided you have the self-discipline, motivation, and study materials needed to do well on the exam by yourself. A training program can often provide an imposed schedule, discipline, test prep material, and the experience of the teacher. Further, a formal training program provides feedback – it tells you not only how well you are doing but also how you can do better. It gives you targeted strategies to improve particular problem areas.

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