GMAT Classes in Delhi

Looking for the best GMAT classes in Delhi or NCR?

 You have just found the best option available! GyanOne’s GMAT classes in Delhi offer you unparalleled resources to excel at the GMAT.

Taught exclusively by instructors who are ISB graduates with 760+ scores on the GMAT, these GMAT prep classes, held in South Delhi, offer not just outstanding content on the Verbal and Quant sections, but also excellent, unparalleled quality.

Our purpose is not just to conduct classes, but to ensure that you are able to make it to excellent scores of 700+. More than 50% of our GMAT students in Delhi end up with scores exceeding 740 on the GMAT. More than 80% end up with scores exceeding 700. All of our students get GMAT scores of 680 or higher.


GMAT Preparation in Delhi - Study With the Absolute Best


Our study material ensures that you have detailed concepts and hundreds of practice questions available to understand topics and then practice questions based on them. So that the real GMAT is nothing more than just another practice session. Our students depend completely on our study material and our guidance. They never have to look anywhere else. They spend their time studying for the GMAT, not researching study material!


As a student at GyanOne, you are guaranteed to study in small batches (of 5 students or less). A class that runs at a uniform ‘batch’ pace might not be able to cater to everyone’s concerns. This is why we offer these small batch sizes. This ensures highly personalized attention to YOUR learning needs. We take this support even further with customized reports on your progress to help you understand what you need to do to improve. Consistent support, always!


We have helped more than 1000 students get over 700 on their GMAT. Our state-of-the-art GMAT training facility in Delhi (South) is located conveniently at a distance of just 10 minutes from two metro stations. We offer early morning and late evening GMAT batches for working professionals. No matter what you need for preparing for the GMAT, we deliver it. Get a Demo Class today!

Concerned About GMAT Training Costs?

Don’t be! Get GMAT Classes in Delhi at a Great Price!



GyanOne is focused on delivering not just excellent service but also outstanding VALUE. Sometimes, the most premium of offerings do come at a very affordable price.

Want to Experience it Yourself ?

Come See Us and See What We Do!

At GyanOne, we believe that our success lies in yours. For us, true success happens not just when you solve a question, but when you solve it so confidently that you know that you can tackle several more similar ones without trouble. Conceptual clarity is what matters. CLICK HERE to read more details about our course content and structure.

However, the proof of the pudding, as goes the cliche, is in the eating. Similarly, the proof of good GMAT teaching, is in taking a class and finding out the quality for yourself! Come down to our facility and take a demo GMAT class. Contact us today to know more.

Do Better Than Your Best

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A lot of crucial things in life depend on your career and this is one big step to build it right. We look forward to make it a reality!


You are different and so is your story. Lets create awesomeness together


Have a concern around the process or a specific request? We are all ears.


We are excited to get started too. Let us get back with all your questions.

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