Johnson Cornell MBA Interview Questions – GyanOne

Johnson Cornell MBA Interview Questions – GyanOne

Okay, so you had really worked had on your Johnson Cornell MBA application and spent tremendous effort putting together the TOC essay for the application. And finally, yes, the much awaited email has arrived. You got an interview invite from The Johnson Cornell School of Management.

One of the most important thing that MBA candidates to Cornell should rememeber is to be yourself. The Johnson Cornell MBA Admissions Commitee highlights that they are not looking for that “perfect” applicant, they are looking for applicants who have the ability to showcase who they are, and are confident and authentic with enthusiasm. Additionally, the characteristics that you should be able to display during various phases of the admission process are the ability to work with others, flexibility, professional maturity and poise, and the ability to analyze, break down problems and formulate good, innovative solutions.  Enlisted below are the questions asked in the Johnson Cornell interview.


Johnson Cornell

Johnson Cornell MBA Interview Questions 

Total Interview Time: 45 mins

The interview was taken by Jade Kinsman from the Johnson Cornell Adcom. The interviews are generally relaxed and conversational.

1.Tell me about your academic background and the reasons for pursuing each course?
2.Career progression?
3.Why another Masters degree? Why Cornell?
4.Leadership and Team Management experience? How do you work in a team and how do you manage your subordinates? Any difficult situation you faced while managing your subordinates and the specific action action you took?
5.Post MBA career goals? Why?
6.Did you speak to anyone at Cornell about the Finance Leadership Program?
7.What alternate career plans or companies you would like to target, if primary career goal is not achieved?
8.How do you plan to be again back to the classroom after so many years?
9.Do you plan to retake any exams or quant focussed classes?

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