Duke Fuqua MBA Interview Questions

Duke Fuqua MBA Interview Questions

The Duke Fuqua business school is one of the most internationally focused schools in the U.S. Fuqua’s cross-continent MBA program brings students to five different cities—Dubai, New Delhi, St. Petersburg, Shanghai and Durham, North Carolina. The Fuqua MBA begins with an intense month of orientation including a 3-course Global Institute to prepare students to lead in a global environment. First year students have the opportunity to participate in 5 case competitions. Among them the VCIC Case Competition lets student investors and VC firms listen to real entrepreneurs pitch their ideas. The daytime MBA program at The Fuqua School of Business was ranked 8th (U.S.) by BusinessWeek 2015. For the Class of 2014, 27% of 3,161 applicants were accepted to fill a class of 432; the average GMAT score was 697. Fuqua reports an 80% GMAT range of 640-740, with 40% international and 33% female students.

Duke Fuqua MBA Interview Questions

The Duke Fuqua MBA interview questions include questions related to a candidate’s personal, professional and leadership experiences. As during their MBA programs, Duke Fuqua focusses a lot on a candidate’s leadership potential. Be ready with the best leadership examples and questions around the same during the Fuqua MBA interview. The interviews are generally pretty conversational and last approximately 30-45 minutes.

Listed below are some of the frequently asked questions in the Duke Fuqua MBA interviews.

1.Walk me through resume
2.What kind of leader are you?
3.How do you deal with complexity at work?
4.What makes teams successful? Tell us 3 characteristics.
5.What would your friends tell me if I asked them about you – 3 characteristics?
6.Describe your last appraisal.
7.Why does your manager value you and why will she let you leave?
8.How will Fuqua help you get into ecommerce?
9.One Strength and Weakness.
10.Why your current company?
11.One instance when you failed to communicate effectively
12.An instance of failure as a leader
13.An instance of personal failure
14.How are you managing such a big team?
15.A detailed discussion about the community involvements if any.
16. Example of a situation when you resolved a conflict
17.what are the problems arising from managing such a big team.
18.What is your exact responsibiity?
19.Why Duke?
20.Why not India, why USA?
21.Why MBA?
22.What is sustainability?
23.What are your short term goals?
24.What are your long term goals?
The interviewers, although judging the candidate on all parameters, make all the efforts to make the candidate feel comfortable in the interview setting. So prepare well and give it your best shot!

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