Blog Champs: 20 Most Interesting Blogs

Blog Champs: 20 Most Interesting Blogs

Life is never just a journey – it is an experience full of learning along the way. While most people who go down this road experience the joys and the trials and forget about them, a few outstanding individuals share the wisdom of their experience with others.

These are GyanOne’s Blog Champs. People who carefully chronicle (or sometimes just quickly scribble, but that’s valuable too!) their experiences on topics ranging from books to jobs to colleges. Some share what travel has taught them, others just talk about useful books, while still others talk of life in a foreign land. Each one of them needs to be recognized for their efforts, and this is what the Blog Champs initiative is all about.

If you are a blogger,  who writes on topics from which others can learn, do drop us a line. We will not only feature your blog on our site but also feature you as a GyanOne Blog Champ. Our site and blog is a source of useful information for thousands of applicants, and your knowledge and learning will add further to this. As you will see, all our blog content is featured, with the sole aim being to share our knowledge with others out there.

Mail us the details of your blog on [rohit at gyanone dot com] to get your blog reviewed and featured!

20 Most Interesting Blogs


We are just getting started!

1. Book Readers Lounge  : A  blog dedicated to budding writers, their work and their views!

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