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Admissions to top global universities are not just a matter of good academics;
they are also about having a great score on the SAT.

GyanOne’s SAT Coaching program is focused on helping students master all three components of the SAT – Math, Critical Reading, and Writing. Our expert faculty and comprehensive course material ensure that students are able to perfect all three stages of the SATOne™ learning process.



In this stage, students go over the basics of all course topics, learning concepts in detail and cementing them through on the spot practice exercises. The learning stage in the SAT Coaching equips students with all the skills and tools that they will need to tackle any problem on the SAT test.


In the second stage, we provide extensive practice on different concepts, graduating from easy to very hard questions. The questions at each level have been specially developed by us to ensure graded learning and comprehensive familiarity with each and every topic covered.


The final stage of our SAT Coaching involves students learning better time management, developing test psychology and test stamina, and addressing their weak areas. In this stage, we also share little known tips and tricks that help students to improve their speed and accuracy.

Our SAT Coaching (SATOne™) Program is Renowned and Highly Sought

After for the Following Reasons

Stellar Results

Our students consistently score above 2100 on the SAT exam, and often above the much vaunted 2300 mark. Come experience our teaching for one demo class and see the difference.

Constant Guidance

We guide each student through different stages of the program to ensure that he/she is comfortable at every stage. We diagnose individual strengths and weaknesses early into the program and make the student aware of them, so we can systematically address them before the program ends.

Highly Personalized

The SATOne™ program has a maximum class size of five for each teaching session. This ensures highly personalized attention for each student, to help them reach their potential.

Comprehensive and Exhaustive

SATONE™ students need not consult scores of books and study materials to study for the SAT. We provide all the material and resources in our integrated study package. Students need not waste time hunting for study material.

Taught by Expert Faculty

Each and every one of our faculty members has a postgraduate qualification from top schools and a score of at least 2300/2400 on the SAT. Learn from the best to be the best.

Mock tests with detailed diagnosis

The SAT Coaching we provide through our SATOne™ program offers plenty of practice tests to students along with the detailed diagnosis of each test. Students don’t just take tests. They improve with each test that they take too.

SAT Coaching through SATOne™ | Features

The Premium SAT Coaching Delhi Program includes the following:

40+ hours of in-class instruction time

Five full length SATs, with detailed diagnosis on each test

Comprehensive course material covering all three SAT sections

Tips and strategies to give you the high score edge

Follow-up exercises to elucidate concepts


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SAT Coaching
Questions and Answers

Q. Who conducts the SAT?

The SAT test is conducted by the College Board at the USIEF. More details are available on the College Board’s website at

Q. How can one register for the SAT? How many times a year is the test held?

The SAT can be registered for online, at The test is offered six times in a year, from October – January, and in May and June. For particular test dates, log on to College Board’s website at

Q. What is the duration of the SAT? How is it conducted?

The duration of the test is 3 hours and 45 minutes. The test is paper based.

Q. What does the SAT measure?

The SAT measures basic Math and English skills that students typically acquire by the time they reach Class XI

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