Consulting Services for Top MS, MFAB and PhD Programs

Check Out GyanOne's best-in-class consulting services for top MS, MFAB and PhD programs


We provide comprehensive, and result-oriented essay editing for applications to MS programs. All packages include brainstorming sessions, detailed reviews and edits, and help with resume preparation, recommendation strategy, and plenty of school insight to help you create stellar applications for admission to top-ranked global programs!


Unsure of the path ahead? Want to first understand your profile, strengths, and weaknesses before you start applying? Wanting to be an acamedician? This service is tailor-made for professionals who are seeking comprehensive, and ready-to-implement advice on PhD in management and consulting for PhD applications!


If you are looking to apply for ISB Masters in Family Business? Then your search ends here. An extensive service covering all aspects of your application including your essays and resume, to help you crack the admissions process at ISB MFAB. Get in touch with ISB Alumni themselves to get thorough knowledge and insights on what it takes to be there!