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Top PhD programs require you to demonstrate your research potential, domain knowledge, fit with target academic department, and ability to excel at the PhD level in the field of your choice. PhD SoP/ applications also require you to demonstrate substantially that you are committed to pursuing a program that will take 3-5 years to complete, and requires learning, research, as well as dissertation defense. These necessitate not a transactional but a focused and comprehensive approach towards your applications.


GyanOne offers a comprehensive application / SoP review service designed to help you success in your quest for PhD education at the top schools and universities of the world. We specialize in helping applicants aiming to gain admission to best PhD programs in engineering, computer science, economics, and finance at top U.S. and European institutions.

Our PhD application / SoP review service is completely expert-driven, and is delivered only by top professionals who have helped tens of applicants apply and successfully gain admission to the PhD program of their choice. This is necessary, we believe, for us to be able to understand your profile in-depth, as PhD applications / SoP are without exception built on foundation of technical acumen.


Features of the PhD application / SoP review service

The unique features of our PhD application / SoP review service, in greater detail, are as follows:

University Selection: University selection for PhD applicants can often be a draining process. Different applicants use different criteria for university selection and these criteria can include chances of scholarships, location, employment prospects, strength of research capability at target schools, and ability to target particular companies and profiles. We cover all these aspects and more to selct the right universities for you.

Targeted application / SoPcreation: Our customized application / SoP review service helps to identify the strongest points in your profile and then project them effectively. Our extensive experience with applicants helps us to identify the exact way to project each specific point on your SOP.

That ‘unique’ element: Each University is different, and so are their expectations and requirements from candidates. At GyanOne, we ensure that each of the SOPs is customized specifically to the varying requirements of different schools. Through our powerful review process, we ensure that each line of your SOP powerfully brings out your skills, experiences, strengths, and projects your profile in the best possible way.

Effective recommendation strategy: When you work with us, we provide you with an overall strategy to enhance your profile. From helping you get the right ideas in place, to deciding on the right people to choose as recommenders, and helping you tackle the multitude of often-overlapping questions on the online application, we leave no stone unturned to ensure your success.

Indian applicant? Rejoice! : We understand the Indian applicant better than anybody else does. Fromunderstanding and projecting academic performance, to explaining financial difficulties, or cultural differences, we do it better than anyone else. We also have the benefit of knowing what the top universities look for in a candidate, based on our prior experience.

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What Happens When I Register for PhD SoP Preparation?

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Q. A PhD application is fairly technical. I am looking for more than just advice on how to create a good SoP. Can you help me with also understanding and highlighting my profile from a technical perspective as well?

Certainly. Our PhD applications consultants help you not just with creating a great application, but also understand the technical and functional background that you come from. We too understand that a PhD application needs to be far from generic, and should definitely highlight your area-specific competencies to the maximum possible extent.

Q. I am an Indian applicant. Do you provide help in applying to the ISB FPM (Fellow Program in Management), which is similar to a PhD?

Yes, we provide help on applications not just for the ISB FPM but also for the fellowship programs at the Indian Institutes of Management.

Q. I wish to apply for a combined MS-PhD. Do you offer any help around that?

Absolutely. Our MS SoP/ application service is easily extendible to also cover the specific points for creating great PhD applications in the same area. We also help you to tailor your applications suitably to demonstrate your intent to pursue a PhD strongly. Contact us today to know more.

Q. A particular program that I am looking at has multiple options that appeal to me. I need help to discuss the particular option that will best appeal to me. Can you help?

We certainly will. Our application / SoP review service is not just restricted to help you create a great application /  SoPbut will also involve a detailed profile discussion where we help you understand the various paths available and which ones suit your profile the best. Although most PhD applicants are fairly sure of the path they wish to pursue, we acknowledge that some programs do not lay out the details in an entirely easy-to-understand manner and help you negotiate the complexities to map what they offer to what you wish to do.

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