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IIMA PGPX Essays are a critical part of the overall application for the IIM Ahmedabad (IIMA) one-year Post-Graduate Program for Executive (PGPX). Within a span of 10 plus years, the PGPX has created a strong name for itself. It has been ranked as high as #11 in the world by the Financial Times full-time MBA rankings, and is currently ranked at #26.

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IIMA PGPX Essays and Essay Tips

The IIMA PGPX Essays are an important part of the IIMA PGPX application, but the application itself is structured differently than those of most other schools. Instead of asking for essays in the first stage of the application process, IIMA asks for the essays after the first shortlist has been released. Selected students have around 10-15 days to create the essays and submit them after the shortlist is announced. The essays topics are:

IIMA-PGPX Essay 1 : Can you narrate a few incidents from your professional life that would illustrate your ability to handle volatile situations? (1000 words)

IIMA-PGPX Essay 2. What is so special about you that professors and peers would like to have you in the class? (500 words)

IIMA-PGPX Essay 3. Do you have anything special that you would want the Admissions Committee to know? (500 words)

Please note, in Round 1, 2020, Essay  1 topic was different as noted below:

IIMA-PGPX Essay 1. Why do you want to do an MBA during these uncertain times? How does that align with your future career goals? Please speculate on your five and ten-year post MBA career trajectory? (1000 words)

  • The first essay is different from most other ‘goals’ essays at business schools, as it is asking why you would want to pursue an MBA in these uncertain (read: COVID-19) times.
    Please steer clear of reasons like no raises or promotions, and dig deep to relate this personally to why it makes sense for you to pursue an MBA now. Remember, this is not just an essay you write – you will be quizzed on this in the interview too! Research you career goals thoroughly, and research IIMA as a school and the PGPX as a program before you attempt this essay.
  • While these essay topics are not unusual, successful candidates will use them to not just act as explanations but also as differentiators for their applications.
    The second essay is entirely about identifying your differentiators. Almost everyone has work experience, good projects, and some leadership experiences to talk about. What is it that differentiates you? Industry knowledge? Achievements? Personal traits? Think about what your top differentiators are that would make you stand out in the IIMA classroom, and stay clear of simply describing project-based examples.
  • The third essay is optional, and has been introduced this year. Think about the important (and we really mean important) elements of your profile that you would want to highlight here, and use this space smartly. Do not use this space simply to continue another essay, or to state things that are already very clear from your resume.
    Extenuating circumstances (low grades, low GMAT, academic or professional gaps) can be covered here as well. A final note of caution – please explain the reasons for these, do not simply state that they are there, without providing a credible explanation.
  • A final word on content and presentation. While content is king, presentation is queen too. Not only should your essay have the right points, but they must also be very well presented.
    As a PGPX applicant, you already have years of experience behind you. That should reflect in the maturity of your thinking as well as the presentation of your ideas. Not only can a poorly written essay (even with good content) lead to rejection at the written stage, but it can also cause problems later in the interview.

IIMA PGPX success stories

My Story

Chakresh Tibrewal

Chakresh Tibrewal, who has a 6+ years of experience working as a Senior Consultant with HCL Ltd, and founder of STC Overseas (2017), recieved an acceptance from IIM Ahmedabad, in MBA. Working towards such an ambitious goal, GgyanOne guided him in reaching this height. With a GMAT score of 710 boosted his profile and made sure his hard work receives credibility.

My Story

Vikas Tiwari

Vikas Tiwari, with more than 7 years of experience in the field of Webcenter Sites Content Management System, and managing a challenging no. of team members, received a hard earned acceptance from IIM Ahmedabad. The acceptance left Vikas speechless and he couldn’t be more thrilled feel gratitude towards GyanOne Universal for supporting his dream.

My Story

Sumit Srivastava

Sumit Srivastava, who has worked for Maruti Suzuki for more than 9 years, has been accepted to IIM Ahmedabad. Receiving an acceptance letter from one of India’s top business schools was a dream come true for this mechanical engineer. With a GMAT score of 700. GyanOne was able to assist him develop a powerful story.

My Story

Snehal Yesumali

Snehal decided to advance her career after working as a product development engineer for more than 5 years. She carved a clear path for herself in one of the top Bschool with a GRE score of 320. With the help of GyanOne and her hard work she was accepted into IIM Ahmedabad.

GyanOne IIMA Achievers

IIMA PGPX Class Profile

Average age of IIMA PGPX students 31 years
Median GMAT score of IIMA PGPX students 701
IIMA PGPX Class Size (Class of 2021-22) 140 students
Average work experience of IIMA PGPX students 8 years 3 months
Average international experience of accepted IIMA PGPX students 1 year 1 month

International exposure:

  • 16 (11.43%) were residing outside India, spread across 10 countries.

  • 01 (0.71%) is international student. (1 from United Kingdom)

  • 51 (36.43%) have international exposure in terms of work and studies.

Academic background:

  • 13 (9.28%) have obtained their degree(s) from outside their home country

  • 12 (8.57%) have a higher qualification (Professional, Masters) than bachelors

  • 123 (88.00%) are engineers

  • 29 (20.71%) have graduated from IIT/NITs

  • The industry mix includes Academic and Education, Advertising / Communication / Media / Entertainment, Aerospace and Aviation, Banking, Financial services and Insurance, Consulting, Defence and Security, Energy and Utilities, FMCG, Government Enterprises and Public Sector Undertaking, Infrastructure and Construction, IT & ITeS, IT Products, Manufacturing / Engineering, NGO and Social Services/NGO, Others, Pharma / Bio-Tech / Healthcare / Hospitals, Retail / Ecommerce, Shipping / Transportation / Logistics, Telecom, Travel and Hospitality

  • 34 (24.29%) are women students

IIMA PGPX Eligibility and Fees

As stated on the IIMA PGPX website, eligible applicants now need to have a bachelor’s degree, a valid GMAT score obtained over the last 4 years, should have a minimum of 4 years of work experience and must be 27 years of age or older on 31st March of the year of the intake. For example, eligible applicants for the PGPX must be 27 or older as on March 31, of the next year.

The fees for the program is currently INR 28 Lakhs.

For answers to further commonly asked questions, see the IIMA PGPX FAQ.




Heavy Electricals / 9 years

Interview Duration 40 minutes
Interviewers’ Profile 3 panelists

1)  Extempore: Topic was “Inequality is inevitable result of capitalism”.

I though for a minute and started my response. I could not speak much about the topic. Interviewers started bombarding questions for which I did not have much knowledge. One interviewer even said that He is surprised that (my alma matter) does not have any course on economics in all 8 semesters.

In short extempore was a nightmare and I could not collect my thoughts in a timely manner. However, I maintained my calm.

2) When extempore ended, interviews asked question about hobby.

I answered travelling and then he asked last major visit. I answered Turkey and both interviewed started asking about History of Turkey, it’s geographical importance & ongoing role of Turkey in Syria.

I answered every question and interviewer seemed satisfied. Although I did not prepare for this question, My travel research before any trip really helped me.

3) Few questions related to work and application.

I did write strategic planning when I filled application as my area of interest. Interviewer asked me to give 2 examples where I demonstrated strategy and I gave him.

4) Interviewer pointed out my interest in Table tennis while I was in college. He started asking questions about top players in TT. How TT is different from other sports such as Badminton or Tennis.

I could answer every question as I still follow TT.



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